Adopted: Cooper

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Beagle/Boxer mix (our best guess)
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Size: 50 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats?Unknown
    • Kids? Yes, 9+

Hi, my name is Cooper and I am SUCH A GOOD BOY!!!


I was bounced around a bit as a little pup, getting some love and care with some teenagers who were doing their best to take care of me. The second teen’s family said I could live with them, but had to stay outside 24/7 because one of their family members is allergic to dogs.

They were nice, but I didn’t love being outside all the time, too much time alone, and autumn was here and it was getting COLD! The next-door neighbor saw me out there in the cold, and was having none of it. The same family had had a former dog live outside for its entire life, and it broke the neighbor’s heart. She had tried to get the family to bring the former dog inside, offered to rehome the dog for them, offered to provide training for the dog so he could live indoors, but they weren’t open to any of her options. When that dog finally passed on, the neighbor was so relieved that his loneliness and suffering was finally over. So when she saw me out there, day after day, she said, “oh no…not again!” The teenager in the family who had taken me in and was my owner was able to see that an outdoor life was not the best life, and he agreed to surrender me to her, and CDR said they would take me into their rescue program. WOW! The neighbor got me all of my needed veterinary care, and then after my neutering surgery, a wonderful CDR foster mom came and picked me up and I have been bunking at her lovely home since! Just in time for Thanksgiving, and boy, I am feeling SO THANKFUL!!


I am SUCH A FRIENDLY PUP!!! I love all people, have no fears of strangers, and try to make friends with absolutely everyone!

I LOVE ATTENTION and being near to you! I LOVE LIVING IN A HOUSE! I follow my foster mom from room to room, curious and interested to see what she is doing. She is fine with me being on furniture and in her bed, so when she sits down to read, I am right next to her on the couch. When she gets into bed at night…me too, right by her side! I sleep quietly all night, and wait for her to wake up, and then…”Lick, lick, lick, good morning mom, let’s have another wonderful day together!” And I am a snuggler! In a very sweet way. There are no other dogs and no cats in this home, so it seems that I have no issues being the only pet in a house.

I am good in the house! I do not know how to let you know that I need to go out to do my business, but if you take me out regularly, I don’t have accidents in the house at all. And so far, I do not need to be crated when you are gone, because (at least in this very tidy house where things are not left out for me to get into), I leave things alone when you are gone! I pretty much hang out in my dog bed or on the couch, watching out the big windows for squirrels and birds!

I LOVE LEASHED WALKS!!! Walks are probably my favorite thing, along with living indoors and sharing fun and love! When I see my foster mom put on her coat and get out the walking harness and leash, I get SO EXCITED!! I do my business first thing, and then love to explore with her! Walks in the woods is especially fun–there is so much to see and sniff and learn about. Very stimulating and wonderful for me, and then I am happy to go back inside and nap! My foster home has a lot of land around her house, so our walks are woodsy and quiet. I would probably need to get used to a situation in which I would be seeing lots of people and other dogs when we were out on walks. That would be much more stimulating! Chances are I would be a bit overstimulated until I got used to it, so bringing treats along and teaching me to focus on you would be great!

I probably didn’t have toys before, as I seem like I am trying to figure out what to do with them. So far, I might play with a toy for 10 seconds, but then I am like, “now what?”

As far as training…my housebreaking is great and I know “sit”, but so far that’s about it. I’m such a happy and excited guy, I can’t help but jump on you when you come home (“Hooray! You are back!”), and on new people when I meet them! Standard young pup stuff. I would love you to use positive reinforcement to teach me more calm ways of greeting and such!

I have good energy and would love good daily leashed walks. I’d also love to go to a positive training class if you were into that! I seem to only bark when someone comes to the door, otherwise I am pretty quiet. Very unusual for a dog who clearly has hound in him!

I seem to LOVE other friendly dogs, but haven’t had much socialization with them. I had a playdate with my foster mom’s friend and her male dog recently, and I was SO FRIENDLY but also SO EXCITED and wanted to play and follow that dog around nonstop (aka be in his business!). Since my dog-dog social skills need time to improve, I need an adopter who would take those dog-dog intros slowly, so I can learn other dogs’ social cues so I’m not annoying to them! I will need lots more 1-1 doggy play dates so I can hone my skills before you ever think of putting me in the much more overwhelming situation of group dog play or a dog park!


I love people! Friendly with everyone!

I would no doubt love children, but since I am young, and energetic, and like to jump up on you to greet you, it would be best if I lived with kids aged 9 and older.

I love other dogs but need socialization opportunities with them so I can be less over-the-moon-excited when I see them. I would probably be happy either as an only dog or sharing my home with another dog who is friendly and playful and enjoys my young dog energy and enthusiasm!

No idea about cats, so we would have to check that out if you have cats!


I am VERY healthy, neutered, up to date on all vaccines, am heartworm-negative, and am on heartworm preventive and flea/tick preventive! I was found to have whipworms when I came into rescue, so am being treated for that. It takes 4 months of treatment for the whipworms to be completely gone from my system, but then I will be fine!

Favorite Activities

  • Living indoors and being your companion!
  • Following you around the house and snuggling next to you on the couch!
  • Going for leashed walks in the woods!
  • Meeting your friends! Meeting their dogs!
  • Food of all types! 😊


I am a very happy, friendly, sweet, and eager-to-learn young pup! I am enjoying my foster home immensely and will be over the moon to find a forever home with a fun, joyful, loving person or a family who will want me to be with them for the rest of my life!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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