Adopted: Buddy

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Czech Shepherd
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: 86 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Not in the home please!
    • Cats? Sorry, no!
    • Kids? Yes, 13+

Hello! My name is Buddy and I am super affectionate, smart, and incredibly playful!!

History and Why I Am Looking For a New Home

I was abandoned in winter when I was less than a year old. Very scary, very cold! I was found by the side of the highway, in the snow, by 2 very sweet ladies in their 80’s. They saved my life by getting me off the side of that snowy highway, and for a while, gave me a wonderful home. Loads of love, tons of toys, and all the food I could ever want! But I am a big guy, and they were both tiny and kind of fragile, and we all realized over time that I was really more than they could handle. They found a young, wonderful couple who were willing to foster and get me training so that I could eventually find a perfect forever home. They have other dogs and a cat, and I find it upsetting to share home space with other dogs (and I have a prey drive so can’t live with cats!), so we’re living on different levels of the house while they work to find me a great “I’m the only dog in the home!” forever home!


I AM SO SWEET AND LOVING! I love all people! I love to follow you from room to room, relax nearby to you, and be with you as much as possible! I love to give and receive kisses, love belly rubs and ear and butt scratches, love attention, love learning from you, love playing with you, love being part of your family!

I am also very respectful, and do not get onto couches or in your bed. I am used to being on a dog bed on the floor next to you and this suits me just fine, though I will come over regularly to get kisses and pets! We Shepherds really like having boundaries and loving leadership, so keeping me out of the bed and off of furniture helps make it clear that you are the leader and I get to relax and be the dog!

I AM VERY PLAYFUL AND ENERGETIC I love playing sooooo much! I love chasing balls/playing fetch, and playing tug with my rope toys! When I want you to play chase with me, I will come to you with a toy in my mouth, try to tease you by waving the toy right in your face (just like pups do with other pups!), and then turn as if to run away, trying to instigate a ”chase me!” game with you! My foster parents find this very endearing. I hope you do too!

I love leashed walks and hikes so much!! If you had the time, I could do 2-3 hours of walks/hikes a day, but if you don’t, giving me a mix of walks/hikes and play sessions playing fetch would be great too. Since Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia as they age, I cannot be a jogging/running companion, as this is not good for my hips. But walking is awesome for me!

I ALSO LOVE RELAXING AND LOUNGING AROUND! I will sit for hours while you brush me (as long as you give me treats!), am very relaxed in the car, am extremely well-behaved at the groomer’s, and really enjoy just hanging out at your feet while you work, watch TV, etc. As long as I get good daily walking and playing, I am generally very chill in the house!

And I enjoy water! Getting my feet wet in streams and the ocean, playing in sprinklers in the summer—all fun! I have not had the chance to get into a pond to see if I swim, but it might be fun to explore!

I AM SUPER SMART!! I have learned so much since coming to my foster home. Positive reinforcement strategies work SO WELL with me, it builds trust and makes me want to learn everything you want me to learn! I’m not super food motivated, but I’m very toy motivated, so using toys and play as a reward for me works super well. I recently graduated from a 20-session training program! I know “Sit,” “Shake,” “Down,” “Stay,” “Leave it,” “Focus,” “Break,” and “Get your toy!” If I ever get distracted or upset and you want to regain my attention – these commands are the foolproof way to bring my focus right back on you!


I love all people, even the mailman, delivery driver, and takeout guy!
Since I am big and energetic, I need a home with kids 13 and older. Otherwise, I would no doubt accidentally knock them over with my playfulness and that wouldn’t be fun for them or me!

I need to be the only dog in your house! I used to be very nervous/excitable around other dogs when out on walks. I would whine, whimper, bark, and lunge (but no growling, no snapping, no lip curling, no showing teeth, which was good!). My foster parents have worked a lot with a trainer to help me feel calmer and more composed when seeing and passing by other dogs, and now I am very good at paying attention to them, doing tricks and commands, and being ok passing by other dogs! I will need my new family to keep working on this with me so that I don’t lose this skill! I will never be a dog who can go to dog parks or walk in a parade with other dogs, or have dogs in my house or visit homes with other dogs in them. Please don’t put me in that situation. Also, Shepherds are a breed that in general find being in a kennel very stressful, but we think it would be even worse for a dog like me, so I would be so grateful if you could hire a dogsitter (or get a friend with no other pets in their home) to take care of me when you go away.

No cats or other small animals in the home, and no chickens in the yard please! I have a strong prey drive (very normal for a Shepherd)!

Favorite Activities

  • Playing Fetch!
  • Playing Keep Away and Chase me!
  • Playing Tug!
  • Getting Your Attention! Getting Belly Rubs and Behind-the-ear scratches!
  • Being near to you!
  • Practicing Tricks and Commands!
  • Going for Leashed Walks!
  • Having adventures with you!


I am in perfect health! I am neutered, up to date on all vaccines, have super ideal blood work, am negative for heartworm, for parasites and EPI, and am on heartworm and flea/tick preventives!


My foster parents tell me that I AM THE BEST!! And they want you to know that you won’t find another one pup with so many amazing qualities. They want me to go to a new home where I get loads of love, where my main person has some experience with positive training strategies, and where I will get the walking exercise and playtime that I need. I love to run around freely, so a big fenced yard would be a dream come true! They say I need a happy, joyful, playful home, because I am a happy, playful, joyful dog!
If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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