Quick Facts:

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 8
  • Size: 58 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Not in the home!
    • Cats? Probably!
    • Kids? Yes, all ages!

Hello! My name is Violet and sometimes I think humans are lollipops that need to be licked down to the center! Other times I like to keep your feet warm by sleeping under the blankets!


I came from a small litter of puppies that all looked identical! I got adopted by a terrific couple, and was the only dog in the home for the first two years of life. When I was almost 2, I was in a very bad vehicle accident and barely made it out alive. So very scary and painful, but thankfully I got good veterinary care and help with rehabilitation and got to have my whole life ahead of me! I am in great shape now! I am currently living with many humans of different ages as well as a doggy sister from another mister (for past two years).


I am VERY loyal and affectionate! I am always happy to see you and appreciate reminders to not jump up and give you a hug (I listen!). People say that if I were a human, I would be the clingy girlfriend depicted in so many Rom Coms! I follow you from room to room so that I can keep an eye on you and often fall asleep on whatever floor, couch, or chair I choose to drop into! I LOVE to snuggle and LOVE your attention! I light up around my people, so much joy and happiness radiates from me!

I always want to please you! I am good at “stay,” “go,” “ok,” and at waiting for you at the open door while you check to make sure there are no other dogs outside roaming freely.

I am amazing at chilling alone during the day. I keep it interesting for myself by roaming around the house and barking at birds and postal delivery people in between my naps! I always know when you are coming home and am ready for you with a huge smile and a barrel full of licks!

I am an expert at playing fetch and am very athletic! There is no ball or distance that you could throw that would wear me out. When you get close though, I will take the ball and go lay down under our trampoline until you call me to come back inside.

I’m kind of a “time for bed!” alarm clock in dog form! At around 8-9pm, I make my way up to your bedroom and find my bed as a hint to you that it’s time for bedtime! If you let me, I will climb up on your bed and burrow under your covers to keep you warm all night. I’m a very respectful sleeping partner at the foot of the bed too! Did I mention that I love to snuggle? 😊

Occasionally, when I would get very excited, like when a lot of kids are yelling or when a bunch of people would all be singing the “happy birthday” song, I used to spin in circles and kind of not be able to stop (for a while). For this sort of thing, the vet put me on doggy Prozac, and that has really helped. It keeps me below that “overstimulated” threshold. In those kinds of situations, my mom will calmly talk to me and pet me to stop the spinning, or she will call my name and that can kind of break me out of the spinning thing. Before the Prozac, a few times a month, my anxiety or overstimulation would result in my anal glands expressing themselves/leaking a little bit. Mom used to have me wear a washable diaper, but this has also improved a lot since the Prozac! All in all, I would be most happy in a home situation where there is less large group stimulation!


I am the kindest and happiest girl with people of all ages! When small children are accidentally falling on me or big kids are getting me all riled up with excited talk and aggressive scratches, I roll with it! When I see that there is an open spot between two people on the couch, I snuggle right in! I am absolutely at my best when there are people around to love!

I am sorry to say that I do not do well with other dogs. I am okay seeing other dogs when out on a leashed walk (I whine quite a bit, but I do NOT pull your arm off or lunge or growl or anything), but cannot interact with other dogs. If another dog gives me the slightest growl, I think they are launching a full-blown attack, and respond accordingly to defend myself. And when sharing a home, if the other dog goes into a place I think belongs to me, I also can get aggressive toward them.

I have lived just fine in the past with 1 cat, but it’s been a while, so we would need to check that out if you have a cat in your home.

Favorite Activities

  • Playing fetch!
  • Hunting for food in pet brain teaser toys!
  • Following you around the house!
  • Sleeping under your covers!
  • Laying directly against you when you are sitting on the couch!
  • Giving you kisses (licks)!
  • Eating snacks!
  • Getting the zoomies outside!

Why I am looking for a new home

I had an initial aggressive moment when I met my new doggy sister when she was a puppy a few years ago. Then things were fine for 2 years, but since my dog sibling reached maturity, things have not been okay. There have been three incidents within a few months that resulted in some serious injuries to my doggy sister, and since she is only 20 pounds, that makes this situation extra risky/dangerous. To make sure that things go well for everyone in the future, I very much want and need a home where I am the only dog please!


I am a very healthy girl! I just had a cancerous growth removed from my leg at VCA Colonial Animal Hospital but they say it had NOT spread and that I am good to go now, no further treatment needed (though future lumps should be checked, as they should with all dogs)! I am up to date on vaccines and am spayed!


My current owners say that they love me so much, which makes finding me a new home one of the hardest decisions in their lives. But they know that I need a home where I am the only dog. An ideal home for me would be one where I could chase a ball, where I could chew on a bone under the shade of a tree while you work in the garden, and where my person or people would give me lots of love, and be delighted at how much love and joy and fun I gave back. I have a heart of gold, truly. Come and meet me!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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