Adopted: Chewie

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Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Pit Bull mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Size: 70 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes! (had a dog ‘sister’ until Aug 2020)
    • Cats? No.
    • Kids? YES…all ages!!

Hi! My name is Boss (aka “Chewie”….for my Chewbacca sounds 😊), and I’m a SUPER affectionate boy and a lover of ALL people, big small!

History and Why I Am Looking for a New Home

When I was about 1½ years old, I was just skin-on-bones, was heartworm-positive, and was about to be “put to sleep” the next day in a kill shelter in Georgia. But then…a kind young man rescued me and nurtured me back to health! But just a year later, his circumstances changed and he couldn’t take care of me anymore, so his mother became my foster mama. She loves me VERY much and would never willingly give me up, but she is changing jobs and will be a long-haul trucker, which means it’s impossible for her to keep me. ☹ We are both sad, but she promises that she will find me an awesome forever person or family, and that sounds terrific to me! I can hardly wait to meet you!


I’m SUPER loving!!! SUPER friendly! SUPER affectionate! SUPER lovable! And SUPER chill!!!!!
Nothing brings me more joy than to place my head on your lap or across your feet, hold paws with you, give you kisses, and snuggle up as close to you as I can get! I’m this way with my family and also am this sweet and friendly with complete strangers! I give everyone who comes to the house the same five-star treatment! 😊 I’m your little shadow, following you everywhere (even into the bathroom), and laying down next to you in whatever room you’re in. Beware… if you pause while walking around the house, I’ll optimize my chances of getting some lovin’ by strategically placing myself directly in front of you, haha! I also like to place one paw on you, and then, if you let me, I put my other paw up on you, squat on my haunches, and just sit there like that gazing adoringly at you! It’s kind of goofy, but it makes me so very happy.

I’m attentive and smart! I learn phrases quickly (especially when you have treats for rewards!). So far, I know “Sit,” “Stay,” “Down,” “Come,” “Nope,” “Gotta Go Out?” and “Are You Hungry?” I’m trained to stay within the property boundaries using an Invisible Fence Co electric fence. I’m also trained in good eating etiquette and will patiently sit and wait until I’m told I can eat my food, and gently take treats from anyone’s hands…no quick snaps. 😉 And though I love food, I’m even nourished more by affection. Which says a lot, because I was nearly starved to death as a young dog, but even so, I love affection even more than food!

My foster mama says that I’m a great listener. Her oldest son lives upstairs and doesn’t want me to be constantly in his space, so even though I love to follow the family everywhere, I’ve learned to stay downstairs and only go up when given permission. The same is true when everyone is at the dinner table eating. They prefer that I don’t get on furniture or beds, and I do as I am asked. That’s okay…. I like pleasing you!

I enjoy being brushed and having my muddy paws wiped down … it’s like a massage! And though I’m not eager for baths or nail trimmings, I tolerate them. It does take 2 people to get all my nails cut… one to feed me a steady stream of treats while the other does the dirty deed. Guns, fireworks, and thunder/lightning storms scare me, and I will immediately come sit beside you and start shivering and panting. If you stay calm and relaxed, I eventually settle down and am okay.

I’m keenly aware, thoughtful and sensitive to people’s emotions. If you are stressed, anxious, sad, or crying, I’m immediately there to ‘hug’ you by laying across your lap or snuggling up next to you. Once, a guest who was staying with us over a weekend was quite sad, so after everyone went to bed, I went upstairs and hopped into their bed; the next morning, my people found me asleep on the bed at the guest’s feet. I did not get scolded for breaking the “no upstairs” rule, since I was being so caring and kind. This was the ONLY time I disobeyed a house rule. I’m such a great comforter that my foster mama made me her Emotional Support Animal with a vest ‘n all!

I’m a relaxed guy, not too active. I love going for leashed walks, but haven’t had much training with this, so pull a bit unless I’m in a no-pull harness or Halti. I do not play fetch but I will play a bit of tug with you. I will run around the yard with you for a while until I get tired, and occasionally do zoomies if I see you’re up for playing around, but mostly I’m more your companion or chill-buddy. If you want a very active or athletic pooch, I’m sorry to say that is not me! I do love to watch over the grandkids and their friends when they are here visiting! 😉

I’ve been crate-trained, but really don’t need it, and greatly prefer going to my bed. I’ve been able to stay home alone (not crated) for up to 5 hours without getting into any trouble. I’m not a barker, even when someone comes to the house. The only time I can become a bit whiny or bark is if you go into the yard without me (and I can tell the difference between that and if you’re leaving for work or errands). 😉


I love all people!

I LOVE children! I have a caring, protective, and nurturing soul, and I would be excellent around them…even younger kids. I can get a bit enthusiastic when first meeting them, wanting to give them kisses or put my paw on them, but with reminders to be gentle, I can calm myself down.

I love other (friendly) dogs! I had a foster dog-sister for six years and loved wrestling or pulling on rope tugs with her until she found her forever home. Sadly, I haven’t had much doggie interactions since. Because of this, I get so excited when I see other dogs… I just want to play with them!

Unfortunately, I’ve been hurt in the past by some not-nice ‘bully’ dogs, which leaves me a bit wary when I meet dogs like that. I need to meet them slowly and carefully, and I need time to learn that it’s safe. I only look intimidating; I’m really a mush-baby who craves attention…. from people and doggie-pals!

I have not been around cats, so if you have cats, we will have to check that out.

Favorite Activities:

  • Following my people from room to room!
  • Going for walks!
  • Cuddling!
  • Chilling with my people!
  • Laying across your feet (or over your lap)!
  • Getting brushed!
  • Meeting new people!
  • Seeing new places!
  • Getting belly or full-body rubs!
  • Cuddling some more!


I am in great health and have no medical issues! But just this Spring 2021 I developed some type of hair follicle allergy. I got a bit itchy… but my foster parents also had the worst seasonal allergies this year. So maybe that’s what happened to me? Anyway, my vet put me on Apoquel and told them to keep me clean, and my foster mama added some salmon oil and yummy natural supplements to my daily routine which did the trick! Although I’m not sure which of those things helped the itching to stop, I’m much happier and feel great now!


I’m a chill, smart, loyal, loving, affectionate, and goofy boy. I would be happiest in a home where I can be a companion buddy (like someone who works from home or is retired?), with a fenced yard, and people who are a) responsible and will give me good daily exercise, b) keep me clean, and c) have some dog experience. Because I haven’t been around other dogs for a while and will be SO excited to socialize again, I will need some initial help in proper and safe introductions (especially with ‘bully’ ones) while meeting other dogs. As such, I need an adopter who has some good knowledge and experience with positive dog training methods. I can’t wait to meet you…let the adventures begin!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers. The rescue will forward it to my current mom, who will a) be in touch with you and b) make all decisions about my placement!

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