Adopted: Roy

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Beagle mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 12 year old
  • Size: 31 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Yes!

Hi,I’m Roy, the most laid back, sweet and friendly Beagle mix around!


I was found as a stray in Central Kentucky. No one came looking for me, so after a little while, I was lucky to catch a ride up to the CDR foster program and my foster home in Ithaca! No one knows anything about my life before May, 2020, except that I was neutered, I’m sweet, friendly, relaxed, house-trained, and have great house manners (including “sit” via hand signal). Everyone’s guess is that I spent my former life as a loved indoor dog family member!


I’m a deeply sweet, very friendly, go-with-the-flow kind of a dog!! I really like every person and every dog that I meet… I am all friendliness, happiness and curiosity. I have the most soulful eyes, and, hahaha, I know how to use them! I will spend hours gazing into your eyes as you rub my ears, and my tail will wag the entire time!!

I really like being close to people. I follow my foster people around the house and flop down with them in whatever room they’re in. I’m much happier when I can be close to people, and will actually pace around the house if I’m gated away from where the action is (which is never necessary, as I have such great manners in all ways)! Also important–I love snuggling! I feel very lucky to be allowed on the couch, and I hop up whenever my foster people are there so I can cuddle up next to them. I’m sure I’d love to sleep with you too, if I was allowed!

I may be a senior, but I’m alert and enthusiastic, and I walk with a lot of pep! I enjoy my daily leashed walks, and am really big on stopping so that I can smell the roses (and grass, and bushes, and trees, and leaves…)! I sometimes trot around in the terrific fenced yard here at my foster home, but I don’t see much use in running. Running is for young pups! I may wade in the water on a hot day but I’m not a swimmer.

I’m not a big barker either. Mostly I will give a few “gruffs” if I think you’re withholding food from me (“how could you?!”) or if I think you went out without me (“I’m game to go!”) but I don’t bark at people or at other dogs. The things I care most about in life are being with my people (“people are the best!”), having comfy places to nap (“couches, chairs, beds, hooray!”), and food (“I love all food)!

I’m an early riser (“Woo-hoo, it’s a new day!!). After my morning wander around the yard and my breakfast (YUM!), I am content to sleep for much of the day. I’m a very good eater (haha, as are all Beagles), I don’t mind baths (especially if treats are involved), and I am calm about being handled and groomed- even at the vet!

I am quite hard of hearing. I seem to often (not always) hear high-pitched whistles and but probably not much else. Voice commands don’t work very well for me obviously, but hand signals and gentle (non-startling) touches do!


Right now, I live with a foster family of two adult women, two female adult dogs, two cats, a goldfish, and a bunch of chickens! I get along great with everyone!

I am really nice and respectful with the other dogs, though am a little bit aloof–I don’t play or cuddle with them, but I am happy to be near them. I have a short tail that I wag a lot, and I often accidentally thwap them in the face with it, which makes my people laugh!

The cats I live with are a little nervous, and if they run, I will hoist myself up and try to follow them. I’m not very fast, and once they stop moving and I can get a good sniff of them, I lose interest. Same goes for the chickens. (Since I can’t hear very well, sometimes the cats surprise me.)

I haven’t been around children, but I am so calm and I like people so much that I will probably be happy with well mannered, gentle kids.

Favorite Activities

I pretty much enjoy everything!!

  • I love being petted and snuggled!
  • Movie night is the best- when I can snuggle on the couch!
  • I love sleeping in my bed near my people as they work from home!
  • I love eating! Meal times and treats are so exciting that I spin in circles on my way to my dish! I would also love to eat your dinner or garbage if you give me a chance, so best to keep food put away and garbage secured!
  • I love having a fenced yard so I can wander around off-leash and stay safe.
  • I really enjoy slow leashed walks with lots of time to sniff!


As an older guy, I do have some details to share.

  • For one thing, I am mostly deaf, but that doesn’t stop me one bit (except from hearing what you say to me)!
  • I arrived with a very bad bacterial skin infection, which made me incredibly itchy and made my skin raw and my fur patchy. The vets prescribed, and my foster parents have been giving me wonderful medicines and special medicated baths and I am SO MUCH more comfortable now! I look loads healthier and happier, and sometime soon it should be totally cleared up!
  • I have some lumps and bumps on my body. They are benign and nothing to worry about. This is very, very common in older dogs. Always good to keep a watch on, in case they change shape or size, but not a problem in any way now.
  • I just got full blood-work (Chem and CBC) panels done and everything looks pretty darned good! My thyroid is a tiny bit on the low side, but since this can be caused by so many other things (like having a skin infection) the vet wants to recheck my thyroid levels once my skin infection is 100% cleared up.
  • I have a moderately strong heart murmur, and I am on the wait-list for a Cardiology consult (including echo-cardiogram). They think I should be able to see the cardiologist by the 3rd week of July, so the rescue will update here after that appointment. The cardiologist will determine if I need to be on medication for my murmur, and also if anything else should be done to safeguard my health. The rescue will either complete this cardiology work-up before I get adopted, or they will cover the cost of this work-up should someone want to adopt me prior to that.
  • Lastly, my teeth aren’t in fabulous shape. Someone did not take me to the dentist regularly enough in my former life! I do need some dental work, but we need to wait until I have my cardiology consult first. I might need to get on some heart medication before undergoing the anesthesia that would be needed to give me a dental.
  • Even though I have some stuff going on, you’d never know it to hang out with me. I’m nothing but happy and grateful and perky and sweet!

I’m a calm, happy, older dog with good house manners and lots of love to share! I love food and people and slow walks and soft beds, and I am hoping for a safe and loving home (with not too much time spent alone) to live out my golden years!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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