Adopted: Jake

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 12-14 months old
  • Size: 31 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes! Most!
    • Cats? Not yet tested, sorry!
    • Kids? Yes! 12+


Jake is staying with his foster family forever!

Hi! I’m Jake, and I am a SUPER smart, loyal, and affectionate boy!

History and Why I Am Looking for a New Home

Rough back story! One very cold night in February, on the shore of Oneida Lake, I think someone just dumped me. Very scary and confusing. I spent the next 36 days running in a 10 mile circle, visiting the same houses over and over, and so hoping that I would find my family again. It was tough times for me,filled with fear, cold, wind, rain, and snow. One man sent out his hunting beagles to “run me back, someone else threatened to shoot me if they saw me again, and I was almost hit by cars more times than I can remember. To try to warm up I would sit under dryer vents. Temps were below zero some nights.

Some nice people gained a bit of my trust during this time, but whenever they would get too close, I would run away in fear. Then a smart person called a man who had experience using live traps to catch homeless dogs and…dang! He got me! At 6:26 AM on 4/4/20, I wandered into the trap to get the food that was inside and wham! The door closed and I was trapped. Very scary I have to say, but it turned out to be my lucky day. The man who set up the trap brought me back to his house and has been fostering me there since. He promises me that he will find me an awesome forever person or family and I am excited to hear it!


I am super smart!!!!! True to my breed, I learn things really quickly, both by figuring things out on my own and by following what you teach me! I have learned words such as out, walk, potty, go, car, down, sit… just from hearing them and seeing what happens next. I also learned the layout of my foster neighborhood (in just a couple of walks!) and will direct you right back home if you get lost, haha!

I am sweet and loyal and love people once I know and trust them! If you are lucky enough to become my person you will never have to go to the bathroom alone again (haha!), I will come lay in whatever room you are currently in. At night I love snuggling on your bed with you (if you don’t mind), and I sleep peacefully knowing that we have each other. I love belly rubs, scratchies above my tail, and anytime you pay attention to me! I love if you want to teach me tricks or words or want to play games with me! During the day, if we really HAVE to sit around, I will keep you company on the couch. I do love laying on the couch with you! My foster parents bought me a brand new dog bed (so nice of them!) but I prefer the couch or your bed so I have yet to lay on the nice new dog bed, hahaha, they are so sweet, they said that’s ok! Do know that I am no couch potato though…I am an active, energetic, wonderful young boy who wants and needs good daily exercise and stimulation, and then once I’ve got that, I’m good to chill with you.

I am playful and goofy! I LOVE balls! And if they squeak… even better! I’m so smart about it too– I only bite hard enough to make them squeak, not break! The same goes for squeaky toys in general. I am told that it is hilarious how proud of my squeaking abilities I am…I walk around wagging half my body squeaking my toys or balls, showing you this amazing thing that I can do. When it comes to playing fetch however, I like to hold onto the ball and let my foster dad toss me around for a while before I let go! So fun! Eventually I do let go and he throws it across the yard for me to go get and I bring it right back to him and it starts all over again. You should see my smile when I’m running full speed back with my ball safely in my mouth…best moments ever!

I love other (friendly) dogs! And I’m a energetic, athletic guy! I get to go to doggy daycare which is really awesome for me. I am a bit shy when I first get there(“Will my foster parents come back? Am I being left here forever?”) but the nice daycare people will bring another dog out to help me feel at ease, and once we are all in the play area, I have a total blast all day long! I also love hiking, camping, long walks, and adventures with you. I would probably be awesome at agility, flyball, or nosework, so if you wanted to do those sorts of classes with me, I would be over the moon!

I am a little confused about strangers. My past has left me wary, worried that people might be a danger, and once I know you, I want to protect and take care of you, which means that when strangers get too close to us, for instance on a walk, I bark at them pretty loud. If they stay on their side of the road, I am fine, but I get uneasy if they come too close. My family can usually calm me down and redirect me, but know that I will need continued help with this. Ditto when strangers come into the house…I need a very careful introduction –keeping me on leash at first and instructing the strangers to ignore me totally (even my barking at them!). Eventually I calm down, especially once they are seated, but can get barky if they stand up and start moving again! I might follow-and-bark a bit in that situation, but I have never nipped. My foster dad says I need patience and thoughtful introductions to new people so that I can learn that this is a safe and positive situation. Until now, I haven’t had many people to trust, so it will take some time. My foster dad says lots of dogs are like me, and that makes me feel better!

As for crates…I’m not a fan. I was trapped in a big crate, which is very scary for any dog and I think I may have spent a lot of my life in a crate before I was homeless. I get very upset and panicky if you try to put me in a crate, so my foster parents do not do that. I’ve been able to stay home alone for up to 5 hours without getting into too much trouble which my foster dad knows because he watches me on a video camera when he’s not at home. I can be a bit barky if I hear noises outside, and I can “investigate” the trash can or food left on the counters sometimes, but given that I am still quite young, and have only had someone taking the time to teach me what is ok and what is not ok house manners for a short time, everyone thinks I’m doing great. I will need continued help learning good manners, but am sure to make you proud with my progress!

I think that’s most of who I am, I am a very enthusiastic and positive spirit, I love people, other friendly dogs, balls, toys, and anything athletic! I’m a very happy cattle dog!


I live with my foster parents and their 20 year-old daughter who has been my favorite person since Day 1. I generally feel much more at ease with women. With men, it takes me much longer to start to trust and relax. I really like and trust my foster dad, but it took about a month for me to feel ok with him. Sometimes now I take naps on his legs!

There are 3 other dogs in my foster home–a blind shih tzu, a terrier, and a Golden Retriever. I love the shih tzu and also the golden retriever because they are nice to me! Unfortunately, the terrier isn’t fond of me (I’m not sure why), and can bark and growl at me which makes me not like him either!  I like all the big friendly dogs at the doggy daycare, as long as they don’t get up in my face or try to boss me.  Friendly dogs are the best!  I would LOVE to live with another friendly dog but I would be happiest if it was with either a female dog (or two) or possibly a really submissive, mellow, gentle, calm and respectful male dog (e.g., small, senior, submissive dog).

No cats in my foster home (foster dad is allergic), so we don’t know how I would be with them. If you have cats, we can check that out.

As for kids, I haven’t been around any, but cattle dogs are a herding breed and usually herding breeds and kids are not a great match. My foster dad says I have a caring, protective side and thinks I would be just fine around bigger kids, but good idea to not put me in a home with kids under 12.

Favorite Activities

  • Following my people from room to room!
  • Playing ball! Playing with toys! Squeaking them!
  • Going for walks or hikes!
  • Cuddling!
  • Playing with dogs!
  • Learning new things!
  • Seeing new places!
  • Getting belly rubs!
  • Getting back rubs just above my tail!
  • Cuddling some more!


I am in great health! My vet did say I was a “Cryptorchid” but he fixed me up and I healed right up with no complications. He also said some premolar adult teeth never came in but no worries, it will not cause me any problems. I am microchipped so I will never get lost again!


To recap– I’m an active, smart, loyal, loving, affectionate, silly, and goofy boy. I would be happiest in a home with at least 1 other playful, active dog, a big fenced yard, and people who are a) active and will give me good daily exercise, and b) have some dog experience. I will need continued help feeling safe with people (especially men and strangers) and so need an adopter who has some good knowledge and experience with positive dog training methods. I can’t wait to meet you…let the adventures begin!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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