Adopted: Lenny

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Mountain Feist mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 8 months old
  • Size: 32 pounds and growing!
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? No, sorry!
    • Kids? Yes!

Hello! My name is Lenny and I’m a super friendly young pup who loves being active!


I was born in Alabama and was taken to a shelter there before I was even 8 weeks old. Luckily, a rescue stepped in, got me vaccinated, neutered, and when I was all healed up and ready to go, a huge network of transport volunteers drove me all the way to Ithaca, NY! I’m having a great time in my foster home but am feeling super ready for my forever home!


I’m awesome! My foster parents say I am super good-natured, super friendly, and super happy-happy-happy! I am a very curious and bright dog and I really love being active. I adore going for walks, runs, or hikes, and enjoy (treat-filled!) training and play sessions with my humans! I love my fenced yard because I can enjoy being outside while being kept safe–since I have a high prey drive, animals like squirrels could quickly get me into trouble if I’m not inside a fence or on a leash!

I am always excited to meet new people (yippee!) and I love giving nose-to-nose “eskimo kiss” greetings (even though this sometimes results in exuberant head bonks, hahaha, whoops!). I prefer to be near my humans during the day and am happy to snuggle up with my family when they’re enjoying couch time in the evenings. I would rather have company all day (even if I’m snoozing!) than be given space to nap alone. I’m not needy, but I really do like being around people (and other nice dogs) far more than being alone.

I love food! And treats! And counter surfing! Hahahaha!! I am super agile on my back legs and I am able to find all sorts of delectable treats “left out for me” on the counters, so my foster family is learning to put all of their food away until I am older, more mature, and understand that counters are for humans, not for dogs. There is a tiny human in my foster home (I am super wonderful with him) and I am great at licking his fingers and hands and cleaning up any dropped food on the ground during his mealtimes. When I’m not actually eating (or trying to eat, hahaha!) I enjoy chewing on toys, rawhides, and am still a bit of a puppy with things like shoes and stuffed items so it’s best if those things aren’t left out for me to taste-test!

I’m crated-trained, and am used to sleeping in the master bedroom in a crate overnight. I would love to go to work with you during the day were that possible, or have a doggy playmate stay home with me while you’re away. I am not a big barker, but will bark when a squirrel infiltrates the backyard (very exciting!!!) and when I see another dog out on a leashed walk (extra super exciting!) but am learning to settle and respond to “that’s enough” or general redirection, though I will certainly need continued work on this in my new home.

I just started doggie daycare at the awesome Bed and Biscuit Country Club for Dogs and Cats! I was nervous at first, as I am with most new experiences, but came around fairly quickly with some extra attention and time to suss out that the other dogs were very nice. This is going to be great for my dog-dog socialization and will also help me with my activity/exercise needs, so win-win! If my forever family wanted to keep sending me there, I would be happy, and if they wanted to do fun things like teach me tricks, and/or take me to agility or nosework classes, I would probably be over the moon!


  • I adore meeting new people and am usually exuberantly happy to do so! If my people are calm at new meetings, that helps me be a bit more calm too, and I’m sure some of my exuberance will mellow as I mature.
  • I am absolutely fantastic with the tiny human in my foster home, who is not quite 2 years old. I am attentive but gentle and am tolerant of loud noises and sudden movements, which I am told is not typical for dogs and is super great!
  • I am excited to be around other dogs and really enjoy their company! I haven’t had a ton of new dog-dog experience, so my days at Bed and Biscuit for Doggy Daycare are really awesome for me!
  • Because of my breed’s hunting/treeing instincts, it’s best that I don’t live with cats or other small animals.

Favorite Activities

    I most like:

  • being around my humans!!
  • doing something active outdoors – hiking/jogging/walks!!
  • making sure the squirrels aren’t launching a full-scale invasion of the backyard!!
  • learning new things like training and tricks (if rewarded with treats!)!
  • playing with other dogs (followed by cuddly naps with the other pups)!
  • meeting new humans and doing new activities and things – agility courses, new toys, etc!!

Why I am looking for a new home

I was an abandoned puppy when Hubbards Hounds Dog Rescue (based in Homer, NY) pulled me from the shelter, and I arrived at my foster home just before Thanksgiving 2019. Three days later, the director of the rescue (Sue Hubbard) tragically and unexpectedly passed away. She was a staunch advocate for dogs of all breeds, and was dedicated to bringing pups in bad situations to foster homes in Central NY, where conscientious adopters could give them wonderful forever homes. Luckily, Cayuga Dog Rescue stepped in after she passed and helped during this sad time, and hopefully my forever home is out there waiting for me, too!


I am neutered and up-to-date with all shots (Rabies, Lepto, DHPP, Bordatella.) I’ve been on year-round flea/tick and heartworm preventative, and have no known medical issues!


I’m a super awesome friendly, fun, loving, hilarious dog who is so looking forward to (hoping hoping hoping) for a fun, loving, playful, fun-loving and active forever person or people! I’d love for my forever home to have another playful dog in it, and I would do well with human siblings too. I need active people who want to spend fun time doing training and all sorts of fun outdoor exercise (walks/runs/hikes/agility, etc.)! An ideal home would have a securely fenced yard for off-leash play and people who aren’t interested in having a dog who who could be trained to be off-leash (because we really don’t think that is possible given my high prey drive). Consider making me a part of your family–I promise to keep things exciting and will share lots of love every day!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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