Adopted: Dia

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Black Lab mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Sometimes!
    • Cats? Sorry, no!
    • Kids? YES! 6 and over please!

Hi! I am Dia, and I am incredibly loving and sweet!

***Dia is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. This is a courtesy posting for Pet the Pet program. To apply, send an email to Nancy Given at***


Everyone has been telling me that I am a super special girl, have the absolute perfect personality to be a stellar family dog, and am adorable to boot! What nice things they say about me, I’m nearly blushing!

The main thing to know about me is that I am fantastic, fabulous, and wonderful with all people (all ages and sizes) because I love people so very much. I love being near them, I love snuggling and cuddling with them, I love getting petted, belly rubs, and kisses (the best!), and I love to be part of their adventures. When I am out in the fenced play yard with my human friends, I will run around exploring and sniffing for a few minutes, but then always run back to my people ‘cause I miss them! I just love being with my people, and I will sit blissfully forever if I am being petted.

I have very typical Lab enthusiasm, but also have nice manners and self-control! I have learned that people prefer me to greet them gently (not jump on them!), and to enjoy petting and attention when offered, but not to pester people about getting more, and I am super cool with that. At this point, I have the maturity to only jump up on people a teensy bit and only when I am super excited, but I settle down very quickly and well, which I am told is very impressive for a young Labrador! 😊

Speaking of my breed…I have good energy like most Labs, but I’m not at all hyper (as some Labs are). Folks say I am a “medium” energy Lab, in that I want and need my daily walks (so much fun to walk with you!), I love to retrieve a ball or toy (and am terrific at bringing it back), but I don’t require more than that. That said, if you wanted to take me on a long hike or another fun outdoor adventure, I would be thrilled! I wear a no-pull Sensation harness which works well to help me walk nicely/not pull on leash, but be warned that without a no-pull harness, I will pull quite enthusiastically!

I am easygoing and smart! I am fine getting baths, having my nails trimmed, and being brushed. I don’t mind at all if people take my toys, put their hands in my food bowl, or lay on my bed! I am excellent at retrieving, I know Sit, Down, and Wait, I will come when called (but this has only been asked of me inside of a fenced yard), I never chew up toys or blankets, and am of course fully housebroken!

I do have a strong prey drive for small critters, so I cannot live with cats, small dogs, hamsters or bunnies.


I love every person that I have met, including kids! But since I’m big and can be enthusiastic, I might be a bit much for a toddler. We think it would be best if any kids in my adoptive home are 6 or older.

I would be happiest if I get to be your only dog. I am ok with some dogs, but I’m not ok with lots of dogs (if we need to share space together). It’s possible that I could live with a submissive male dog, but it wouldn’t work with any female dogs or dominant male dogs. Though I am completely an “eager-to-please” personality with humans, I am a “bossy and dominant” personality with other dogs. I will strongly guard resources like balls, toys, and food when other dogs are around. I never guard resources with people but I absolutely do with other dogs. Given this, I should never be taken to a dog park. Too many balls, toys, treats, and other dogs around… a disaster for a girl like me!

Favorite Activities

  • Being with you! Getting petted! Getting belly rubs (my favorite “sport”!)
  • Giving you kisses and snuggles! Flopping down at your feet! Sitting next to you!
  • Taking long leashed walks with you! Retrieving balls and toys! Going on hikes!
  • Being a valued member of your family! Oh my gosh, I would love that sooooo much!


I am 100% fit as a fiddle and healthy as a horse (what an odd saying for a dog)! I am on heartworm preventive and flea/tick preventive (as all dogs should be)!


I am your quintessential awesome, loving, friendly, silly, goofy, lovable, soft and yummy Labrador! I am looking for a joyful, fun adopter to share adventures and the glorious day-to-day of making a life together.

Dia’s adoption fee is $250 and I am spayed, heartworm negative, and current on all vaccines. For an online application, please contact Nancy Given, the Director of Pet the Pet program at She will call you only after she receives your completed application. Applicants should either live within a 50 mile radius of Ithaca, NY, or in the Rochester NY area. Home visits are a requirement prior to adoption, and thus applicants can only be considered where home visit volunteers are located.

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