Adopted: Milo

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Black Labrador mix (Boxer?)
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes…if they don’t mind my fascination with them!
    • Kids? 10+

Hello, my name is Milo and I love my people, my toys, and playing with other dogs!

***Milo is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. This is a courtesy posting for his foster family who will make all decisions about his adoptive placement.***


An elder in the family went into nursing care with dementia and when I was transferred into a temporary foster care situation, they found that I had unfortunately been severely neglected due to the dementia of my owner. My ribcage was sticking out an awful lot, and I was very dehydrated. When they found me, I was eating grass to try to keep myself going. It was very sad, and I was lucky to be found!

I am young and love my foster people, and since being given regular good food and water and company, I have bounced back to being a fun, healthy, wonderful, joyful family dog!

Now I am looking for a home and family of my own…can’t wait to meet you!


I’m a very smart, very sweet, and adorably playful boy who loves-loves-loves his bones! Food (including fruits and vegetables!) and good times with my people are my two main major happiness factors! I also love and need lots of fresh water. Having been very dehydrated before, I love and respect water very much!

I can be quite the goofball as you can see in my videos!! I love lying on my back with my old bone, holding it just out of reach with my two front paws. I tease myself, hahaha, I will entertain us both! I also love going for leashed walks and running around in a fenced yard (so awesome)! I would LOVE to be adopted by someone who had a big fenced yard. And by someone who is fun and light-hearted and silly and loving and caring and affectionate. I want all of that soooooo much!

I sleep mostly on the floor or couch, but when I’m a very tired puppy, I will sleep in my snug spot or I’ll come cuddle with you. I’m afraid of being shut up or left alone and hungry, so please never crate me and when you leave, if you could leave me with some food in my bowl, I would be very grateful. I am sure that given time, once I know and love you and have lots more time under my belt of having regular food every day, my anxiety about hunger will diminish. It will take some time though, so I hope you can be patient and understanding.

I am well house trained and will indicate that I have to go out to the bathroom by going to the door or whining and pacing a bit. I am a good communicator!
I respond very well to loving authority, meaning someone who is super kind and loving and understanding, but who also is my fun-loving leader. Someone who loves me and believes in me is the best kind of person for me of all.

I am an active, playful boy who relaxes once I get good exercise or running/playing with doggie friends. I love showing off my toys, especially the ones that light up and make noise!

I love riding in the car, windows down and the wind in my face! I eat well with other dogs. I’m a huge fan of chew toys, balls and ropes! I’m not a fan of water, except that I like to drink a lot of water! I’m fine with getting my nails trimmed. I have not been hurt there.

I like to sleep near/next to someone else, either on a doggie bed next to your bed, or in your bed if you like! And not to be braggy, but…I’m smart! I know how to sit and lay down and everyone thinks I could learn loads more tricks and commands with treat-based positive reinforcement training!

It may take some time for me to want to cuddle with you, but once we know and love each other, I really do enjoy my cuddling!. I’m always excited to see you, but once you’re back home I can chill out and chew on a good bone. I’m not a pest at all!

I will alert you if I perceive any unknown visitors, but I’m not a barker in general. I can sit and lay down on command, and once I get to know you, respect and love you, and we have time to bond, I will be the finest family dog you can imagine. I haven’t learned to come to my name yet but would love to work on that with you!


I have found other doggie friends to run and play with at the dog park that can play and run along. The rough and tumble dogs love playing with me, but I can be a bit too much/too rough (accidentally) to the more fragile ones.

I’m very curious about cats!! Maybe a little too curious according to them, but I really am respectful for the most part. I live with 2 cats right now and they are fascinating! Sadly for me, they don’t like me that much–they want me to ignore them and I want to pal around with them and learn their kitty ways! They think I am a pest, but let it be known that I am not in any way snappy or mean in the least. I wish they were flattered by my fascination with them, but so far…not so much. They are getting used to my size and playfulness, so maybe someday we will be friends!

Favorite Activities

  • Play with doggie friends!
  • Ride in the car with you!
  • Chew on my bones!
  • Eat!!Good dog food, and fruits and veggies!
  • Hike, jog, and run off leash at the fenced in dog park!!
  • Be with my family!
  • Run with my friends!
  • Eat vanilla doggy ice cream!!


I am in terrific health. I am neutered and up to date on all my shots. I am heartworm free too!


I would love a home with loving, fun, playful, joyful people who will not leave me home alone for long periods. I would love to have room to play, lots of leashed walks and off-leash runs in the fenced dog park. A large fenced in yard with friendly active, kind owners and a rough-n-tumble type doggie companion would be an absolutely ideal forever home!

If you are interested in Milo please fill out an online adoption application which will then be forwarded to Milo’s current caretakers and foster parents. They will be in touch.

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