Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Shepherd mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Size: 50 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Not in the house!
    • Cats? No, sorry
    • Kids? 13+

My name is Chamelea and I was rescued from Thailand!

***Chamelea is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary and Rescue will make all decisions regarding her adoption.***



I have been through quite a bit in my 4 years! I landed in a very crowded shelter in Thailand, knowing there was something not right with my back legs. I struggled to get around and I was in a lot of pain. Thankfully some kind people stepped in and rescued me! They were wonderful to me! They gave a nice place to rest, and plenty of food and water but they realized that I needed more help with my injuries, so they contacted Willow from Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary and she agreed to take me into her adoption sanctuary! I was put on a plane and flew half way around the world. Who knew that a shelter dog would end up as a world traveller!!!

I landed in snowy New York where Willow and her fur friends welcomed me with open arms! They took me right away to the Cornell University Vet Hospital where a team of veterinarians discovered that my kneecaps were displaced. Ack! Big problem, but they promised me that they would make me good as new., which as you can imagine, was quite a relief to hear! It meant I would be able to do things I’ve always dreamt of doing, like running and playing, and not being in pain all the time! I had two surgeries which meant an awful lot of recuperating time resting in my crate, but I didn’t really mind, I knew it would be all worth it. My legs are all healed up now and I am as good as new! I can finally enjoy life to its fullest and no pain! There is only one thing missing…… a home of my very own. But everyone promises me that they will find me a fabulous forever home sometime soon!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE belly rubs! I will happily roll on my back and enjoy belly rubs for as long as you would like to give them!!

I really enjoy a good squeaky toy! I will also happily play with balls!

I like to “talk.” Some may misunderstand and think I am talking in Wookie or mistake it for grumbling or growling, but I promise you, that is how I talk, and I love communicating with you!

When I want attention, I like to use my feet to get you to pet me. Haha! I am gentle about it, it’s kind of adorable and hilarious I am told, it’s my way of asking “please pet me, scratch me, love me!”

I have some random moments of silly playfulness, but in general I am pretty laid back and I am perfectly happy lounging around the house chilling!

Currently, some say I am a bit on the “fluffy” side (aka, a teensy bit overweight), but that’s how it goes when you are recovering from major surgery and are forced to be in a crate for long periods of time (I may or may not have watched a lot of Price Is Right and enjoyed some snack foods during my recovery time!!). I have overheard some people talk about a diet and exercise plan. I’m in, let’s go! I love to go for walks!

I enjoy going for leashed walks. I walk nicely with a martingale collar. My people tell me that I am secure wearing one of those. And I like the thought of being safe and secure. We won’t be able to go for long walks due to my knee limitations, but I like short walks! I prefer to take walk in calm, peaceful places. Busy streets or parks are not really my thing, that would make me uncomfortable. And dog parks….oh thank you, way too busy and too much going on!

Let me tell you one very important thing about me. While I am very (very!) loving and affectionate to those whom I love and trust, I am still quite cautious and nervous when meeting new people and when in unfamiliar situations. And I very much prefer when things are calm and quiet. I would love to meet calm, patient, and understanding people that will allow me to shine at my own pace. It takes me time to become comfortable with new things. The very best thing you could do for me when meeting me would be to sit on the floor, and kind of ignore me (staring at me would make me nervous), and just give me time. Wait for me to come to you. Perhaps toss some yummy treats in my direction, but then just sit there and read a magazine and give me some time. When I do approach, move slowly, speak softly, and don’t reach out toward me, just let me come to you while you stay where you are. And if I back away, please don’t get discouraged, I’m simply not ready yet. This may take some time, but please be patient with me… I promise you I am well worth it, and once I get to know you, I am the most lovely wonderful girl you could ever hope to find.

My rescue folks says I need a home with a securely fenced in yard and I would have to agree. I do like feeling safe and secure. I could play and explore with you in yard, that would be fun! Another fantastic way for us to bond!

I should also mention… I am a bit of a celebrity! “The Dodo” did a story on me. It’s a lovely story about my journey up to this point. It has over 64,000 views on YouTube!! You should really take the time to check out my story, you can find it at:


I need a very special adopter. I am seeking calm, caring, understanding, positive, and patient people. Someone who is gentle and nurturing and patient and sweet. Experience with shy and cautious dogs would be a huge bonus. I would not do well with inexperienced people. Ideally I would love to find a home with a person or persons that have a calm, quiet, laid back lifestyle.

I must be the only pet in your home. I have tried sharing a home with other dogs and I cannot tolerate it after a while. Even though I am the sweetest girl possible, I have actually gotten aggressive to other dogs if I have to share home space with them. I am fine seeing other dogs when out walking, but I cannot be in a home or fenced yard with other dogs. No dog parks for me please!

I have never been around children. I hear they can be quite active and sometimes make lots of loud sounds and zip around, which isn’t a fit for me. I like things calm and on the quieter side, so I feel that the best fit for me is home without children or high activity.

Cats you ask? Very sorry, I seem to like to chase, so probably would not work for me to live with cats.


I have had two major surgeries on my hind legs to repair my displaced kneecaps. My rescue mom and Cornell have all of my paperwork. They will be happy to share that with you. I get around like a champ now! I love short walks but should not do long walks/hikes and should not go jogging or do things that require jumping (like agility).

Favorite things

  • Squeaky toys!
  • Balls!
  • Belly rubs!
  • Ear scratches!
  • Waving!
  • Talking!
  • Short walks!
  • Napping in a cozy place!
  • Basking in the sunshine!


I am such a very special girl and I have so much to offer. All I need is a little patience because I can be shy with new people and new situations, but once we have a chance to get to know each other, I will be the most loving, sweet, and loyal dog you have ever had. I’ve been waiting so long for the right person. Come and meet me please!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application at Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

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