Adopted: Misty

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Lab/Terrier mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Size: 55 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? No, sorry
    • Cats? No, sorry
    • Kids? Yes!

Hello! My name is Misty, and I am a delightful, sweet, loving, incredibly friendly girl!

***Misty is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary and Rescue will make all decisions regarding her adoption.***


I’m 5 years old now, and have been at Willow’s Wings since I was 1. No one knows what I suffered before I came here, but I was in rough shape when I arrived—I was very emaciated/ starving, only weighed 30 pounds, and was dripping with milk, though no sign of any puppies. Whatever happened to me, it was for sure traumatic and involved someone not taking even basic care of me.

Luckily, the Sanctuary took amazing care of starving, sad me! They helped me to slowly gain weight and spayed me when I was healthy enough. I tried hard to get along with the other animals here, but I really don’t like cats, and only get along with some dogs, not others. For that reason, I unfortunately can’t freely socialize with the 40 other dogs who all hang out together, so I hang out in the part of the sanctuary where I’m with some of the other dogs, but in my own fenced enclosure. It’s perfectly nice, but a little bit lonely. I’m treated wonderfully by the director and the volunteers and staff of the Sanctuary—I’m not complaining, honest–but since I love people and love being with them so much, it’s not really ideal for me to be a tiny bit isolated like this. I live for the times I get to go for rides or walks or play with the staff and volunteers and what I most live for is the hope of the day that I find my very own forever family!!


The main thing to know about me is that I am very, very loving! Everyone raves about how incredibly sweet, gentle, affectionate, and playful I am! All the volunteers at Willow’s Wings adore me –as a long-term resident here, I’ve made a lot of human friends and I love each and every one of them. Because being with people is one of my favorite things, I’m super grateful when someone spends time playing ball with me, or takes me for a walk, or takes me for a ride in the car. I’ve been told that my appreciation is palpable — that I give lots of loving looks that say “thank you so much for spending time with me!”

I’m told that my eyes are spectacular. That they are filled with a deep and vast kindness, and that they are incredibly soulful and loving. People say they really get lost in my eyes. I think that is lovely of them to say. All I know is that I truly love people, and so much want to be important someone’s family member.

And regarding more routine things…I’m well-mannered, I’m housebroken, and I behave when I’m left alone. I love your company, but I understand that you can’t take me everywhere you go, and though I’ll miss you when you’re not at home, I won’t be destructive or have accidents while you’re gone.

Oh…one other thing! I love the snow! I love romping in it, playing in it, walking quietly in it, watching it fall, sniffing it, and rolling around in it. The cold does not bother my wiry terrier coat one bit, I think snow is a completely miraculous thing, so if you like to take walks in wintertime, I will be thrilled! (NOT so for rain…I don’t like rain at all!)

Things that I dream about doing with my future forever family include…

  • Going for nice walks and hikes with you! How I would love that! I have great enthusiasm for going out for walks and hikes, I am energetic and joyful, and reasonably athletic!
  • Greeting you when you get home from work or your other activities! How thrilling to imagine MY person coming home… to see me! And doubly thrilling to think that my person will be as excited to see me as I will be to see them!
  • Running errands with you! For me, it’s the most fun adventure ever, just to go out and do something together! I would love it!
  • Curling up next to you while you watch TV or read a book or talk on the phone! I would take such comfort in being next to you, in spending quiet time together, in getting to watch you do all the regular things that you do. I would LOVE to put my head in your lap while we cuddled together on the couch. I would so very much love that.
  • Playing games! I love to fetch a ball, I love to run around in a fenced yard, I love to play with toys! If you want to play with me, I will be overjoyed!
  • Having your attention! I would be over the moon to learn things from you…maybe some fun tricks like “shake” and “come” and “touch my hand!” I would love having long conversations with you about all the things in your life. I am a gorgeous listener!
  • Meeting your friends! I love people so much, I would be delighted to meet all of the important people in your life. I love women, I love men, and I love children! Of all ages!
  • Going on vacation together! This seems kind of ridiculous, because ever day with my very own family would be a total heaven on its own, but I am told that sometimes families take their dogs on vacation with them, to some fun new interesting place, and if you’d like to do that with me, it would be double heaven, I am sure!


I’m in great health! No issues, no problems!


I love all people. Men, women, and children! All of you!!

I need to be your only pet. I’m not ok with cats and am too picky about other dogs. And honestly, I’ve been dreaming my whole life about being the center of someone’s heart and home…I would break open with joy if you were happy with me being your one and only pet!


Hopefully, everyone reading this sees what a great girl I am! I love to play and to snuggle. I’m very versatile — I have the energy to go on hikes or long walks, but I’m also content to settle on the couch with my head in your lap. I’m up for any adventure or just hanging around, and you’ll know how appreciative I am to be spending time with my family just by looking in my soulful eyes. I’m curious and smart and want nothing more than to bond with my own people. Besides love and kindness, the only thing I really need in my cat-free dream home is to be the only dog in it! I hope you will want to meet me…I am such a lovely girl, and I have been waiting for my people for such a very long time. Come find me!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application at Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

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