Adopted: Gina

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Great Dane/Bulldog mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Some!
    • Cats? Sorry, no!
    • Kids? Yes, 6+ and gentle!

Hello! My name is Gina and I am the sweetest couch potato you will ever meet!

***Gina is not a CDR dog and have not been evaluated by CDR. This is a courtesy posting for Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 who will make all decisions about her adoptive placement. Please contact by above phone or email to apply to adopt her.***


I was surrendered to a high kill shelter, from a family who was looking for less commitment in their life. Saddest day of my life. But, don’t you know that sometimes you get lucky and just when things are the worst ever, then the best thing happens! Volunteers rescued me from the high kill shelter, less than 12 hours before I was scheduled to be euthanized, because I was their favorite dog in the whole shelter! Then Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue got me on the doggy underground railroad transport, and I got a ride all the way from Georgia to NY! What an adventure, and what nice drivers! Since I am selective about the dogs I get along with, I couldn’t head into a foster home, so I’ve been staying at a kennel since March. It’s ok though…I have become a favorite of the owner and all of the staff!


I am always smiling! And my tail is always wagging! My whole body wags and smiles, actually! I am just such a happy-go-lucky girl! I had a deep loss when my family abandoned me, and I do have some sadness in my eyes from that, but I decided to put that behind me and find joy in every moment of the present, and that’s working out really well!

I love to give kisses (although not necessarily on the first date!), I love to be petted, I love to be talked to, I love to have little snuggles… I just really deeply love people. I can’t help myself—even when I go to the vet, I greet every single person that comes into the waiting room, every assistant, every vet, and every technician! Nobody can believe I don’t have a home yet because I am so incredibly, deeply, fabulously, and joyfully sweet.

I am also very gentle! And extremely laid back–a true couch potato, This is partly because I have arthritis but mostly because I have a deeply gentle, calm, sweet nature, and really just love to sit with my person! The person who brought me up from Georgia, the director of Rainbow of Hope Rescue, visits me and I know the sound of her car (I totally do!) and I have a specific little excited/delighted/excited/happy “little dog” bark I use when I hear it! Nobody can believe that bark is coming from big ol’ me! I do have a “big dog” bark too—but you’ll know that I’ve bonded with you when you hear my little dog bark! Truth be told, I don’t bark much at all—which makes my little dog and big dog bark utterly endearing, I keep being told!

I love those hollowed out chew bones with frozen peanut butter in them! Oh my gosh-I sit there and chew and suck on them while my tail is wagging the whole time!!!! I’m short and stocky and walk with an exaggerated swagger, wiggling my butt a bit excessively which makes me all the more endearing! I walk wonderfully on a leash, usually allowing the leash to be completely loose because I generally don’t want to leave your side. The only time I may pull even a little is if I see a little critter like a squirrel. But if you say “leave it,” I will! I only do short walks because of my arthritis, and I never jump up on people (that’s rude, isn’t it?). Instead of a long walk or hike, let’s just sit on the grass while you pet me! I also like to ride in the car and ride very well. I don’t jump into the front seat or even push my way on to the center console. I sit in the back seat looking out the side window, very patiently (like I do everything).
I am also very good with children because I am so gentle and laid back. However, because of my arthritis, I probably shouldn’t go to a home with too many children or young children that may jump on me just because they get excited.

I’m highly food motivated and know the command “sit.” I am pretty smart and want my person to love me, so I could easily learn “down” or “shake.” I’m just a big gentle couch potato. Please come and love me—and I will love you back tenfold.


I am great with all people of any ages, if you are nice and kind and happy—I am over the moon to meet you and become your best friend! Due to my very gentle nature, I am great with all kids, even little ones, but would prefer a home with kids 6 and up because I am happiest in a calm (not noisy or chaotic) environment, and everyone tells me that little kids are mighty noisy.

I am NOT dog aggressive—when we are out on leashed walks, I ignore other dogs that we come across or see. No lunging, no barking, none of that nonsense, I’m a delight to walk, won’t give you any trouble in that way. For closer up meetings though, sometimes I can get a little bit nervous, other times I’m ok. I made friends with a male hound dog that I made the trip up from Georgia with–we played together and were often lose together at the kennel together, no issues at all. I also met a little dachshund at the vet that I really liked. But sometimes when I do nose-to-nose or nose-to-butt greetings, I get nervous and barky/growly. I would do great as your only dog, but if you have 1 other dog who is nice and not pushy, and you introduced us slowly by taking us for side by side walks with no butt sniffing and no nose-to-nose allowed until I got more comfortable, it might work out beautifully! Because I can get nervous with dogs I don’t know, I’m not a dog for dog parks or if you like to have packs of your friends’ dogs come to your house for visits!

I am afraid of (and kind of don’t like) cats. I went to a home where they had a cat to see if they could foster me, but their kitty swatted my nose and scratched me! Now I look for cats to be sure I get to them before they swat me again!

Favorite Activities

  • Laying with my person, giving hugs and kisses (but no kisses on the first date!)!
  • Chewing a peanut butter filled hollowed out bone!
  • Riding in a car (with my person)!
  • Going to a park with my person, maybe at the lake or just a quiet place where I can sit with my person and enjoy the sunshine and light breeze! Or watching a movie on TV curled up on the couch or in bed with you!


In general, I am super healthy!! I do have significant arthritis in my front and back legs, and in my elbow and hips. It is being managed well with monthly Adequan shots and some daily pain medication. Because of this, I can’t go to a home with a lot of stairs, and I will continue to need medications for life (the meds cost between $50-$100 a month). As long as I get those, I do well! I can get in and out of the car on my own—and up on a bed to sleep with my family! Long walks are out but short daily walks are great for dogs (or people) with arthritis though, so let’s do that! I do also have what they call “Happy Tail” which means that I wag my tail so hard, that if there are hard things around it (like the walls of my kennel here!) I end up banging it and giving myself some sores, but that should be better when I am in your house, as I won’t be hitting it on walls all of the time!

I have all of my vaccines, am on monthly heartworm preventive, and had a dental cleaning with a few extractions! So I’m ready to love and be loved!!!! And I promise–you will never be as loved and appreciated as you will be by me!


I am a lover, like a big, sweet, gentle, loveable teddy bear! Despite the rejection I have suffered, I am not afraid to love again, not one bit. I live to love, and since I am such a deeply warm, loving, and joyful dog, I would love to be adopted by a person who is like that too! People are often surprised that while I am a big girl (60 pounds), I am so gentle, and laid back. So. I will rejoice in any time I get with my person or people. I don’t need people that are home “all the time” and I by no means need to be the center of attention all the time. But let me curl up with you while you read a good book, watch some TV or just watch a pretty sunset from the porch, and that will be enough.

If you are interested in adopting us, please contact Susan at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 who will make all decisions about our adoptive placement.

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