Adopted: Eva Marie

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Boston Terrier mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Size: 35 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Sometimes
    • Cats? No!
    • Kids? Yes!

Hello! My name is Eva Marie, and I am a delightful, full-of-life girl!

***Eva Marie is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Eva Marie’s family will make all decisions regarding her adoption.***


My mom adopted me from a rescue when I was about 1 year old. I came from North Carolina, where I was found tied up to a fire hydrant on a busy street. Kids were throwing rocks at me, but someone stepped in and took me all the way to New York so I would be safe! My mom adopted me right away because she saw how cute, smart, and sweet I was. I have soft black fur, floppy ears (that sometimes stand straight up on their own), pretty eyes with long lashes, and a goofy underbite that makes people smile.


I love people and I love doing fun stuff! I’m silly and goofy and occasionally a little bit rascally (in a fun way, I promise)! And I am smart-smart-smart! Also I’m very enthusiastic, incredibly joyful, and always interested, curious, and raring-to-go! To let you know how much I love and appreciate you, I give you kisses! I love licking your face, your hands, and your feet, ha-ha! I let new people (and kids!) know how much I like them by doing the same!

I’m a dog trainer’s dream–super smart, very treat motivated, and I absolutely love learning new things! I will seriously learn anything if you have mini pepperoni slices in your hand. When mom first adopted me, I pulled really hard on the leash and tried to chase after trucks and bicycles, but mom worked with me every day with treats and now I always walk and heel on her left side, almost never pull on the leash, and don’t pay attention to any passing cars or trucks. Through clicker training, I learned how to “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” “heel,” “go settle,” and even touch my nose to a watering can and door knob! Wow! Mom has also taken me to group training where I learned how to listen even though there was lots going on around me that was super interesting. I think I would love agility training and would probably be really excellent at it!

I love leashed walks…so much to sniff and explore! Sometimes I stop so much to sniff and explore that my mom gets impatient, so she taught me a new command called “Let’s go!” Mom tosses a treat high into the air and I jump way up off the ground to catch it…getting it almost every time! I love to jump (it’s one of my favorite things to do)! I have a favorite stuffed toy (you can see it in one of the photos), and sometimes I love it so much, I have to bring it on our walks, and I carry it in my mouth the whole way!

Mom makes pottery, and when she is working on her potter’s wheel, I will often come over close and watch intently as it spins.  I also like when she wedges clay, and I will sit really close by and try to get into the clay myself (ha-ha, that’s my mischievous side)! Sometimes she dabs my nose with a piece of the clay–I think that is hilarious and will get all silly and excited in a joyful-pouncey sort of way, or in a prancey-barky, play-nippy (not hard!) sort of way. Mom thinks this is adorable, but if you find them less amusing, all you have to do is teach me another way of showing my joy! Throwing pieces of mini pepperoni up in the air for me to jump and catch would probably do the trick! I LOVE playing “pepperoni fetch!”

I love warm, sunny weather and don’t like rain and snow as much. But I do love getting towelled off after being out in the snow and rain! I get really silly and goofy and wiggle all over. I’ll let my mom give me a bath, even though I don’t like water, because I love the towelling off at the end!
Though I’m an active girl, I do relax sometimes! If mom’s hanging out on the couch, I like to go to my basket full of bone toys, pick one, then gnaw on it sitting next to my mom on the couch until I get sleepy. I’ll eventually fall asleep with my head in her lap, which she says is really lovely.

My mom gave me a dog bed that I love-love-love! I started to chew the seam on the top, and before anyone knew, there was a hole big enough to crawl into! Wait…you’re thinking that this is a bad thing, but it’s not…I can hide stuff inside there! Which I love doing! One day mom was looking for my nylabones, and couldn’t find them. When she lifted my dog bed to look underneath, she felt something hard inside. Lo and behold, there were 6 nylabones inside, as well as my squeaky toy! I am so clever to have made that hiding place for my important stuff! Even though the dog bed is torn up a bit, and by now is a bit dirty and smelly, mom doesn’t want to throw it away since she knows how important it is to me.


I am a very loving girl! I am excited to meet and greet everyone, young or old! I think little kids are especially nice…whenever a little kid is near I wiggle with happiness and just want to lick them all over and let them pet me! Once we had to pass through a hallway full of little kids when we went to the YWCA for training…of course I had to try to lick all of them! They thought I was silly and funny! Mom had a hard time getting me down that hallway, and everyone was laughing by the time I left! I think someday I’d like a little kid of my own to live with, or be able to play with them more.

Because I like people so much and their company, sometimes I get anxious when I am left alone. Mom is the only one here and she can’t be with me all of the time especially since she works. But she figured out that if you give me something to do (like eat a Kong stuffed with frozen cottage cheese) or if she plays with me a lot before she leaves, I feel a lot better. Sometimes I also get to listen to the radio or audiobooks…I really loved one mystery story about a wolf and really paid attention to that one!

I think being the only dog in my house is really great, and I like being #1. However, last year when I went to doggy day care, I found a few dog friends that I really liked to hang out with. I’m pretty picky, though (I didn’t get along with all of the dogs), and seem to get along with dogs who are confident like me. I can be a little bossy and crabby with submissive dogs, so I do best running with dogs that can hold their own. My neighbors have a few really huge collie dogs that are about 5 times my size…when I first met them, I stood really still and let them sniff me. They gave me the thumbs up and we just ran off together down the trail and into the woods playing! I wasn’t scared of them at all!

Favorite Activities

  • Jumping up as high into the air as I can to catch a treat! This is my #1!
  • Riding in mom’s truck!
  • Going for hikes in the woods!
  • Eating pepperoni!
  • Sleeping on my dog bed and hiding things there!
  • Meeting new people!
  • Being with someone!
  • Hearing my mom whistle!
  • Watching my mom work in the yard!
  • Looking for woodchucks!

Why I am looking for a new home

When my mom was learning about me, to decide whether to adopt me, the people fostering me told her that I was really good with cats. Mom has 4 cats, and they’ve lived there a long while, so it was important that I be good with them. Turns out…I’m not. They look to me like something good to chase– like a rabbit or a woodchuck. Mom tried and tried to get me to learn that cats are family too, but I can’t always remember, and it’s just too stressful for the cats when I forget. We live separately now—I live in the art studio and the cats are in the main house. It’s ok for now, but I really need a cat-free home where I can be part of the family all of the time. Mom thinks I would do great with a family where there are kids to play with or with a younger person who can do fun stuff with me lots of the time.


I am a really healthy girl with no big problems! I am up to date on all of my vaccines, even bordatella, since I was going to doggy day care and they required it.


You can tell from my story that I am easy to fall in love with…I’ve got it all in one wiggly package, including beauty, brains, and personality! Since I am young, I think it would be a smooth transition to move to a new home and family that gives me lots of attention and activity. I am so smart that I’d learn the ropes pretty quickly and fit right in.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and we will forward it to Eva Marie’s family.

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