Adopted: Murphy

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Golden Retriever/German Shepherd
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Size: 97 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Yes!

***Murphy is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Murphy’s family will make all decisions regarding his adoption.***


My owner, the wonderful woman who rescued me when I was 2 years old, passed away in February. It was unexpected and incredibly sad. We were the best of friends and I was by her side until the end. I was so lost when she died. But then her lovely daughter- who lives here in the Ithaca area–drove all the way out to Arizona where I was living, and brought me back to beautiful Upstate NY so that I could enjoy the fresh air and grass, and also because she wants to find me a wonderful new home from among the dog loving community here. She loves me an awful lot (and I love her just as much), but her incredibly intense work schedule with very long days and evenings away means that I am alone way too much of the time. She says it’s not fair to me, and promises to find me an amazing new home with people who aren’t gone so much.


Wow where to begin? I absolutely love to be around people! I love to snuggle! I love snuggling in your lap on the couch or in your bed, especially if you scratch under my collar, but if you don’t prefer me on the couch and bed, I’m happy for you to join me on my dog bed! Haha! And… I LOVE to have my belly rubbed! You can actually see the big silly happy grin on my beautiful, joyful face when you rub my belly!

I love going for leashed walks! And if you have land, and there are no main roads nearby, I’m also fine to be off leash when you are out with me. I may chase an occasional squirrel but won’t go out of your sight, and when I’m out walking on trails or in fields, I always look over my shoulder to make sure my Auntie is not too far away. I also love to roll on my back in the grass and wiggle from side to side, I know how silly I look but it feels soooo good!

I have fine energy for walks, but am a very mellow guy overall. I really love laying around with you, watching movies, reading books (you, not me), playing with my toys, and chewing on my delicious raw beef bones (probably why I have such great teeth!). And while I love your attention and companionship, I’m also quite content to entertain myself when you’re busy. I’m the perfect mix of lovey-dovey/want to be near you and also just fine on my own (as long as the alone times aren’t toooo long)!

If you are going to the store or to the park I would love to come with you, I will hop right into the car and enjoy watching out of the window. We had a great road trip all the way from Arizona to NY—I was terrific in the car and really enjoyed it!

I’m also a smart guy. I love to sit, shake and lie down for a treat …. Sometimes even without a treat I will lie down because I just want to make you smile!
I am told that I have lovely fur, a beautiful face and an absolutely gorgeous personality, but I think my cutest feature is the one ear that folds down in this adorable floppy sort of way!

I really love other nice dogs, and recently found out that I really enjoy doggy daycare at the wonderful Bed and Biscuit Kennel! I was pretty nervous the very first day–I had no idea if the other dogs were nice or not—but I learned by the 2nd day that the dogs are SUPER nice and I started making friends lickety-split! The owners always tell me what a good boy I am, and I am happy I get to go there sometimes!


I love being around all humans! And I am really good with kids of all ages! I may bark if someone knocks on the door but just tell me “back” and I will know that everything is okay (I just get excited to meet new friends). Some people say my bark is scary at first but then they see my sweet face and pet me and it’s all love-love-love.

I love other nice dogs!! No problems there at all! I would probably enjoy a doggy sibling, but I’m also happy being an only dog, especially if I get to see and play with other dogs sometimes!

I have never lived with cats, but when I see cats, I always wag my tail and want to play! I think they’re adorable! They usually run away (I think my size is a bit daunting for them), but I met a cat at the vet office one day and we touched noses very nicely. If you have cats, we will need to make sure that we get along well, but I have never shown even a hint of aggression, so it should probably be just fine.

Favorite Activities

  • I love to go for walks,
  • snuggle with you,
  • chew on my frozen beef bones,
  • ride in the car,
  • and just nap and hang out!


I am in great health! I am currently taking a medicine called Cytopoint for allergies, but the vet thinks that once I get used to the climate I should be okay. In Arizona I was allergic to the dust in the air. My only other issue is that *maybe* I have had a few too many treats lately and could lose a few pounds, but that is up for debate!


I would love to find a deep love and companionship with a new person or family. I am a very sweet, very loving, very handsome and very friendly boy. I have suffered a big loss, but am looking to have that kind of long-term love in my life again. I need consistency, love, humor, and fun, and I promise to give you all of the same!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and we will forward it to Murphy’s family.

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