Adopted: Trent

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Pit Bull mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 8-10 years old
  • Size: 70 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? No, sorry!
    • Kids? 12+ years!

Hi! My name is Trent and I am the sweetest, goofiest, most grateful dog you could ever meet!​

***Trent is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. He is currently being fostered by H.O.P.E., in Wilton, NY. They will be taking applications for Trent there.***


Hi! My name is Trent. I was found on the streets of Trenton, NJ (hence my name) as a stray on 7/31 by Trenton Animal Control, and was discovered by my rescuer at a local animal hospital on 8/1. She saw the state I was in and was so sad for me; the doctors informed her that I would go back to a shelter in 1 more day. I looked very skinny (I was only 59 lbs. and should be 75lbs!) and am very sweet, but I was in very sad shape. She was told I’m between 8-10 years old, had a terrible flea & worm infestation, had a bladder infection, and a rock and screw in my stomach (I was so hungry… the streets were rough). She knew in my condition and age that I wouldn’t be adopted unless I was healthy. The consensus was that I may not make it out of a shelter alive (old age and lots of medical problems aren’t really appealing to most potential adopters, I guess). She later discovered I’m deaf (I guess I could’ve told her that, had she read my butt wiggles correctly…) and I’m slowly losing my eyesight (thickening of the lenses), but my nose works pretty well! My rescuer made a last-minute decision to have me “special released” to her from Animal Control and she pledged to do everything in her power get me better. Since then, with the help of many heroes, I’ve been neutered, I no longer have an ear infection or a urinary infection, I’ve passed the rock and screw out of my system, and my 2 broken teeth have been removed! I take Carprofen daily for hip dysplasia, and will likely need to stay on Apoquel for my allergies. I weigh about 70 lbs. now – I love food! As much as I adore my rescuer, I know I’m now ready to go to my forever home. She has only a temporary pass from her landlords to have 2 animals (the lease says only 1!), and the fact that I really do not seem to understand why her cat doesn’t want to be stomped on or chased. I am a very sweet boy, and my rescuer has shown me that I deserve a wonderful forever home to live out the rest of my years. I look forward to being spoiled with pets and treats the entire time. In return, I promise butt wiggles and snorts!


I love to greet every man, woman, child, and dog with curiosity, a sniff, and snorts. Since I’m deaf, I don’t really react to any sounds… apparently things like thunder go undetected! Dogs barking, doors opening, wrappers opening… nothing!. This can create a challenge when you need my attention, but creates a great environment for when there are storms or when other dogs are being crazy. I do my own thing and do not get distracted easily.

I’m a bit older so my memory isn’t so great, but I think I may have been abused in the past. Sometimes I flinch when you move quickly toward my head, but once you pet me, it’s forgotten and my butt wiggles and I throw a snort your way. I LOVE TREATS! I like to go for walks and I’m pretty good on a leash. I mostly only like walks in the evening, though… I’m not really a fan of the 5:00 am walks my owner seems to be doing lately! (Crazy lady!).

Sometimes I snore, even when my eyes are open. I’m not really sure what the point is of these rope things, stuffed puff balls that look like other animals, and non-food items. If it isn’t edible, I don’t want it. I mean, I once ate a rock and screw, but I’m living the high life now. Only the good stuff from here on out!

Sometimes I get spunky and run around… sometimes I fall because my hips aren’t so great, but you’ll rarely hear me get upset about it. I often just get back up and keep right on truckin’. Sometimes I fall going up the stairs, but my rescuer gives me a boost or a lift and all is well. My rescuer and I fool around sometimes and even though she’ll put her whole hand or arm in my mouth, I won’t bite. Human doesn’t taste good if you ask me.

I like a lot of attention, and I like to be near you. If you stop petting me and I’m not done, I’ll nudge you until you keep going. If I know where you are, you’ll feel and hear me close behind. I like to be involved with whatever you’ve got going on, whether it’s cooking (I like when my rescuer drops stuff, and lucky for me, she’s pretty clumsy), cleaning, or just hanging around. If you sit still long enough, I’ll lay down and take a snoozer (my snores will be very soothing, I promise).

I’m pretty much house-broken, but since I’m old, I can really only hold it for a few hours when I’m not crated. I can hold it much longer in my crate (about 10 hours!), though I find it ideal to not be in one if I don’t have to (a PB-filled Kong might persuade me to deal with it for a bit, though).

I’d love a home with a human that understands my ageing body, is home often, and has a big fenced-in yard or large run. I’d love a home without young kids (I’m not so great at knowing when food is or isn’t mine and, because i can’t see well, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between treats and fingers. I was hungry for a long time and I think it’s made me far more food-motivated than most other pups!). I’m not a huge fan of cats, but I think I’d do great in a home with a dog-savvy, calmer dog! I don’t really know a lot of commands, but not being able to hear hasn’t helped that. I learn from whether or not I get a pet or a treat after I do something my rescuer wants me to do. I need patience, but I swear I’m worth it. Also, as a bonus: I look really cute in a bandanna.


I live with 1 human, a male cat, no kids, and no other dogs. I like pretty much any human, but would do best with older kids, no cats, and maybe another dog if we’re both on the same page!

I recently started going to daycare and made a bunch of friends; male and female, big and small. No fights or anything. I’m very sociable and the staff and other dogs love me.

Favorite Activities

Whatever my human is doing, mostly, but I do like to eat, snore, and go for walks. I don’t really understand what “toys” are, because I don’t think I’ve ever used them. Maybe in time, their meaning will make sense.

Why I am Looking for a New Home

My human has been very kind to me, and her landlords have been gracious enough to let me stay here while I healed, but the permission was only temporary. My human is only supposed to have 1 animal, and she’s already has a cat who has been with her for 9 years (and, honestly, we don’t get along much anyway!). I also need a human who works closer to home, or from home, and has more space for me. I don’t like being in a crate that much, and I think I’d also like a gentle canine companion.


If you read my history, you already know the deal, but I’ll summarize real quick. When my rescuer saved me, I was severely underweight, wasn’t neutered, and had the following:
lots of fleas and worms (but was being treated right then by the amazing doctors); a rock and screw in my stomach; an ear infection; a urinary infection; 2 broken teeth; severe allergies; and couldn’t really walk well. Since then, all my infections are gone, my broken teeth have been removed, I’m now neutered, I’m on pain meds for my hips, and Apoquel for my allergies. I’m up to date on all my shots, too! My only remaining concern is that I had a small lump removed recently and the doctor found that it was a “low grade mast cell tumor.” I have 2 more lumps that need to get removed soon, just to be safe.


I came from a hazy background; I can’t really recall where I’ve been, but I’m so happy that I got a second chance at this life. I’ve come a long way and am a whole new dog. I have much more energy and zest for life than I did 4 weeks ago. I’m ready for a new start. I would love to get my second chance with you. Will you be my forever human?

If you are interested in adopting me, please hop over to H.O.P.E.((518) 428-2994) and use their application process.

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