Adopted: Ginger

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull) mix
  • Gender: Female spayed
  • Age: 8 year old
  • Size: 62 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes! Love ‘em!
    • Cats? Sorry, no!
    • Kids? Yes!

Hello! My name is Ginger, and I am a super sweet, smart, and lovable dog looking for a new home!

***Ginger is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR.***


I was a part of my family for almost seven years, when my 1st mommy and daddy adopted me from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. I made the move to Rochester with them and I have been by their side (even at their wedding!) as they made the transition into becoming parents of two young children. As sometimes happens when the kids come along, their lives changed so much and I ended up being home alone an awful lot, and not getting much attention and exercise and fun like I used to. I developed separation anxiety, and chewed up things that didn’t belong to me and even hurt myself at times. They felt so badly for me, and I was sad too, so we all decided that I should find a great new home where I would get all the love and attention that I deserve.

So we did! They found me a great new family 6 months ago! A great couple and an awesome doggy brother named Max…and some cats. I had not had cat experience before, so we all hoped I learn to like them, but after 6 months of working with me, everyone–including the trainer they have been working with– believes that I need a cat free home. It’s very sad that I need to find a new home again, but it’s been a great 6 months and since everyone assures me that they’ll find me another terrific one (without cats this time!), I’m game! Since I got good attention and had a doggy brother here, my separation anxiety was not a problem here at all, just FYI!


I am lovey-dovey and silly! Belly rubs are one of the best ways to make me feel all warm and snuggly! I love getting belly rubs – I will lay on my back and show you my belly just to try to get some more! I will wriggle around to show you how much I enjoy the attention, and I won’t stop until you’re all done! I won’t especially ask for them, but I do also very much enjoy scratches behind my ears—and often, I may even turn those scratches into a prelude for more belly rubs, and move straight to laying on my back for them!  If you’re sitting on the floor with me–or you let me sit on the sofa with you– I will curl up into a tight ball of fur and lay right up next to you, to keep us both all warm and cozy! And when I’m feeling frisky, I may even give you a few kisses! Especially if we’re on the floor! But if the kisses are too much, just ask me to stop and lie down, and I am more than willing to do so. I may just roll on my back yet again to see if you’ll give me some more of those sweet, sweet belly rubs though!

I love to go outside!! Whether it’s to take care of my business, or just because you happen to have your coat on. Count me in! It’s always a great chance to see other dogs to play with, or smell all sorts of wonderful things. I love going for leashed walks, or hiking or jogging!

Besides walking and running, I love to swim! Back when I lived in Brooklyn, I would dash into the pond at Prospect Park and swim so much! I’d even do a little community service, by pulling out any trash I found there, just for fun. My mommy and daddy say that I’m much more adept at playing “fetch” in the water than I am on dry land!

I like learning new tricks as long as there is food involved! I can give you a “high-five” and lay down if you ask me to, so long as there’s something yummy coming up for me right after!

I also really love my “down time.” After a long day of playing at the doggy day care or even after an especially long walk, I love to curl up on my dog bed or the nearest soft surface and just sleep. I have turned napping into an art form. I have been known to cuddle with soft stuffed animals during this time, too. If you let me, I would also love to snuggle up next to you on a couch or bed, but my mommy and daddy don’t let me do that anymore ever since they had human babies.


I love people! And am amazing and wonderful and terrific with them!

I am great with kids! I used to live with two human kids, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, that I lived with since they were born. I am such an enthusiastic tail wager though, that a home with kids 6 years old and older might be best, since I could accidentally knock over younger kids with my happy-happy-happy tail! Your call though!

I am currently living with an awesome dog named Max and I love it! It helps to have another pooch to hang out with when my people are away, so I am very hopeful that I can find a new home that has another nice dog in it!

Favorite Activities

  • Cuddling with people, or on my own on a soft surface
  • Going for long walks
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Playing with other dogs
  • Chewing heavy-duty bones


No medical issues. All vaccinated, healthy, and ready to play!


I am a cuddly, playful girl who needs a home where I can get exercise, social time with people and other dogs, and not be left home alone so much. I will be your faithful companion and show my love for you with the exuberance of my wagging tail and licks every day.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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