Adopted: Aster

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 9 year old
  • Size: 80 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? 12+

I am bright and springy, like the Aster flower!!


I was a homeless girl who got picked up and put into an over-crowded shelter in rural KY…not a good situation! Luckily a kind rescue lady heard how sweet and wonderful I was, so she contacted Cayuga Dog Rescue and they invited me to join their foster program! Best. Day. Ever!!
I have been in my awesome CDR foster home for a few weeks now and I am loving my foster mom, her 3 dogs (2 small females, 1 big male) as well as her cats and her fenced in yard! I also love heading out for walks!


I am a very laid back, mellow, easygoing girl. I am told that I am enormously lovable, kissable, pettable, and snugglable! I love to get pets, kisses, belly rubs, and cuddles!! I give kisses anytime I think you need one! I will come to you often to try to get you to pet me by nudging your elbow or giving you my paw but if you are busy and ask me to go lay down I will be happy to do that too. I also know how to sit and will do that before getting my breakfast or dinner or a treat! I totally love to be with people and clearly want to have “my person” to spend the rest of my life with.

I love to greet my foster mom at the door with the other dogs when she comes home, and I show my joy at her return by wagging my tail and greeting her with little love nibbles which my foster mom calls niblets! My tail wags back and forth but it also goes round and round in circles, like I am winding myself up. It makes my foster mom laugh to see it!

Though I don’t seem to be interested in toys, I am VERY over the moon for soft dog beds and also can’t pass up a good comfortable couch!!! However if my foster mom is sitting somewhere I will be close by even if that means that I have to lay on the floor. I love people, they are absolutely my top priority. My foster mom says I have really liked every single person whom I’ve met. I love being around older children and am very gentle around them.

The rescue folks think I must have had a family that took adequate care of me, as I am well behaved, know how to walk on a leash and can follow basic commands. My foster mom has noticed that I don’t walk on white vinyl floors, so she thinks there must have been an area with a white floor in my former home where I was not allowed to go. When I am out walking I move to the side of the road when a car is coming, but when a silver pick-up truck goes by, I want to run after it! Everyone is pretty sure that my former family had a silver pick-up truck, and that my former family may have dumped me somewhere and left in a silver pick up. They get sad when they think about me being dumped like that, and me missing my former family, but honestly, things are so nice now, my heart is healing really well!

When you want me to get in the car to go for a ride, I hop right in! However, once we are moving, I get very anxious and don’t settle down even on a long ride. The rescue folks think that maybe I am scared I will be left again. Hopefully I will learn to trust that it will not happen , but it’s going to take some time. I find being near people just utterly wonderful and special, so at some point I must have had a loving connection with a person, then wound up homeless, and am looking to have that wonderful connection again. Once I meet you and get to know you, I promise to love love love you.

I love to go for walks. I settle down nicely after my initial excitement and will walk and walk and walk. I go out in the fenced in yard at my foster home, check the perimeter, and come in pretty quickly, though as the days are getting warmer, I am staying outside a bit longer. I don’t play with the other dogs in my foster home, but am happy hanging out with them.

I have nice, shiny, soft fur. My foster mom loves to pet me and I will never refuse that! Of course I am housebroken, and I will let you know that I want to go out, either by standing by the back door if you are near it or getting your attention by gently nudging you.
I do join in barking with the other dogs in my foster home but quiet down when asked. I am just keeping an eye on the yard and what is going on in the neighborhood.


I love people very much.

I get along very nicely with the 3 dogs and 2 cats who live in my foster home, though seem a bit indifferent to them. My foster mom thinks I would be fine either being an only dog (as people are my main focus) or sharing a home with other dogs as I am in my foster home.

I’m fine with cats! I am curious but not at all aggressive, and mostly pay no attention to the cats in my foster home. One of the cats is really rambunctious and runs and jumps everywhere and the other is elderly and sleeps most of the time. I mostly ignore them both though I really do like the smell of their food!!

Favorite Things

  • My people!
  • Soft dog beds!
  • Pets, belly rubs, kisses and cuddles!
  • Sleeping!
  • Keeping track of my people!


I had recent surgery for a mast cell tumor that was very low grade cancer, and have recovered nicely. I will need to be monitored frequently for at least a year to check for any additional tumors. Other than that, I am in very good health, though am quite a bit overweight so am on a diet. Losing weight will help me feel and move better (less strain on my joints), as I am a little stiff sometimes. I also take Dasaquin, fish oil and Boswellia (an herbal anti-inflammatory).

My foster mom has a 2 story house and she sleeps upstairs. I have never tried to go up the stairs. Her house is old and the stairs are steep and narrow and uncarpeted, so we don’t know if I would go up and down a flight of stairs that did not look so scary. I go up and down the 3 stairs on the front and back porch just fine. At night I sleep downstairs with 2 of the dogs and have not seemed to mind that at all. When my foster mom comes downstairs in the morning I greet her at the bottom with my tail winding up, along with a kiss to start the day!


I am a total sweetheart of a dog. I am very mellow, laid back, just want to be loved and will be a great companion for you. I would love to go for walks with you, so having some walking trails or a park nearby would be wonderful since I don’t like to ride in the car. If you are looking for a new sweetheart then I am the one for you!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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