Adopted: Lulu

Hi, my name is Lulu and I am a complete sweetheart!
Quick Facts:

  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 9 year old
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Unsure
    • Kids? 12+

***Lulu is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR.***


My former owner was an older man who lived alone and had become unwell. He did the best he could, but I ended up quite neglected for the past 3 years. For much of my life I lived with a male German Shepherd dog and loved playing with him. We also used to take lots of walks in the woods, which I love! This was a very quiet household with 1 person and 1 other dog. Occasionally my owner’s daughter would come to visit (and I loved her!!!) but overall it was not a very social environment. I have been living with a foster family since February 4th with 3 dogs, 2 adults and one child. (I’m not sure about young children. I’ve never spent any time with them and they move around a lot and make me nervous.) It is so nice to be fed regularly, walked and groomed again! It’s so fun to have someone play with me! Right now I am underweight but anticipate getting back up to 75 pounds or so. I am especially comfortable with female humans, gentle soft-spoken men and male dogs.


“Are you ready for the love of your life?” Look into my eyes. I am a brilliant dog and love making eye contact and learning new tricks, especially when balls are involved. I also just learned to pee on command outside after watching one of the dogs in my foster home do so. I love stretching my legs and going for walks. Give me some “let’s play” body language and I’m frolicking across the yard or fetching the ball. I move beautifully and the sight of me running and loping will fill your heart with joy.

I have long silky fur and love to be petted on the face, muzzle, head and neck. I love to cuddle and enjoy lots of body contact. You will love, love, love my soft fur and I expect you to keep me brushed and groomed. I love to bond and connect, but also enjoy napping on my dog bed. I have a blast playing ball with two tennis balls at a time while my foster mom sits at her computer and works.

I have excellent manners. I do love a good cozy mattress when I am invited up. Right now I am feeling very intense about food because I am so underweight, so it’s best to keep me out of the kitchen and out of the dining room while others are eating. Yet, you should know that I am totally ok if a human has her hands near my mouth when I am eating or if she takes the ball out of my mouth.

I am housebroken. I go out in the fenced yard to go to the bathroom and I walk nicely on the leash though I don’t think I’ve ever had any formal leash training. I am getting used to going to the bathroom with a human standing so close by. It’s ok because she gives me so much praise when I go. Sometimes when we pass people and dogs while walking in the neighborhood I want to bark, but sometimes not. I think it would be fun to learn how to walk quietly and not have to bark.

I love going for rides in the car and hop in and out easily. I do whine a little bit in the car when I am excited. I wait patiently to get out of the van. I know the word wait and I am learning to make eye contact and wait until I am invited to get out. I like being told what to do and as long as the instructions are clear, I find it very exciting to listen and have my intelligence and actions praised. I know how to sit and get down on the ground on command. I also behave very nicely at the vet and the groomer. Yes, it’s true I am nervous, but I am really starting to trust all these sweet people who want to take care of me. I have had my nails trimmed 2x in the past few weeks and while it is not my favorite thing, I can tolerate it.

I am most comfortable with female adults and male dogs but I do play nicely with other dogs at doggie day care and the dog park. Some men intimidate me, but not all. I like gentle people and I love reassuring baby talk from gentle people men and women alike. (I do not like loud voices or yelling and want to live in a loving peaceful home.) I am ok-ish with female dogs, but I have an urge to make sure that I am the boss and even though I am polite, some female dogs don’t like this.

Did I tell you I am a big kisser? Oh yeah! I love to look deep into my foster mom’s eyes and give her lots of kisses! And when she comes home from work I want to jump right into her arms. I am a lover.

So here’s what I want from you: I want to be a really important part of your life. I want you to thrill at the opportunity of spending time with me as much as I thrill at being with you. I want to interact with you and learn new games. I love one-on-one games of ball, walks around the neighborhood or in the woods, and I also love just sitting on my dog bed near you while you are otherwise engaged. I want you to know my exercise and time in nature are important. My days of going hungry are over. I want to eat excellent quality food. But I love being trim enough to feel good when I walk. I want you to help me keep my long, luxurious, silky fur soft and clean and I expect to be groomed regularly. Also, I want you to be very gentle with me and to be patient when I get scared at strangers coming into the house. I am really enjoying being a part of the world and hope you will help me continue to expand my social skills with other humans and dogs.


I am super comfortable with female humans, and am good with gentle men.

I like to play with other dogs and get along best with a male dog. Older dogs are also really nice because they are so mellow. I think I am too bossy to live with another female dog though I am fine with other females in public places like doggie day care and the dog park.

I have never lived with cats and children and I just don’t know how I would do. I feel very nervous around young children because they move so fast.

Favorite Activities

Playing ball, walks, one-on-one games. I have a sense of humor and joy-de-vie and love to play and be happy.


Aside from being underweight and weak from lack of food and exercise, I am healthy. I have been to the vet and am up to date on all my shots.


I have had a rough former life of neglect, and am so looking forward to a new home where I get all the love and care a dog could want, and where my joyful, playful, fun-loving and affectionate nature will be delighted in and shared!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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