Adopted: Moses

Hello! My name is Mo and I am as cute as a button!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5-6 years old
  • Size: 6 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Unknown
    • Kids? Yes 6+


A wonderful Samaritan found me scared, hungry and weak.  My skin was so irritated.  She took me in for a few days, kept me warm and safe and even took me to a doctor.  Her dog didn’t like another dog in the house, so this wonderful lady contacted CDR and they came to the rescue!


I am a hilarious and loving little guy! Though I can be a tiny bit (not much!) shy with new people, once I get to know you, I am very sweet and happy and friendly!

I am living with a mom, dad, a 9 year-old girl, and several dogs in my foster home, and I have won over the hearts of every single one of them with my cuteness! Truth be told though, I’m a super “daddy’s girl.” It might be because dad is around more than anyone else, but I am SO super bonded to him, he is definitely my #1. I do a ridiculously adorable prancy jig when he comes home–I prance and dance and lavish him with love! I try to spend as much time cuddled in his lap or being held in his arms as is possible, though am not possessive about him vis a vis the other dogs. I know how to share very nicely! And I also love everyone else in the home…just not quite AS much as I love my daddy! I think I score a 10 out of 10 on the cuteness scale!

Other things that make my humans giggle is how I “warm up” by taking 4-5 practice jumps before I make the big leap onto the couch to snuggle up with them! You can see it in my video, I do this every single time, it’s apparently very funny! I also don’t really run, I do this funny adorable trot, and when I look at you with love, I do this little squinty eye thing that just cracks everyone up! I think I know how cute I am, and I sort of work it, if you know what I mean!

I love to snuggle. I am one of those dogs who dives under the covers and likes to snuggle there. I currently sleep in bed with my mom and dad, and like to be under the covers snuggled up alongside my dad mostly. I also like to snuggle under blankets on the couch! I don’t think I would be happy being kept off of the couch and bed, so am hoping my forever family wants a snuggler right next to them!

I have a mild-moderate energy level…definitely not high. I like a nice run around the fenced yard, or a nice leashed walk around the block, but that’s really all I need, and otherwise, I am happy to be chill and relax in the house with you!

I don’t play with toys and don’t really play with humans (at least not yet) and everyone almost thought that I don’t play with dogs either, but after 3 weeks in my foster home, I just broke out into the cutest play session with the other small dog in the house! You can see it in the video! So, I think I like to play, but I need a few weeks to get comfortable enough with new dogs in order to do so. And they might need to be smaller dogs, as I am so tiny!

I am great in the car and tolerate the bath (though I don’t love the bath). I never chew on things that I’m not supposed to, which is nice! I am housebroken but because I am not yet neutered, I do mark…a lot. We need to wait until I put on a little weight and my skin infections resolve (see more on that in the medical section below) before I get neutered, but once I’m neutered, the marking should decrease dramatically.

I’m not a big fan of the crate but when they give me a Kong with peanut butter I’m ok with it for a few hours. Truth be told, I get fairly sad and upset when left alone much at all, so i deeply hope to be adopted by someone who is home a lot, or who can bring me places with them. Being home alone for a normal work day, 5 days a week, would be fairly traumatizing for me at this point.


  • I love people!!! I love people who are gentle and kind and fun and want me sitting in their lap, or next to them on the couch, or snuggled in their bed!
  • I am great with the 9 year-old girl in my foster home, but am NOT comfortable with toddlers. To be safe, I think we will assume that 8 and older is the age of kids that would work well with me.
  • I’m very submissive to other dogs and don’t bother them at all. I am getting along wonderfully with the 3 dogs in my foster home! One of them, the little female, is for sure a Queen Bee type, and she was pretty bossy and even a bit snarky with me when I first came, but I minded her very well and now she likes me a lot!
  • I have not been tested with cats yet!

Favorite Activities

  • Snuggling with my foster daddy, either on his lap or under blankets next to him on the couch!
  • Getting attention from any of the humans!
  • Eating meals! Getting treats! All food related activities! (I was pretty skinny when I first came…it is SO nice to have regular meals!)
  • Trotting around the fenced yard!
  • Learning new things! Especially if it involves treats!


I looked in pretty terrible shape when I first came…I was not only very skinny, but much of my fur was missing. Turned out that I had probably had a flea allergy that went untreated, which gave me a terrible bacterial skin infection that was incredibly itchy and painful. I must have had this for quite some time, as I had lost so much fur. But I am getting wonderful (sort of) medicated baths twice weekly and am on antibiotics, and am seeing the Dermatology specialists at Cornell tomorrow (6/29), to see what else should be done to help me heal. I am getting and looking so much better already, it feels great! Nothing that I have is contagious, so no worries there! Otherwise, I am in excellent health, though I need to put on some weight! That is a fun thing to be told to do!


I am a very sweet boy!!  I love being held (especially by my favorite person), but even though I have favorites, I warm up pretty quickly to most people! I would do best in a home in which someone can be with me for a good part of the day, as I don’t like to be alone.  I dare you to try to find a cuter and sweeter little thing than me!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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