** COURTESY POST ** Hi everyone! My name is Jackie and I am loving life after being rescued from a high kill shelter in North Carolina.

  • Breed: Dachshund/Corgi Mix
  • Gender: Female spayed
  • Age: 1-2 years old
  • Size: 28 lbs
  • Good with…
  • Dogs?Yes, see below
  • Cats?Maybe
  • Kids?Yes

Hi everyone! My name is Jackie and I am loving life after being rescued from a high kill shelter in North Carolina. For reasons that remain a mystery, I was at the shelter for over a month and on the put to sleep list for two weeks because it was so crowded. Things worked out for me when I gave the photographer my best smile and my silly picture was seen by a great rescue group as well as a man way up in NY who just knew I would fit into his home while we waited for my forever family to find me.

I was a bit nervous after my travels, but within hours of arriving, I was playing with my new foster brothers. I love other dogs and would probably do best in a home with furry friends who will play with me. Once I get comfortable, some of my puppy ways start to come out and I can get a little rambunctious with toys and friends. I would do fine as an only dog, too, as long as I get lots of play time! I may need to be redirected sometimes to bones and toys I’m allowed to chew on, but I do learn quickly what is expected of me.

I haven’t been around really big dogs, so I might need to test that out, but cats don’t seem to bother me much (I try to get the neighborhood cat to play with me, but he’s sort of aloof). I love every person I meet, especially those that want to pet me. Did I mention how soft my fur is? Or my cute freckle feet? Or that it looks like I’m wearing eye liner? How about that I’m housebroken, crate trained, and walk well on a leash? I’m also healthy, spayed, and up to date on my vaccinations.

I don’t bark very much, but when I do, it usually makes my foster dad laugh because he says it sounds like a hound howl, a funny “Ah-oooooooo” more than a bark. I have good manners and won’t jump on the bed unless you let me. I’m smart and have learned how to sit on command as well as to get my leash put on for my favorite parts of the day – WALKS!!! I love going for walks! And it’s fun to take me because then you can really see how cute my funny little shape is. I have a long body and short legs with a long tail and a rather big head for the rest of me. It’s hard to get a good idea of my size and appearance from a picture.

I’m friendly and gentle and someone obviously spent time with me in my prior life. Unfortunately, they seem to have gotten this good behavior out of me through force. I’m afraid of loud noises (cars, trucks, shouting and SNEEZES!) and bathrooms (I won’t go in no matter how much I want to). My ears are back a lot and I can be timid when first meeting people, but I will run right up to you for pets and once I know you are not going to hurt me, I will fall on your feet and show you my belly. I also do incredibly cute things with my ears once I feel safe.

I’m a young, healthy, special girl looking for the right family who will welcome me and love me forever. I never want to go back to a shelter again. I know I was fortunate to escape from that horrible situation and I promise to be your best friend and give you cuddles and laughs if you just give me a chance.

Adoption Fee: $275 + $35 for a health certificate if going over state lines (required by law). Dogs adopted in New England are subject to additional rules and regulations by the state departments of agriculture. Complying with these regulations is expensive for our rescue, and all dogs adopted in New England states are subject to an additional $125 fee to help cover a portion of these expenses.

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