Adopted: Tuck


Hi I’m Tuck, I love people and other dogs and I always smell amazing!
Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog – Standard Poodle Mix)
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 3 year old
  • Size: 85 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes (most)
    • Kids? Yes (most)


I’m from a breeder in Kentucky. My mom adopted me at 11 weeks old to train me as a therapy dog. I didn’t end up graduating from therapy dog school because I’m nervous around men until they’ve gained my trust (you read the news these days, who can blame me?!).   My career over, I became a fantastic family dog!!


I am an incredibly affectionate, silly, goofy, fun-loving, happy-happy-happy boy!  I was a cwazy cwazy puppy, but since I turned 2 I’ve become an incredibly mature …

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Adopted: Apollo

Happy Spring!! My name is Apollo and spring means so many new smells that I can’t wait to get out for a stroll.

    Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Age: 7 years old
  • Breed: Standard Poodle (apricot)
  • Size: 50-60 pounds
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes!
  • Cats? Yes!
  • Kids? 10+ years


I love attention, I love being petted, and I love being near you!  It makes me very, very happy to be part of the family and to spend quality time with you hanging out, watching movies, reading books, and taking walks!  I am no couch potato, but I  am a pretty chill dog when it comes to people.  When someone new comes to the door, I will bark to announce their presence but once they are through the door I hang back and check them out. If they start to pet me, then man… I’m stuck like glue to …

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