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Ithaca Area Dog Training

Karolin Klinck
Official dog trainer for Cayuga Dog Rescue!!
Team K9 dog training (Facebook)
Dog training classes in Ithaca

Woof Scouts
Woof Scouts is a comprehensive dog training company based in Richford, NY. Our #1 goal is to provide a fun, positive and effective learning experience for both you and your dog. Individualized training programs utilizing modern and science-based training methods are created by a certified dog trainer to help you achieve your goals.

Four Paws, Four Directions
Official dog trainer for Cayuga Dog Rescue!!
Laura Donaldson, director of Four Paws, Four Directions, is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a certified professional dog trainer through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy program. She works with all forms of canine behavior and training issues, including human- and dog-directed aggression and separation distress, using only force-free and scientifically-based methods.

For the Love of Dogs
Positive training classes in downtown Ithaca

Mary Hirshfeld Dog Training & Walking

Reverence Training Center
Trumansburg and Ithaca NY
Positive group training classes in obedience, agility, CGC, and more!

Ithaca Dog Works

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
A good source for finding trainers.

Tompkins County SPCA
Dog training and socialization classes

Pawsitively Fun Training Center
Great for both basic clicker training and agility course work
90 West Dryden Rd, Freeville NY

Dog-related Books and Information

Karen Pryor
Clicker Training Guru

Wylde Pups
In-home training for basic manners and for behavioral problems.
607-648-2696 or cell 607-343-0377

Syracuse Area Dog Training

CNY Pet Training & Behavior
Teach your dog or puppy good manners. Prevent future behavior problems. Give your dog social time & mental stimulation. Learn in a fun, supportive environment
315 420-8833

Jill of Ark Training
(Offers groups classes)

Blue Prints Dog Studio
303 Nottingham Rd, Syracuse NY

Binghamton Area Dog Training

Mountain Mist Dog Training
Erinn Wilks
3100 Little Meadows Rd
Warren Center, PA 18851
No harsh training methods used.  Lots of rewarding both verbal and food.  Dogs and people learn at their own pace.  No rushing.  Private lessons and group classes.  Classes are ongoing.

Elmira Area Dog Training

Simpawtico Dog Training
Ian Stone
110 N. Main St.
Elmira, NY 14901
My style is science-based with heart. I will apply the best technique in a given situation to create the most humane, healthy, and productive result I can.
Blog and videos

Rochester Area Dog Training

Your Thinking Dog
Tricia Kennedy
Tricia is a Karen Pryor Certified Training Parter (KPA-CTP) who is experienced addressing both minor and more serious canine behavioral problems including reactivity and aggression. In addition, Tricia helps families start right with new their new puppy and teaches polite manners to adolescent and adult dogs. Her goal is to share with people how to communicate with their pup, building a strong relationship through mutual understanding and positive reinforcement.

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