Adopted: Jazzy

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Lab/hound mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Size: 48 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Yes!

Hello! My name is Jazzy, and I am the sweetest and most affectionate girl you will ever meet!

***Jazzy is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Jazzy’s family will make all decisions regarding her adoption.***


I was abused and beaten by my first owner. I was taken in by a rescue group and lived in a foster home for a year before being adopted by my current family. I did not trust men until I had lived with my current owners for several months. I was never aggressive, but cowered when they tried to pet me. Now I am fine with men and women as well as children. I have been with my current … Continue reading