Adopted: Nevin and Natalie

Hi! We are Nevin and Natalie! We are a bonded pair (maybe daddy and daughter?) and are the most special pair of dogs imaginable. Really. Our foster mom says we are the 2 nicest Great Pyrenees dogs that she has ever had the pleasure to know, which is a stunning statement, because she has rescued and fostered easily 75 of them, and pretty much every one has been a total gem! Wowza! That kind of praise makes us a little embarrassed, but it’s mighty nice to be seen to be so extra special!

    Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Breed: Both purebred Great Pyrenees dogs
      Age and Sizes:

    • Nevin is about 4 years old and about 85 pounds.
    • Natalie is about 2 years old and about 90 pounds.
  • Good with dogs: Yes, both of them like dogs!
  • Good with cats: Not yet tested, but highly likely. Great Pyrs are almost …

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