Thank you for your kind, generous heart!!

We are all-volunteer, so your donation goes directly to helping our needy, beautiful dogs and ensures that they will now get (probably for the first time in their life) all of the vital veterinary care that they need as well as the nutritious food, delightful toys, comfortable collars, training treats, and soft dog beds that make each day a safe, fun, and enjoyable adventure!

Veterinary Care and Supplies Donations

Many of our dogs come into rescue having had minimal to no prior veterinary care, or in need of significant veterinary procedures. We work with fantastic local vets, who give us a generous rescue discount, so that we can get these great dogs everything they need. Vet bills (and dog supplies) make up the overwhelming majority of our costs and we couldn’t pay our bills without the generous support of our community. Thank you for helping us give these deserving dogs all that they need!

Secure Donations

CDR does not handle your credit card information, this is all handled by PayPal. When you click the link you will go to PayPal. When you enter the amount of your donation (Thank you!) you can choose either the PayPal or credit card button to make your donation.

If you prefer not to make an online donation, please feel free to send us a check payable to “Cayuga¬†Dog¬†Rescue” and sent to:

Cayuga Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 4942
Ithaca, NY 14852

Janet Olsen “Happy Dog!” Training Fund

Rescue dogs often come from situations of neglect and/or abuse. These dogs were isolated, ignored, and/or treated cruelly, which can leave them confused, fearful, depressed, or unmannered. Training sessions with a caring, knowledgeable positive dog trainer helps them immensely. Trainers construct thoughtful, individualized plans that help our dogs build trust, gain self-confidence, discover fun, learn calm, and transcend fears.
Image from Dennis Cox at
Your donation to the Janet Olsen “Happy Dog!” Training Fund will be used to pay for local positive dog trainers to work with our current rescue dogs and their foster parents so that they have the best chance at total happiness and a successful lifelong adoption!

So, who is Janet Olsen, you ask, and why is this fund named after her? Janet Olsen is a certified positive dog trainer who worked tirelessly, cheerfully, brilliantly, and completely pro bono, for rescue dogs for 3 years while she lived in Ithaca. She travelled to countless foster and adoptive homes, assessed the issues of concern for each dog, and constructed extremely smart, individualized treatment plans to remediate the problems. She then worked closely with fosterers and adopters until both dogs and people were doing well.

Janet was a godsend to our rescue and to every dog with whom she worked. Though she moved away from Ithaca, she leaves a legacy of happy dogs and more knowledgeable fosterers and adopters. She is missed immensely. We are delighted to name our training fund in her honor!


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