Adoption Application

CDR Adoption Fees
For all dogs that ARE already spayed or neutered prior to adoption from CDR: Adoption fee is $250.00

For all dogs NOT yet spayed or neutered: Adoption fee is $150.00; PLUS a FULLY REFUNDABLE $200.00 deposit for a total of $350.00.
The $200.00 refund will be issued once CDR receives valid proof of the spay/neuter.

Adoption Application

Adoption Application
Are you 21 years of age or older?
Months or years
I live in a:
Do you own or rent?
Are you moving in the foreseeable future?
Current pets
Are all of your animals current with their vaccines?
Have you adopted from a shelter or rescue group before?
Is someone home during the day?
Are you looking for a dog who will be trustworthy off-leash?
Is there a baby in your future? (If so we'll send information on helping your dog adjust to a new baby.)
I plan to let my dog get exercise:
I will provide the dog with:
My/Our training plan:
My dog or puppy needs to be comfortable in a crate all day.

Please notice
When you submit your application you will receive a success page. If you are redirected to the top of this page you need to check for an overlooked error and correct it before the application will be sent.

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