• Breed: St. Croix Island Dog
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 4-5 years
  • Size: 70 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Limited exposure does not chase them.
    • Kids? Will meet some soon!
    • Large Livestock? Barks, but not aggressive.
    • Smaller Livestock? (Goats) wants to herd them.

Abe- Amazingly optimistic St Croix Dump Dog!


“Abe”  arrived at the St Croix dump scared and timid,  He came to ‘Ruff Start STX” hero Katie Nelson to begin is long journey to find his human family.  Abe is extremely social, loves all the people he has met at his new foster home in Ithaca.  Not shy with humans at all anymore.  He reminds me of the book “Are you my Mother?”  He looks at everyone he meets as if to say “Are you my person?…”

Abe has had many long travels to arrive in Ithaca, he does great in the car, either behind a pet barrier or in the front seat.  He loved everyone at his new veterinarian’s office and was an easy calm patient for exam and updating all vaccines.  Abe is heartworm negative after treatment. He is microchipped and neutered.

Abe is well crate trained, not food aggressive with other dogs, plays well with others and has been the timid dog in his new foster pack.  He plays well with the dogs living in his foster home.  Even ones much smaller than himself.  Although he would like to be with humans all the time, he is not anxious when in his crate and can easily stay home crated for half of a regular workday, with a lunchtime let out.  He has not chewed blankets in his crate and could probably be left home alone uncrated easily once acclimated to his new home.  Abe has had no potty accidents indoors.

Personality with People and Other Animals

  • Abe has proven to be amazingly resilient, optimistic and loving.
  • He is VERY affectionate!  Simply want to be with a person.
  • He shows that he will be an extremely loyal and loving dog when he finds his forever person.
  • He can be timid when meeting new dogs, as long as they are friendly to him, he warms up very quickly.
  • He is NOT skittish or nervous in new situations.
  • He shows the potential to be an off-leash dog once trained, he just wants to be with people.
  • Our focus has been on treating Abe’s Heartworm and getting him healthy, He needs basic obedience training.
  • He has a very soft mouth when taking treats by hand and loves to give gentle kisses without showering you in doggy drool.
  • He loves to play with other dogs and is very gentle for someone his size.
  • He is not dependent on other dogs for confidence and would probably be fine as an only dog.


If you are interested in Abe, please fill out an online adoption application and we will forward it to Abe’s foster mom, who will make all decisions about his adoption.  His adoption fee is $250.

*** Special Note*** Abe’s foster mom will be back in St Croix on Ruff Start STX projects January 10th through January 17th.  The Internet and phone can be EXTREMLY unreliable, please forgive any delays in response during this time.

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