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Hello! My name is Tobey and I’m the most cuddly 10 pounds of sweetness you have ever met!
Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Chihuahua/Papillon
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Size: 10 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? YES!!
    • Cats? Unknown, but I’m pretty laid back so…probably!
    • Kids? No experience but let’s say 6+!

***Tobey is a Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue dog. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact ROHAR via email at ( and they can send you an adoption application!***


I belonged to some ladies who took in dogs that others didn’t want anymore. They loved me very much but they were trying to help so many dogs that it was difficult for us all to get to the vet frequently and eventually, they themselves faced foreclosure and the loss of our home. So, the nice people at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue took me in and I am now in a cool new foster home with a bunch of other dogs and a fenced in yard where I can roam at my leisure! If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue directly at or 607-562-8085


My foster mom calls me a little “character”. Not sure if it is my cartoonish good looks, my trotting around the place like I own it or my staring into the mirror to see all the extra people in there! I love to be where my people are and I will ask to get up on a lap if someone is sitting or I will just watch whatever it is that is going on. I don’t want my person to feel left alone so even if I can’t actually join in, I will make sure my person at least has an attentive observer! Like when my foster mom went out for a swim, I wanted to go out with her. I had no interest in getting in the pool but was very happy just sitting up on the lawn chair watching her swim to make sure she was okay and didn’t get lonely! And check me out in the flowers, monitoring the human gardening and weeding!

I am so smart that I have figured out that I can get more attention by playing the “I’m too small and helpless” card! I am pretty small you know, and really do prefer being carried around. The outside deck stairs are scary for me, so I just let mom carry me down and gently place me down on the grass at the bottom. I can go up fine, but I don’t like the down part. Thankfully, I’m only 10 pounds, and am easy to pick up! Other times, I will play hard to get and will dance around until just the right time–and then I will give a little hop up into your arms as you reach down to get me! However, I did quickly learn to use the little steps up into my foster mom’s bed, haha! Didn’t want to be left out of nap/snuggle time (or just snuggling up in blankets even if my foster mom is someplace else)!

Since I’m an older gent, I need plenty of nap time. I’m a great office mate in my foster home as I’m very quiet as long as my people are close by. I will just lay on the floor in a dog bed at your feet. When my people leave without me, I bark a bit to let them know that they forgot to take me. But that is about it. And, I will quiet after a bit and will hang out in a crate and nap while you are gone. And when you are home and we are hanging out contentedly, I will make my little contented gremlin noises. 😊

I’m happy to help with chores around the house! Haha, meaning…I’m happy to perch in a dog bed or anywhere where I can see you do the chores in the house, I provide very cute emotional support! I am certainly willing to help garden or watch my person go swimming. At night, I prefer to sleep in the bed with my person so I can help them feel more secure (maybe it’s for me too).
I brought plenty of toys with me from my old home, but so far, I haven’t been playing with them much. I’m happy to share my toys with the other dogs, no issues there at all.

I am happy to go for car rides with you but even though I will want to sit shotgun in the front seat, this is very dangerous for dogs so please don’t let me. Same reason little kids aren’t allowed to ride shotgun…the airbag will kill us if it deploys! When my foster family took a road trip, I slept in the back for a 5-hour trip with no problems. I am very calm in the car, I would be great seat belted in because I am so calm.

I like to do my business outside, but my previous owners (who had so many dogs in the house) didn’t have time to take us all outside regularly, so we learned to use pee pads indoors too. My foster parents are working on this with me, and I’m partway there, but definitely still learning. I will need someone who is willing to work with me some more on my housebreaking and be patient and kind!! A consistent routine and lots of rewards when I go outside are the way to get me the rest of the way! I do like to dilly dally and don’t want to be rushed if I’m expected to go out there. It will also help if you stay out there with me. Besides, how can you reward me if you don’t see me go?

I’m just learning how to walk on a leash but I don’t like to be pulled on it, so please let me walk at my gentle, slow, ambling pace. My foster mom put a long rope on me when we went on a trip and it was slack all the time because I just followed her around. When she took me to the store, she had a carrier to hold me by her side and that was pretty awesome. My foster mom’s dogs all walk on a leash in a group. I didn’t really want to be on the group leash. It would be good to use a soft body-type harness with me instead of a collar to attach the leash to, so it doesn’t pull on my fragile little neck!

When I went on a trip with my foster mom, I met lots of new people while we were out. In the beginning, I was a little reserved about it and I would study new folks for a minute to see if I could trust them, but I’m never grouchy. Now it doesn’t take me long at all to curl up at a new person’s feet! New people are generally OK by me!


In my previous home, there were lots of dogs, most of whom were older like me, and while most of them were smaller like me, I did live with some larger medium sized dogs and did just fine.
In my foster home, I also live with other dogs. They are also bigger than me. But we don’t really play much yet. I don’t need to be the leader, in fact prefer to be a follower! I’m happy to share the bed with them as long as they let me snuggle close to my person. I haven’t had to live with cats or kids, but I’m such an easy-going guy that I would likely get along with them too.

Favorite Activities

  • Lap time!
  • Nap time!
  • Being carried in a pouch/sling when I go out with my person!
  • Browsing the yard, especially with my person or following one of my doggie brother or sisters around!


All of my vaccines have been updated and my bloodwork is very good!My joints are pretty healthy and I remain pretty agile. I tested negative for heartworm and am now on monthly preventive. I am also on flea and tick preventive. I have had a dental cleaning and did have to have 10 teeth pulled, but don’t worry, some crucial (if a bit crooked) front teeth remain so my tongue stays (mostly) in place in my mouth! I do at times have a bit of a sensitive tummy but after a couple of days on a little medicine and a mild diet, I should be fine! I am a little older, so of course as my owner, it will be important to keep up with twice-yearly visits to the vet!


I’m a fuzzy and friendly little guy who would love a home where I can have lots of lap time and be pampered as I go into my golden years. I don’t need lots of excitement or walks, but I do love some little walks around the yard with my person. While I am good with pretty much all people, of all ages, it would be great to have one or two family members that I can really attach to!

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Susan at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 and get an application.

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