Adopted: Johnny

Hello! My name is Johnny and I’m a loving cuddle bug.
Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Lab/Beagle mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Size: 62 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? YES!!
    • Cats? Sorry, no, I like to chase them (and they don’t appreciate that)!
    • Kids? YES! But not too many that are under 9 please!


Johnny is being bounced out of his foster home through no fault of his own–he has been a perfect gentleman in the home and is wonderful with the other dogs in that home.  He needs to find a new foster home ASAP because the foster folks got a new puppy. They are feeling overwhelmed with the addition of a new puppy and fostering Johnny at the same time.

***Johnny is a Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue dog. If you are interested in adopting or fostering him, please contact ROHAR via email at ( and they can send you an adoption application!***

Even if you read about me before, read my new updated bio! I have learned so much in my foster home and am so eager to meet my new foster family or even better my new forever family!


I had two different owners before I came to rescue. Most recently, I belonged to some ladies who took in dogs that others didn’t want anymore. They loved me very much but they were trying to help so many dogs that it was difficult for us all to get to the vet frequently and eventually, they faced foreclosure and the loss of our home. So, the nice people at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue took me in and I am now in a cool new foster home in an urban setting with three other dogs, some younger and some older than me and I’m doing well with all of them. My current foster mom is overwhelmed with all of us and so we are looking for a new foster or permanent home for me. My current foster mom is retired and so takes me for lots of leashed walks at our nearby park which I LOVE! If you are interested in adopting or fostering me, please contact Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue directly at or 607-562-8085


My previous owners reported that I wasn’t good with other dogs, but that has NOT turned out to be true! I was given a chance to meet some other dogs in two foster homes and am now doing really well with my foster dog siblings! However, I can’t lie, I will try to “out-snuggle” them in bed with some moderate “doggie body blocking” so I get to be the closest to my person. But I love my people so much, can you blame me? In the beginning I even tended to take my person’s spot in bed, but now I get it and I just snuggle in close. Having said that, I could probably be convinced to get down and settle in my own dog bed for the night if that is what my person prefers (but I hope my person will like me in their bed, ha ha!).

I love going for walks! When I even think mom is getting ready to take me for a walk-I am first to the door and last to come inside when we return! I don’t really have to be doing anything in particular I just like going outside. One thing though is that I am pretty eager to meet other dogs when we are on our walk—and I know not every other person likes a strange dog coming up to their dog on their walks—so maybe we should go on our walks during lower doggie traffic times when there aren’t too many at one time —at least in the beginning. Maybe I can be trained to sit with a treat when other dogs come along if you work with me a bit!

Just to chat a little bit about training…as a reminder, I am a beagle/lab mix…I definitely like treats. That’s where the beagle takes over, but my attention span isn’t ideal, maybe that’s the lab? I want to please but I get disappointed if I can’t figure out what you want me to do pretty quickly…I just kind of like the treat. So I need to be taught things in steps, so I can be successful all the way along. Don’t make it too complicated please, I learn best if you break it down into tiny easy steps that I can master! Maybe some positive reinforcement training classes would work great for us both!! I can now “sit” and I know “down” too. I am definitely learning lots and can’t wait to learn more!

I am just starting to learn about toys and how much fun they can be! I had this one stuffed toy that I carried around for about an hour one day…And I did chase another toy thrown for my foster brother Coal. I’m sure you will be able to find just the right toys for me that I will enjoy! But frankly, given the choice, I am just as happy and content to just lie with my person. I will follow them anywhere. I will lay next to my person on the couch or in a chair. I am not particularly pushy with my person, not hand nudging, or annoying you…but I will talk to you and win you over with my eyes!!! I am so well behaved and patient. Even when mom is making all of our dinners. I just sit patiently waiting for my bowl and turn to eat!

I used to be a little cautious in new situations when I was meeting new people. But now I pretty much take a sniff and then start winning you over as soon as I can! I take my lead from my people, so the more relaxed you are the more relaxed I will be! I used to get a bit overwhelmed by too many people at once, but just recently when I went to a local carnival, I had a great time meeting anyone that would stop and pet me. Many of them even noticed how well behaved and handsome I was. And I also recently did a meet and greet with another person and their dog at their house. I would say it was about 20 minutes if that, before I was leaning into my new human friend, sitting on the couch snuggling with them and looking back over my back to give them a kiss too! I was playing gently with my new dog friend too. She was much older and so I needed to be careful as she was more delicate. She wanted to play some, so we did play—but when she decided she wanted to rest on her dog bed, I stopped too. (That was when I moved in on my new human friend for hugs and kisses).

Like most pups, I can get a little sad and worried when left alone and I whine and bark a bit if left in a crate, but I will settle quickly if you have to leave. If you don’t crate me, you may hear me scratching at the door where you left, but I don’t get super anxious or tear anything up or anything like that. I’m just a little sad when my person goes and really look forward to your return!

But, if you want to take me somewhere with you in the car (if it’s not too warm out, my coat is THICK!), I enjoy going for rides and I behave like the gentleman I am! I’ll stay in the back seat and might go a bit between the windows as I don’t want to miss anything, but I don’t get overly excited and am an excellent backseat passenger! I will often just lay down in the back seat. Just remember, never take me with you if you are going into stores or places where I would have to stay in a locked care alone. That isn’t safe for any pup!

I’ve had really good house manners since arriving, even though I wasn’t neutered at the time. When a new dog joins the house, I suppose I can be a little annoying in wanting to get to know them a bit, but I’m happy to step away when asked and then after we know each other well, then I am fine! In my foster home, there are dogs that are not at all like me. They bark and chase balls and play with toys. At least for now, I just ignore most of that. However when my new little puppy brother gets me going, I definitely keep up! We get pretty excited and play with some energy together! But if everybody else wants to just hang out, I will do that too! I most like to be with my person. I will lay on my dog bed or my favorite spot on the couch if mom is up cleaning, cooking or doing some non-doggie thing. Or sometimes I will lay at her feet if she is up doing something. I’ll even follow my person into the bathroom for their shower! I’m pretty mellow around the other doggie activity, unless they get me riled first. I’m certainly not the one that is going to start a ruckus!


In my foster home, I have multiple other dogs here. I don’t mind them doing what they do, and I will take my lead from them. If they want to nap and rest, then I will nap and rest. If they want to play (especially my new little puppy brother), I’m game!

Oh and no cats please-I’m fine if they are just sitting there—but if they start moving, I will chase them for sure! I don’t think too many kitties would like that kind of fur brother.

Favorite Activities

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being outside!!! I don’t even need to be doing anything special – just watching the world go by and keeping you company!
  • Taking walks on a leash!
  • Scritches – I will stick my chin in the air so you can reach my chin and chest really well!
  • Laying near my person, whatever they are doing!

Why I am looking for a new home

My last family lost their home in a foreclosure and because they had been helping so many dogs, they could not find a place that would allow them to take all of us. They really cared about us and wanted to make sure we had the best homes so we came to live in Rainbow of Hope foster homes instead of going to a shelter.


I’m all caught up on my vaccines, and my bloodwork shows that I am a healthy boy! My tests showed I was at some point exposed to Lyme, and so I had to take some pills every day for a month, but I am all done with those now! The vets say I should be continuously monitored for symptoms of Lyme disease because you never know. I was heartworm negative and am on monthly preventive right now. This also protects me from ticks and fleas! And yes..much to my dismay, I was neutered… but I know that was for the better, for me and to make sure more unwanted doggies are not added to this world!


I’m a handsome guy with a low to moderate energy level who likes to hang out with his human. I won’t pester you for affection, but when you give it to me, I’ll just soak it all in! I’m pretty low maintenance, but if you give me some time and attention, I’m likely to become your best buddy. Of course, someone who may be retired or who has lots of time to spend with me would be ideal, but I could probably go to a small family with older children. A ton of constant energy, noise or excitement would not be the right place for me, but a family looking for a quiet mellow “always there” companion would be perfect!

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Susan at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 and get an application.

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