Adopted: Fang

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Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Gender: Male neutered
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Sometimes! Calmer, respectful dogs!
    • Cats? Maybe/Probably!
    • Kids? Yes! I absolutely love children of all ages!

Hi there! My name is Fang, and I am a mellow, loving, and gentle Lab mix looking for my new family!


I had quite an impressive beginning to life! I was at a shelter in the San Francisco bay area at a time when the University of California Davis Veterinary School folks were looking all over northern California shelters to find the most agreeable and easygoing dogs for their veterinary students to learn how perform physical exams, draw blood, and other medical procedures. Guess what? They chose me as one of these special super-awesome dogs! I worked there for a whole year and did a wonderful job! I had a specially assigned trainer who taught me lovely manners and provided me with loads of socialization opportunities to make sure I would be a well-behaved pup when I was adopted by a family. It set me up for success because I know how to interact with people and in public places!

I loved my time with the students and living in the veterinary school’s dog colony. All the dogs in my group were named after characters from the Harry Potter books! I was named “Fang” after Hagrid’s dog because, like the book character, I look a little tough but I am actually the sweetest dog you will ever meet!

My current mom adopted me after I finished that year working for the vet students, and for the last 7 years, we have loved being together. Together we have enjoyed many walks, trips, and good memories. I am used to adapting to new living situations because I have moved with her four times in those years. It takes me about a week to get used to a new environment, but once I understand the new routine, I’m totally solid!


First and foremost…I am a lover. So sweet, so gentle, so loving, so easygoing, very eager to please and happy by nature. I’m mellow indoors, and excited when I get to go outside for awesome leashed walks (I am a very nice leashed walker!) and for playing fetch!

I spend most of my days relaxing, looking out the window, and taking long naps. People tell me that I sometimes snore softly and that it’s very cute! I love a routine…I memorize our walk through the neighborhood and am attentive to my family’s daily rhythm. When it’s about time for food, and am asked, “Are you hungry?!” I do an excited little dance and tail wag and follow you to the food bowl. Once you fill the bowl of food, I’ll sit and wait until you say “yes!”

What you absolutely must know about me is that I need to have a toy in my mouth at all times!! I always carry it around and will even fall asleep with it in my mouth, haha! When I was adopted from the shelter, they sent me home with my favorite toy because I was so attached to it! The best toys for me are indestructible rubber toys like Kongs, because I can’t chew through them… but I love to try! Sometimes I forget where I put my toy and if you ask me “Where is your toy?!,” I will frantically run around the house sniffing until I find it! The number one rule of Fang is to have a toy at all times!

I am attentive to my family and listen to commands very well. I know how to “sit,” “shake,” “lay down,” “wait,” “come here,” “go to your bed,” and “stay.” I also understand when my family tells me “no” to a behavior, like playing fetch inside the house. I easily pick up new words for things I’m interested in. For example, I know “fetch,” “squirrel,” “meow” (cat), “peanut butter,” “do you need to go potty?,” “toy,” and “okay!” When I am off-leash and smell something really good, I’m not able to notice if you tell me to come to you, so playing in fenced in yards or staying on-leash for hikes work best for me!

I’m very respectful of people’s property and only chew on dog toys that are clearly mine. I really do not like staying in a kennel or crate, but there is no need–I am trustworthy hanging out in the living room and kitchen while my owner is at work all day. I’m typically a quiet dog…once in a blue moon I’ll bark a single time when I get startled by the doorbell, but I’ll greet all your guests with just a sweet tail wag. I also sometimes get scared during thunderstorms but cope very well by laying down quietly in a safe space like a closet or bathroom.

When you are done cooking in the kitchen, I will come sniff the floor to make sure all the crumbs get cleaned up. During family meal times, I can be asked to stay on my bed while the family eats their dinner. This agreement works best when I also get rewarded with a piece of dog or human food once you’re all done with the meal! In the evenings, I especially like to lay on the floor near my family and get some pets. My favorite spots for pets are my head, ears (they’re floppy and extra soft), and my belly. I am not currently allowed on the furniture, but I will gladly join you for a cuddle on the couch if you invite me!

Sometimes I can be a little reactive towards other dogs when I meet a new dog while I’m on leash, so my mom has taught me how to pass dogs on a trail more calmly. She moves me off to the side to give me an extra bit of space, reminds me gently and happily to “leave it” (meaning the other dog!), and then we go on our merry way without any conflicts! I can be friends with very sweet, calm dogs, but to make life easier, I’ve also learned it’s best for me to not meet new dogs while on a leash.


I love to be around people! They are my absolute favorite. I haven’t met a person yet that I didn’t like!

Kids are my favorite type of people! I love their energy and attention! I am chill with teenagers, patient with grade school kids, and very gentle with babies. Being outdoors with kids is the perfect excuse to run around and play!

I have lived with other dogs before but I don’t make friends with every dog I meet. They have to be very calm and respectful for me to trust them. I’d probably feel most comfortable in a home where I am the only dog and can focus my love and affection on my human family.

I am fascinated by cats and have lived with a cat previously. I have a deep desire to interact with and maybe even chase cats, but I’ll listen if you tell me to leave the cat alone. As long as the cat and I can have space to be apart when we need, we should get along okay.

Favorite Activities

  • Going on walks!
  • Carrying a stick in my mouth while we walk!
  • Spotting squirrels on my walks (If you let me off my leash, I’ll chase them up a tree!)
  • Carrying my toy around the house!
  • Wagging my tail (I’m always in a good mood!)
  • Playing fetch (with a tennis ball is best, but I’ll find a stick for you to throw, too!)
  • Getting pets and tummy rubs from my family!
  • Taking naps while wrapped up in a blanket or laying in the warm sun!

Why I am looking for a new home

I am looking for a new home because my owner’s new job requires a lot of international travel and there is no place for me to go for all of these very long times away. My mom loves me very, very much and it’s breaking her heart to rehome me, but she knows that I will be happier with a new person or family that can provide me with the stable, loving home that suits me best. She promises to find me the best person or family possible.


I am a very healthy boy and have no medical problems. I just had a full checkup, all my vaccines, and laboratory tests at the veterinarian’s office—the vet says that everything looks great! I take my heartworm and flea/tick medications every month like a champ. I’ll even do tricks to show you how much I love them!

Several years ago while I was home alone, I ate some food in wrappers that was left on the edge of the kitchen counter and needed surgery to remove the wrappers from my stomach. I haven’t had any stomach problems or food-snatching issues since that time, but best to never leave food or wrappers anywhere that I can reach!

I’ve been lucky to have the best medical care at several veterinary schools. My current veterinarians are the Cornell Small Animal Community Practice where I am very calm as students learn how to be my doctor.


I am really the bestest boy and just hope I can find a loving human family that will give me lots of affection and a stable home life. I’ll be patient, gentle, and calm while we relax together at home. And we’ll have lots of fun on walks and adventures!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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