Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Hound mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 5 years
  • Size: 50 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Some cats!
    • Kids? Yes! 13+

Hello! My name is Benny! I’m an easygoing hound dog who loves to bask in the sunshine!

******No applications for the rest of 2023!  He staying in his foster home until then!******


I was found wandering the woods of Kentucky, landed in a rough shelter there but 3 years ago was transported to NY and adopted by my current wonderful, loving family. I’m a very calm, old-soul kind of pup in general, but my early life left with me some anxiety/sensitivities and I’m not a good fit to live with little kids. I’m so sweet and loving, and it breaks my parents hearts to have to find me a new home, but with a little toddler in the house and another on the way, we all know I’ll be happier and safer in a home without little kids that I need to be gated away from.


I’m a handsome guy (I’m told)!! I also have a very silly and goofy side! Just wait till you see me bunny-hop through the grass or high-step it through the snow, haha, I make everyone laugh out loud! But mostly, I really know how to relax, and will happily spend most of the day curled up at your feet or snuggled up in a comfy dog bed. My favorite thing in the world is having my butt scratched! It makes me dance all over the place. Oh…and I really like music! I’ll come and sit right next to my dad when he plays the guitar, and I will hang out in front of the speaker when he plays a record. I also really like to be talked to and to just generally spend time near people. My mom calls me her “duckling” because I follow her everywhere she goes. I “tap dance” when I’m excited, which is adorable.

Despite loving all of that sort of attention and contact, I’m truly not into hugs or kisses (they scare me), and I can get very nervous if you crowd me or if my space is invaded, so no snuggling with me please, and no rushing up on me, and not even belly rubs!. I also do so much better if I am not allowed on the couch or in your bed because those are places where there is very close contact. You can see why living with little kids is scary and uncomfortable for me…they cannot be expected not to hug or kiss or follow me around.

I do really well with dogs that I’m introduced to properly! And when I find a dog friend who is on my level, I love to play! Having a fenced yard where we could play chase would be a dream!

I’m a good and smart boy!!! I’ve never chewed up shoes and I’m reliably house trained. I’m actually super smart and I LOVE to learn new tricks. I know sit, stay, lay down, heel, “go to your place” (aka my dog bed), to get up onto something and to get off of something. I also will “bop” your palm with my nose or hop straight up into the air if you ask! I’m indifferent to most toys, I don’t really know what they’re for. Instead I prefer a good crunchy treat or one of my other favorite snacks… carrots, broccoli, green beans or pretty much any dog-friendly vegetable! My parents don’t give me bones or chew toys because I can become possessive of them, so that is smart of them!

I’ll jump up and down in excitement if I see you pick up a leash! Sniffing around outside with my hound-dog nose is the best, I love a good walk!! I can get overexcited or nervous when I see other dogs, bikes, skateboards, or people, but we’ve worked on this a lot and I’m proud to report I don’t panic or get nearly as excited anymore in these situations! I do best if walked in less busy places, and I do please need someone who can keep working on this with me using positive reinforcement methods so I maintain my progress and even get better over time.

I am quite afraid of loud boomy noises like gunshots and fireworks. Unfortunately, we live in a rural area and there is a LOT of gun shooting all fall and early winter. It has been very hard for me. I start to get nervous as the days get shorter even before the actual gun shooting starts because I know it’s coming. I take doggy Prozac every morning which helps a lot (and is not at all expensive) and I like to have a safe space to go to when I hear those sounds. At my current house, I’ve chosen the bathroom as my “safe space”, but a crate might also work.

I so want and need a reasonably predictable household so I know what to expect day-to-day. I love routine…you will be able to set your watch by me– I will remind you if you’re 5 minutes late with my dinner or my potty time! Overall I’m a really easy going guy, as long as I’m with people who respect my boundaries and can get me out of the house for walks and such a few times a week. I have a really mild, calm energy at home and my parents say that most of the time I am an absolute dream!


I love MY people, and I’m very sweet-natured, but sometimes when strangers approach me on walks it makes me nervous.

No kids under 13 please, and only kids 13 and older if they can respect my need for space and if they can refrain from things like hugs and crowding me and being in my space. I will LOVE to sit near them, so they’ll have plenty of loving interaction from me…just not of the huggy/kissy variety!

I have been successfully introduced to lots of dogs, both male and female, without issue. I love playing with dogs once I get to know them, if we have similar play styles. I need continued work staying calm when I meet dogs on leash, and I’m especially nervous if I’m on leash and the other dog isn’t!

I’ve lived well with a cat, but that cat was very bold and brave. I might be inclined to chase the kind of cat that would run away from me/ isn’t confident around dogs.

Favorite Activities

  • Going for Walks!
  • Daytime Naps!
  • Following my favorite person everywhere they go!
  • Watching you fold laundry, garden or do anything you might want a friend for!
  • Eating carrots!
  • Practicing tricks and learning new ones! And getting treats for it!

Why I am looking for a new home

My parents have a toddler who isn’t old enough to respect my space and boundaries, which has left me spending a lot of the last year behind a baby gate. And there is another baby on the way. I’m looking for a home that’s kid-free and dog-centered so I can be happy and less stressed and have the happy forever home that I deserve!


I am in great health! I take my fluoxetine (doggy Prozac)) every day, which is only roughly $20 a month (even cheaper through Walmart) and I eat allergen-friendly (Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin) dog kibble that keeps my itchy allergies under control and my hound-dog ears clean!


I am a real gem of a dog!!! I am so sweet-natured and loving and eager to please and be around my people. I want to share in your adventures, in your relaxing times, and in your love. All I want in the world is for someone who is dog-savvy to respect and love me and to let me follow them around for the rest of my life! I’ll be your best friend if you’ll be mine!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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