Adopted: Fiona

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: American Bully
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Size: 40 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Not when they get too close!
    • Cats? No sorry!
    • Kids? Yes, 12+ (not small child tested yet!)

Hello! My name is Fiona and I am the sweetest little body builder you’ll ever meet!

***Fiona is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. This is a courtesy posting for Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 who will make all decisions about her adoptive placement. Please contact by above phone or email to apply to adopt. Fiona’s adoption fee is $275.00.***


Fiona was surrendered from an owner who could not provide necessary veterinary care. She came into Cornell Emergency bleeding badly after being bred. She became very anemic and needed two blood transfusions and an emergency spay to save her life. A wonderful vet who treated Fiona fell in love with her and reached out to Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue to see if we could help find her a new home! We agreed and she eventually went home with her life saving vet agreeing to foster her! She recovered well from her surgery and is feeling much better now! She has been with Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue in her foster homes since March and now that she has fully recovered from her hospital stay, it’s time to start looking for her forever home! She now splits her time currently between two foster homes, since one has other pets and Fiona prefers to be the one and only! She was scared when she first came home but has completely come out of her shell now and is showing off her big personality! She can’t wait to be the apple of your eye!


One of the first things that strikes you about Fiona is her beautiful auburn eyes (more about that later) and then her silly two front bottom teeth that stick out and make it look like she’s smiling all the time! Okay, maybe the adorable semi-underbite is first! Or maybe the wiggly butt?!? Fiona is a goofball in every sense of the word, but at the same time she is a terrific couch buddy! When she gets excited, she makes little gremlin noises, just like she’s trying to talk to you, but she only outright barks when she really needs to get your attention for a particular reason.

It’s not at all hard to tell when she thinks it’s playtime! She loves to play with all kinds of toys, including stuffed animals, balls, buckets and cardboard boxes. She will make anything a toy if she gets it and will lead a great game of chase if you try to get it away from her! She will play tug of war but will easily drop anything for a treat! Even though she loves to play with anything, she does not eat her toys or get into the laundry or trash. She just loves to play and be silly. When she wants to play, she is very energetic and is constantly wiggling her butt. But she just as quickly will shift gears and join you on the couch as a snuggle buddy, a full-fledged couch potato! So, while she loves to play, she doesn’t need more than a few playtimes during the day and/or a few short (~10 mins) leashed walks a day. In fact, because of her short nose, it is best if she does not over-exert, especially in warm weather!

She loves to be held, cradled in your arms like a baby (a little baby hippopotamus some might say) and sit in your lap on the couch or in a chair. She definitely does not realize that she may be a tad big to be a lap dog, at least on the smaller laps anyway! And at night, she loves to sleep in bed with you…although she is one of those that lays across the bed horizontally and not necessarily parallel to everyone else using the bed space too! Whether the humans all fit is not necessarily her concern! As long as there is someone there against whom she can sleep, that is what really matters to her!

She does love to be the center of attention and will make her little gremlin noises if she feels like a little too much time has gone by since you last focused on her! Whenever I take her on a walk she walks right over to people and waits for pets. She loves to sit next to you in the “mermaid pose”, where she splays out her back legs for optimal tush scratches! She is trained to sit and give paw. She is very food motivated so she could probably learn more tricks, but she does get impatient and therefore may lose focus on the lesson at hand! Be a little careful during training sessions. She is not always the gentlest treat taker!

She rides very well in the car and loves to try to get into it by herself, but its safest to give her a little lift in, given her little legs! She likes to sit in the front seat but will sit in the back seat if you would like. Along with the shared time on the couch, riding in the car is one of the times you most notice her beautiful auburn eyes. She is so expressive. As she sits in the passenger seat, she will hold your gaze in hers as if she is sure if she keeps looking at you, you will be able to tell what she is thinking, just by looking in her eyes! Once situated in the car, she will curl up and sleep with her head on the armrest for the trip!

Unfortunately, this little lady is not a big fan of other dogs, especially when it comes to sharing her humans. If other dogs she comes across are calm she will ignore them, but if they start barking, she will bark back and pull on her leash. She can be re-directed with treats. She can go on walks in areas with other dogs (like parks etc.) but no nose-to-nose meet and greets please! Otherwise, she walks very nicely on a leash with no issues. She is a little love bug and would love to be the center of your home!


Fiona is amazing with people and loves everyone she meets. I have not seen her interact with small children, but I think when she gets excited, she could accidentally knock them over, and she gets playfully mouthy when she is very excited which isn’t ideal with kids. Therefore, she would probably be best in a home with older kids (12+).

She does not get along with dogs when they are in close proximity and does not like to share her person, so she should not be in a home with other dogs.

She has a high prey drive, so not a good fit with cats. She tries to chase anything outside like birds or squirrels so she should stay on leash unless in a fenced in yard.

Favorite Activities

  • Fiona loves to snuggle with her foster mom and take naps
  • Fiona loves to play with her toys!
  • Fiona loves to eat and will look for fallen food like a truffle pig
  • Fiona loves to meet new people
  • Fiona loves to run around outside
  • Fiona loves to have her tushy scratched!

Why I am looking for a new home

Fiona’s prior owner was unable to provide for her emergency veterinary care, so she is looking for a new home!


Fiona has no major medical issues, but typical of her breed, she does have some skin allergies. These can be managed with over-the-counter antihistamines (but remember always consult a veterinarian before giving a pet ANY over the counter medications!) and/or injections at the vet. Fiona is a breed of dog that is predisposed to health issues, such as arthritis, intervertebral disc disease and breathing issues. Pet health insurance is recommended.


Fiona is a fantastic companion and just wants to be the center of attention! She would love to be in a home where she can be spoiled and loved. She is not ideal for home that is very active, since she doesn’t do well in the heat or with heavy exercise. She is not interested in a long jog or hike! But she does like to play and absolutely loves to cuddle on the couch. She is potty trained and can go 8 hours but does not like being in a crate. When I am not home, she stays in a spare bedroom and naps. She only barks when she gets really excited about something, like food or another dog. She is the sweetest dog who has so much love to give. She has two little front teeth that always stick out so she looks like she is smiling! She is the loveliest dog and deserves a loving forever home!
If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Susan at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 and get an application.

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