Quick Facts:

  • Breed: German Shepherd/Lab mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 3 1/2 years old
  • Size: 62 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? I’m scared of dogs I don’t know! (see more below)
    • Cats? Not sure
    • Kids? Yes! 7+ years

Sage is now in the trusted care of the Tompkins County SPCA.

Hello! My name is Sage, and I am incredibly sweet and playful girl who loves being outside and exploring new things!


We adopted Sage in April from a shelter in Tennessee where she had been for about 3 months after being surrendered by her previous owner. We don’t know much about her previous life, other than that she was surrendered. She is awesome, we love her, but without a fenced yard, we are unable to keep her safe (see details below). We hate to have to rehome her, she’s so wonderful, but want to be clear that it’s not her fault, we just don’t have the fenced yard situation that she requires for her safety.


Hi everyone! I’m such a happy girl! Everyone says that in addition to being absolutely beautiful, I am also incredibly sweet and am awesome at making new friends with people and other dogs quickly! I let everyone pet me (so nice!) and I sometimes give kisses when I am extra happy! I like to hang out near my people and will often follow them from room to room, keeping an eye on things, seeing if anything interesting is happening. I like to be next to them either on the floor or on a couch (when allowed)—but definitely in the same room. For those who love to have a dog all over you, I have to warn you that I am not a huge snuggler. This is very normal for shepherds and shepherd mixes– we like to be close, but not right on top of you – which they tell me is perfect, because at 62 pounds, that would be a lot of dog on your lap!

I am such a friendly girl, completely housebroken and am very smart! I’ve learned a whole bunch of super fun commands like: sit, come, stay, shake, and off. I am working on learning to not pull on the leash when I get excited or see a chipmunk– they tell me this is a very high level ability and will take some time. I love to learn, love positive reinforcement strategies, and love your attention and the treats that come my way when you teach me things!

When I am not outside, I love to look out the window and watch the birds and critters, so I am hoping for an adopter who has a good view spot for me in the house! So fascinating!! I also like to nap during the day on the floor or in my dog bed, and sometimes on the couch when I am allowed. I am very chill while indoors and only bark occasionally when a package is delivered or a garbage truck stops outside.
I do some silly things…I bark a little bit when dreaming, I do a happy dance when it’s time to go for a walk, I will play fetch with a squeaky ball and tug with a rope toy until the end of time, and I am a huge fan of ice cubes! Really! When I hear the ice maker making cubes, I run into the kitchen and sit excitedly until somebody gives me one!

I absolutely LOVE being outside and running around – FAST! A house with a big fenced in yard is essential for me! I don’t like being tied to a lead in the yard, and have figured out how to escape from collars and harnesses when I really want to–even when they are on me nice and snug–and once I wriggle out, I can’t help but to GO-GO-GO! Which obviously isn’t safe for me–there have been some close calls and we don’t want any more of those. I love going for hikes, walks and runs on leash, so here’s the deal with those things. I never try to wriggle out of my collar or harness when running/jogging with you, so that’s safe. On hikes and walks on leash, you need to pay attention to the presence of bunnies (my biggest weakness) and other critters, and when you see me spin around and try to pull hard (that’s my method of getting out of the collar or harness), just grab me quick and hold onto me until the bunny or critter is gone. And please watch the doors, as I could sneak out really fast if someone is coming or going and I spy something outside that is irresistible.


I currently live with 2 children, ages 7 and 10 and am very sweet and gentle with them.

I am sweet and friendly with the few dogs in my neighborhood whom I know and trust.  With them, I wag and play bow and act very friendly.  I am however very scared of dogs whom I don’t know.  With them, I will be very barky and spazzy and lunge and make a big fuss because I am just very scared.  So, I need to go at a very slow, careful pace when meeting other dogs.  If there is a dog in your house already, would be best if it was a calm, smaller, sweet and friendly dog who would give me the space I need until we can become friends.  I seem to feel most comfortable with smaller, calm, male dogs. 

I have not been around any cats so we aren’t sure if I like them or not. I’d be glad to have a meet and greet with any potential fur-siblings!


Favorite Activities

  • Playing fetch with a squeaky ball!
  • Running around outside!
  • Being scratched behind my ears!
  • Hiking, Running, Walking!
  • Chilling near my humans!
  • Gazing out the window!
  • Being brushed!
  • Chomping on ice cubes

Why I am looking for a new home

I really need a home that has a large, secure, fenced in yard for me to explore and run around in. My current family has tried a dog lead as well as an electric collar for me to be outside and I have cleverly learned to escape any harness and collar and have found that the reward of running free is greater than the risk of the electric fence collar. I have escaped frequently and my humans fear for my safety each time. I am learning emergency recall training and do EXCELLENT with it indoors or when attached to my lead and under supervision but I am unable to come back once I have escaped and am out running free.


All shots are up-to-date. No medical issues that we are aware of.


I will make the most wonderful forever dog to someone who will take me on hikes and walks, play fetch with me, and let me run free in a big, fenced in yard! I truly am such a love and incredibly smart, I just need to find the right forever family so that I can be safe and happy and live my very best life!

If you are interested in learning more about, or applying for me please fill out the online adoption application and the rescue folks will forward it to my current family, who will be in touch. Please live within 45 minutes of Ithaca, NY before applying for me as they will need to do a home visit. And please allow us 48 hours to respond to your inquiries. Thanks for your interest!

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