Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Pit bull terrier mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 7 years
  • Size: 55 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!  I want a doggie sibling!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Yes! (outside the home)

Hello! My name is Arthur, and I love snuggling with my people!


I landed in the Syracuse city shelter back in summer of 2019 after having been abandoned in a house that had been partially burned down. My former owner was charged with animal abuse and I bunked at the city shelter for 5 months. The best thing happened then…Cayuga Dog Rescue took me into their foster program and I got to live in a really nice home with a wonderful foster mom and her awesome dogs! They didn’t get a chance to get to know me all that well when it seemed that an ideal couple wanted to adopt me. I did go live with them briefly, but it ended up not being a great fit, so I came back to my CDR foster home, where I have been since!

Everyone wanted to get to know me super well this time around so we could figure out more accurately the kind of people and home situation that would be best for me, so we didn’t put me on the website for a while and then Covid hit and well, you know. Life got crazy for everyone, and we just figured we’d wait until work and life calmed down a bit before looking for my ideal home. The time has arrived!


My very favorite thing is cuddling with my people.  I love to share the couch and curl up next to my foster mom.  When I visit my foster mom’s parents, I hog their couch, too, haha!  When my foster mom has had to go out of town, I stay with some neighborhood friends, who have a sweet female rescue pitbull.  We cuddle, too!  I also really like the end of my back scratched.  That feels soooo good!  I even dance a little when you scratch those scratches!

Since my foster mom has been working from home, I have been able to go on some of her social distancing walks with her colleagues.  Everyone I meet in the neighborhood loves me.  I have a big welcoming smile and take treats very gently!  I use a harness and walk really well on a leash…unless we spot a neighborhood bunny!  I have also seen deer and a fox on neighborhood walks – I have been startled by them, but I haven’t tried to chase them like I did those hopping bunnies!

I sleep on the couch in the living room in a pile of blankets. I used to sleep in my crate, but one night I didn’t want to get off the couch, so my foster mom let me stay there all night. Now, when she comes downstairs in the morning, I’m usually still curled up and she has to remind me to get up and get going!  I also am comfortable in a crate when my foster mom leaves the house (less often now that she works from home). Foster mom has also left me out of the crate and the mudroom and I am perfectly behaved.  Sometimes when I sleep I do snore really loudly!!  It’s one of my greatest skills!  It’s important to get enough sleep and I do take this seriously.

I am a really great “brewery pup” – that’s my foster mom’s label for dogs, like me, who are really relaxed when out and about in public.  I have been to a couple local breweries and I am very friendly to everyone I meet – dogs, adults, and kids!  I am a smiling guy who soaks up all the attention.

I love lying in the sunshine in my foster mom’s sun porch, but I don’t love long walks in the hot weather or being outside in the cold!  A short walk in the summer heat or winter snow is about all I can do. I also like to nibble on grass and wander around my foster mom’s fenced in yard for fun.

I am a bit confused by cars!  My foster mom laughs because I will try to climb into other people’s cars if their door is open, and I’ve even jumped up to try and climb into her car even though the car doors were closed!  Yet once I’m inside a car, and it’s moving, I can be pretty whiny and stressed, until I am given one of my favorite orange balls to chew on – I use it like a pacifier, and then I can settle down!  I haven’t been on a car ride longer than an hour, but as long as I have my orange ball, I do just fine.  When I first got to my foster mom’s house, I used the ball there, too, when I needed to get some of my nervous energy out.  It’s a stress reliever for sure.

I really like eating!  I will sit and wait to be allowed to eat, even with drool coming out of my mouth!  Despite my great love of morning and evening meals, I am not at all possessive of my food dish.  Sometimes my cat foster sister Harriet will wander by while I am eating and I pay her no mind.  I am also very gentle when I take treats.  Other than dog treats, some of my favorite snacks include watermelon, the tops of strawberries, carrots, and butternut squash!

I don’t understand the point of rain and snow.  When my foster mom tries to tell me to go out in the rain or in the snow, I give her a quizzical look – sometimes she hides the sun and I don’t like it!  I will go outside to do my business on those days, but I don’t like it, and I’ll skedaddle right back into the dry, warm house as quickly as I can!

Because of my history, I am nervous/uncomfortable and reactive (lots of loud barking or growling) when people who don’t live with me come into my home territory, which for me is both inside the house and also when I am out in the fenced yard. After all I have been through, I am really cautious and feel like I need to protect my home and my people.  And when people or other dogs walk by our fenced yard, sometimes I bark and carry on in a strong way to make sure they keep going and don’t launch an invasion! I would do best in a home without a lot of visitors, but I am happy to be out and about and around town with my owners!

Before Covid, we had a dog trainer come and visit me in my foster mom’s house to work on this, and she thought I was very sweet, and she gave me lots of treats and gave my foster mom some advice. But then Covid hit and visitors to the house were no more, so I haven’t had a chance to practice meeting people in the house since.  The dog rescue folks say they will cover the costs to have the trainer come to my new home to visit me, too, and help my new family work with me on this. So in sum, I do great meeting people on neutral ground—not inside of our house and not when I am in the fenced yard–but will need more training help so that I can get more comfortable in those situations. For this reason, I should never go to dog parks, I should not live in a home with an electric/invisible fence, and if I am adopted into a home with a hard fence, you just need to make sure that my fence reactivity won’t be a problem for you and that no one can just saunter into the fenced area (e.g., keep the fence locked).


I am great with other dogs.  I am not at all possessive of my toys, bones, dog food, or treats.  I am good at sharing!  My foster brother dog is faster than me and he usually gets the ball when we play fetch.  I don’t mind!  Every now and then I outsmart him and get the ball when he isn’t looking though, hehehe, so fun! I really would prefer to live with another dog in my forever home.

I am also really good with cats.  I mostly ignore them.  Occasionally I will chase the younger of my two cat sisters; she is a year and a half old and sometimes she eggs me on.  But I am very gentle and never instigate or act in any way other than playfully with her.

Right now my foster mom is the only human in our foster home. I’m very used to having one human in the house.  When other people are over, I like to know where they are.  When I have stayed in homes with two humans, sometimes I forget there are two of them and I have a big bark because I am surprised by one of them reentering a room they’ve left!  My foster mom’s parents and our neighborhood friends remind me that they live there and then we get along.  The trainer told me she will come and help teach whoever adopts me how to understand my barks and what I need.

Favorite Activities

  • Snoozing on the couch!
  • Walking with friends (canine and human)!
  • Meeting new people in the community!
  • Using my emotional support ball!
  • Sunning myself in the sun porch!


I just had my annual physical and got a clean bill of health! My foster mom gives me a Proviable probiotic with breakfast and a monthly heartworm pill, but that’s the extent of my current needs.  I used to be skinny, but I gained some weight and now I’m really healthy!


I am a very sweet and loving dog! I do very well with other pets and really want to please my people! I respond really well to routine and am a fantastic companion, wherever you are.  I had a very rough start to life and am ready to embrace my forever home!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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