Adopted: Arthur

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Plott Hound/Pit Bull mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 5-6 years
  • Size: 45 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes! I love dogs!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Probably! 7+!

Hello! My name is Arthur and my big smile warms up a room!


I had a very sad life before I came to stay in my foster home. I was abandoned by my former owners when they moved out of our house in the City of Syracuse, so a nice Animal Control Officer brought me to the shelter. I lived there for two months but I hated it so much; I was stressed out and anxious in my kennel. Thankfully there are some great volunteers who came to visit me and they encouraged my foster mom to take me home, so thanks to the help of Cayuga Dog Rescue I am outta that shelter and living in a warm cozy house with my foster mom!


My foster mom says I’m the best dog that she has met in a really long time! That I’m super special and so loving and so hilarious and wonderful!

I am very affectionate! I love to back up for butt rubs and put my head on your thigh for pets!  I love it when my foster mom kisses me in that very best kissing spot on my forehead above my nose! In general, my tail wags a mile a minute showing you how happy I am to see you and to be in a peaceful, loving home.

My foster mom also says that I am super smart and is very impressed at how quickly I learned the routine around here! I pick up on cues very quickly and I pay attention to my human’s directions. Basically I just want to be happy and fit in and if I can play with a ball, too…well, then, I’m just in heaven!

When I am faced with new things—a new home, new dogs, new people—I look like a high energy dog, because all my excitement amps me up a bit. But once I have a routine, I am more of a “medium/moderate” energy dog. I love leashed walks, would love hiking and might even be a decent jogging buddy if you worked me up to it.

I do get extra excited about getting to meet new dogs, and to calm myself I exhibit “mounting” behavior. Oopsie! Some dogs find this irritating! So, no dog parks for me for now please. Maybe when I am settled in my forever home and life is very stable, we could try that. But in general, other than the mounting of new dogs, I have terrific doggy social skills. There is a dog next door who is fence aggressive and growls and barks at me and the other 2 dogs in my foster home whenever we are all outside in the yard, and I don’t play into that at all. I pretty much ignore him and go about my gentle, sweet business. I am house broken (of course), and not leash reactive at all! I usually ignore other people and dogs walking by when out on leashed walks. I’m told this is an extra awesome quality and I’m pleased to hear it!

I seem to have no fears! I have heard fireworks…no problem. Strangers? Just want to meet you and become your friend! People coming to the door? I say “welcome!” and greet you in a very gracious way (no jumping on you at all)!

I love food and treats, which shouldn’t be surprising because I went without food for a while when I was abandoned by my former family. My foster mom was worried that I would be possessive of my food given that, but I’m not! I’m not possessive of my toys either! I am so good at sharing!

I’m really having a great time here. There are things called cats who take up space but I don’t really know why they’re around. I just ignore them. The two cats here wrestle and roll around and sometimes steal my dog bed! They just seem silly. The two dogs here are my buddies! The younger one sometimes steals my toys and we wrestle and play. The older dog is my favorite walking companion. I show off when I walk next to him because we both walk so well on leash.

At home I’ve mostly stayed off the furniture unless I’m invited up. I am very content lying on a soft dog bed as long as I’m in the same room as my people. I’m crated when my foster mom is at work, so no data on what I would do left free in the house all day, but I have not chewed up anything when I am free roaming, even the delicious smelling shoes and boots left out!


Right now I’m living with two dogs and two cats. I really like having fur friends around because they keep me company. The younger dog in the house is only two and he can be excitable, actually he can be a bit much sometimes! Once he’s riled up, I get riled up and then it’s hard for me to settle back down on my own. Redirection from my foster mom helps, I am working on this! But for real, I share really well with the dogs and the cats, I am not possessive of my foster mom, my food dishes, toys, dog beds, or treats. Sometimes the younger cat even plays with my tail because I wag it so much!

I haven’t met many kids. My foster mom thinks I’d be okay with kids older than 7. She says my tail wags so hard it might hurt a little kid. I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about though, I’m very gentle and don’t have any problems meeting anyone!

Favorite Activities

  • Leashed walks!
  • Sniffing and checking out my neighborhood is fun!
  • Getting pets!
  • Watching and learning from my foster mom.
  • Doing things that will get me treats.
  • Lying at my foster mom’s feet or in a comfy bed.
  • Playing with a ball – they’re great stress relievers!
  • Chewing a Nylabone!


I was skinny when I was found, and am still working on gaining weight, but I think I’m nearly where I need to be now!

I recently got neutered, and I’m nearly all recovered.! I had all my shots and bloodwork and the vet tells me I’m a very healthy dog!


My foster mom tells me I’ve made the quickest transition to her house of all her foster dogs (and she’s had 7 foster dogs!). I am sweet and very eager to please, and I smile a lot to show how happy I am to be in a warm and caring place! I’m a lover for sure, and all I want is a home that gives me treats and pets and a soft snuggly bed. I’d love a chill brother or sister dog to keep me company and help show me the ropes around your place. If cats are there, that’s cool, too! Will you share your home with me?

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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