Adopted: Rory

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Australian Shepherd / Beagle mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Size: 50 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Mostly
    • Kids? 12+ years

Hello! My name is Rory, I am a fuzzy ball of love!

***Rory is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Rory’s family will make all decisions regarding his adoption.***


I was born on a farm to be a work dog, but because of my incredibly handsome looks, cuddly nature and overall puppy cuteness, I was soon adopted for a life of play and companionship! Made me so happy, really suits me to be a family pet, I want to keep it this way please!


I am a really loving, fun, silly, friendly, affectionate, happy go lucky and smart pooch, who loves people, and loves being close to my person/people whenever they are around. I happily follow them wherever they go, and find watching what they are doing endlessly interesting. And bonus…maybe they will at some point feel like rubbing my belly or throwing a ball for me! Whoo-hoo, super fun, yes!

I am a major cuddle-bug! They say that I am a great foot warmer on those cold winter days, and this is very true, although I am just as happy to be a lap warmer or even a whole body warmer! When I want your attention, I rest my head in your lap and gaze up at you adoringly. This, I am told, is incredibly adorable and sweet. When I do this, it might mean “I need to go outside to potty please,” or “please fill my water or food bowl, I’m thirsty or hungry,” or “I would love some loving right now if you don’t mind.” If I can’t get you with the head-on-the-lap trick or the big-soulful-eyes trick, I will then resort to bumping you with a cold wet nose! Hahaha, that always works! If you then ask me, “Rory, what do you want?” I will answer with a happy chuff or a bark!

In terms of my energy…I am pretty flexible. I will have as much energy as you are up for and am just as happy to lounge around all day as I am to head out with you on an all-day hiking adventure. I really enjoy leashed walks, and once I know, love, and am bonded to you (I need at least 6 months please!), I would also be trustworthy to be off-leash in safe places like hiking trails and at the lake. When it is too cold or wet to spend time outside I am super happy curling up on the couch with you and relaxing all day!

Given my breed mix, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am incredibly smart. You can see some of my smarts in the videos, I know a bunch of commands like: sit, down, shake, come here, say please, and dance/up! And I am bilingual—I know them all by voice and also by hand signal! When out walking on leash, I can “stop” and “wait” and then begin walking again when you say “Ok, let’s go!” I could learn loads more commands and would love to learn tricks, but please teach me using treats and positive reinforcement! That’s what works with me, plus I love it!

I have lovely manners, am housebroken, and have never been destructive in the house when left alone. So while an open crate is a fine thing to have around (I like a safe space like a crate, or under a table sometimes), I do not need to be shut into a crate when you are not there. I never get into trouble, I just chill out, wait for you to come home, and give you the happiest greeting when you do!


I am a little shy/timid when I meet people for the first time but if they give me just a tiny bit of time, I quickly warm up to them and am very friendly!

I get along great with other dogs—I find it fascinating to hang with other dogs and love checking out what they are all doing!

I have lived with cats and in general, am great with them in that I basically ignore them, but if they get rowdy, I will then “investigate the situation” (aka, I will try to herd them), and maybe you can guess how much the cats enjoy that. Hahaha. I never hurt them though, just sort of irritate them.

I am very good with older kids but I do feel the need to herd and keep younger kids out of trouble, so would be best in a home with kids 12 and up!

Favorite Activities

  • Going for walks and exploring! Especially along hiking trails where I can be off leash!
  • Chasing tennis balls! Catching frisbees!
  • Cuddling! I am a massive cuddle-bunny! I am so happy when lounging on the couch next to my people or laying across their feet — anything as long as I get to be in contact/ touching them!
  • Being allowed on the couch so we can snuggle and be in contact!

Why I am looking for a new home

A member of my family suffers from PTSD and unfortunately sometimes when I bark or get excited it is a trigger for them, and so I need to find a new forever family in which I’m not accidentally triggering anxiety and upset with my normal, well-meaning, friendly dog behaviors.


I am in great health! I have no medical issues!


They say that I am an exceptional companion and that you will never feel alone with me by your side. I have tons of love to share, and aim to please with whatever I am doing. I love all sorts of activities and want everyone around me to be happy! My ideal home is a person or a family that likes to spend time outdoors so I can get plenty of walks. A fenced in yard would also be great so I can explore and check out the perimeter! Really, I love more than anything to get to be close to my person/people. And speaking of close to my people—my current family would love to find me a new home close to Ithaca so that they can still be a small part of his life, getting to visit every once in a while. They love me very much, and though they do need to find me a new home, they’d like to stay in touch.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and we will forward it to Rory’s family.

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