Adopted: Dancer

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: 25 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Yes, 12+ please!

Hello! My name is Dancer. I am adorable, loyal, playful and loving! Active folks who want a running / hiking buddy will love Dancer’s speed and stamina!

***Dancer is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Dancer’s family will make all decisions regarding his adoption.***


Before I was adopted by my current caretaker I was beaten and abused. It took the past two years with my caretaker for her to prove to me that people can be safe and wonderful. Now I give kisses and am very affectionate and loving! I especially love to be petted and cuddled…I sleep with my owner on her bed at night and love it!


True to my Yorkie breed, I have loads of wonderful happy energy, I love to play and I run very fast! My long legs help me run faster than many dogs, which I find hilarious and awesome.

When hiking with other dogs and their owners on forest trails, I love to be out in front leading the pack but I also always double back to make sure my caretaker is okay!

I am a dog who loves and cares about people and other dogs very much, I have a big sweet heart and a lovely temperament.

I love to explore new places and new trails, so would love to be adopted by someone who likes to hike or take long walks. I also love the car rides to get to a hiking spot, but love arriving at the trail (“I get to run soon!”) even more!

I got the name Dancer because…..well…I dance! Check out the photo of me up on my hind legs…I really and truly like to dance on my hind legs while wagging my tail very fast. And I’ no one-trick dancer…when I dance – I can go backwards, forwards, and jump and turn in circles! Really! People say I could be a circus dog, and they laugh when they say it, but I’ve heard about circuses…no thank you, I prefer to give solo performances for you and your friends!

I really enjoy being the center of attention and love it extra a lot when everyone says how cute I am! I play with my toys and bring them back to be tossed again and again. I especially like to play tug of war and I love squeaky toys and balls!!

I know basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay and come. I walk on a leash pretty well, though admit that I am always in a hurry to get to the next place quickly. I might like to take mellow, ambling walks when I am a much older dog, but for now, I like to go-go-go when we are out exploring the world!

I know how to use a doggy door and use it to potty outside in my fenced yard.  I might need a little time to get used to a potty schedule if my new home doesn’t have a doggy door. But no worries, I am super smart, I am sure if you give me a week or two, I’ll have it down no problem.

When I go out in the yard ,I come back quickly because I want to see where my caretaker is and make sure she is okay. I consider myself to be an excellent alert dog – letting my caretaker know if someone is walking past our house or is at our door.

My 2 DNA tests show that I am over 90% Yorkie and less then 10% Silky Terrier, though I am bigger and taller than either breed standard (weighing in at a healthy 25 pounds), so go figure!

Everywhere we go people compliment my caretaker about how adorable, friendly, and happy of a dog I am. Awwww…shucks!

I am over most of the trauma of my prior abuse, but it still shows up once in a while. One time my current mom was throwing a toy ball for me (which I love) and one of her tosses wasn’t that great and it hit me accidentally. I got so upset, thinking she meant to hurt me, that I ran off and hid under the bed for the better part of 2 days. Another time she and I were relaxing in bed together one morning and she picked up a newspaper to read in bed, and I must have flashed back to being hit with a newspaper, and I got terrified and hid under the bed. I used to be hand-shy and foot-shy when she first got me, but I’m pretty much over that. But as these examples indicate, things that remind me of past abuse (even normal things like accidentally being hit with a ball) could still trigger some fear in me, so that’s why a) a home with kids over 12 will be best for me since younger kids do all sorts of things that are normal for their age but would for sure scare me, and b) I hope for a home with calm, understanding, gentle people who love being active outside, but who aren’t super loud or rambunctious in the house.


I love people so much, but given the abuse in my past, really prefer sweet, calm, gentle, patient people who are quite active outdoors (love walks, hikes, etc), but are more of the soft-spoken, understanding type indoors!

I do not like being alone but am really okay being left at home as long as I get to stay with another friendly dog.

Since fast movement, yelling, and accidentally being fallen on or bonked with a toy can really terrify me, living with kids 12 and older who have a gentle, sweet temperament is what I need. Some kids are super active and rambunctious and that would scare me.

I am terrified of crates and confined. Everyone guesses that I must have been punished badly in crates in and confined spaces, so please don’t make me go into places like that. It’s really not necessary as I am housebroken and am not destructive (as long as there is another dog at home for company for me when you are gone). Thank you.

My caretaker does not have a cat but I have met one or two and we seem to like each other!

Most of all – I want to be with my family and friends all the time. I love to sleep curled up next to my owner on her bed.

Favorite Activities

  • Giving and receiving cuddles and kisses!
  • Being told I’m loved and cared about!
  • Playing – chasing sticks and toys!
  • Cavorting with doggy friends!
  • Dancing and jumping and getting your attention!
  • Eating – I love treats!
  • Running! Whoo hoo!
  • Exploring new trails!
  • Car rides to interesting places!
  • Chasing rodents (haha, sorry, it is really so much fun)!
  • Sleeping soundly next to my caretaker!

Why I am looking for a new home

My caretaker is ill and is unable to take care of my young self, with my needs for play and daily exercise.


  • I have had excellent care and am happy and healthy!
  • My hair is like human hair and will need combing and an occasional trim. I have a short summer hair cut now so that I am cooler and collect less seeds and burrs.
  • I have had a traumatic experience in the past with someone cutting the quick (veins) in my nails so cutting my nails is traumatic for me. You must go very slowly or have a professional do it. My mom can cut some of them, but she also often takes me to the vet who sedates me for a full nail trim.
  • Because I am a Yorkshire Terrier – I have digestive issues. I am allergic to Greenies so my caretaker gives me a raw soup bone to chew on (without the marrow) to keep my teeth the brilliant white they are. She also feeds me a quality dry food with canned pumpkin and some cooked chicken or beef mixed in. And sometimes green beans which I like! The canned pumpkin seems essential to me having good digestion–my current mom says she gets a giant can at Wal-Mart for less than $1.99! I also get Dasaquin with MSM, fish oil, and a multivitamin every day.
  • I have had all my shots and have also have monthly, flea, tic, heart worm and other parasite treatments.


I am an amazing little guy who rebounded from a terrible former situation. I have really blossomed into a happy, friendly, loving and affectionate little boy under my current owner’s loving care. I’m sad that I can’t stay with her forever, but understand that her current medical issues preclude her continuing to give me the life I deserve, so am thankful that she is going to find me a great new home and am excited for the new adventure. I am hoping for a new forever home with people who will be understanding and very kind to me, and with whom I can have loads and loads of fun every day for the rest of our lives.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and CDR will forward it to Dancer’s family.

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