Adopted: Lola

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: English Springer Spaniel
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Size: 45 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? No experience
    • Kids? Yes! 5+

Hello! My name is Lola “the wiggle butt”. I can wiggle my butt faster than any other dog in the world when I am happy.

***Lola is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. This is a courtesy posting for Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 who will make all decisions about Lola’s adoptive placement. Please contact by above phone or email to apply to adopt her.***


I have been with my current family since I was a puppy! My family is so worried about giving me up because I developed diabetes about 9 months ago and they want to make sure my new family will be able to care for me and love me for the wigglebutt that I am!


First of all, I am an extroverted dog. I love it when people play and notice me. When I see a new person, I can get super excited. I enjoy it when people pay attention and play with me.

My energy level varies throughout the day. In the morning, I can be a lazy dog that wants to sleep all day. When it is time for me to be fed, I become ecstatic and will remind everyone what time it is. I will always be active during walks, but can lose energy after playing with a ball for a long time. One activity that never tires me out is when I chase bubbles, especially big ones.

Lastly, I am caring and a wonderful companion. Whenever you are sad or lonely, I will be there to cheer you up. I do not mind hugs or kisses, though I do not give slobbery kisses often. I love it when people sit next to me, especially when they give belly rubs. I look forward when my owner comes home when I hear the door open.

One of the well-known quirks I have is my wiggly butt. Whenever I get excited, such as when I see food or meet new people, I wiggle my butt since I have a short tail. Also, I love small treats, but can only have small portions. Some of my favorite treats are apple slices, steamed carrot, and peanut butter. I usually don’t fancy green vegetables, unless I’m very hungry. Unlike most dogs, I don’t enjoy chewing bones because of my fragile teeth. I snore loudly when I sleep, which is often. When people invite me up, I like to sit on their laps.


I love people, so obviously I am not a good guard dog. I can play with other dogs but I don’t have any experience with cats. I love to play with kids as long as they are big enough to handle me.

Favorite Activities

  • Cuddling
  • Going on walks
  • Eating food
  • Playing catch with squeaky balls
  • Sleeping in sunspots on the carpet
  • Getting my belly rubbed

Why do I need a home

My family is moving to a different country and my vet said I cannot go with them since it will require me to be transferred via airplane for a very long distance then later keep me in quarantine for a few weeks. I am diabetic and my vet fears that I would not survive the trip. My family wants me to have many more happy years and so is willing to give me up so I can get that. We will miss each other very much, but I know they are doing what they think is right for me and I am excited to start this next chapter—yes…my butt is wiggling!


I have been diabetic since last April. Currently I have two shots of insulin at the same time every day. I also developed a partial blindness caused by diabetes. Based on my vet, I am currently 50% blind but I still get around very well and you would never know it when you meet me!—I just can’t always see really small things in front of me though, unless it’s my bubbles!


I love my current mom and dad and human siblings. I hate to see them go. Soon they will begin packing and still I don’t have my new family…Yes—I will need my shots every day and we are still regulating my diabetes and so I will need access to potti breaks every 4-6 hours and someone who knows that what I give back in my happy go lucky companionship is worth it! I will play when you want to play and be a couch potato when you want to rest. I am charming and playful and when you are blue, I will make you smile with my wiggling little butt. If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Susan at Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue (contact info: 607-562-8085 who will make all decisions about Lola’s adoptive placement.

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