Adopted: Darby

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Goldendoodle
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 5.5 years old
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Probably fine!
    • Kids? Calm older teens, 16+

Hello! My name is Darby and I am a curly, playful goofball who loves to snuggle!

***Not taking any further applications at this point!***

***Darby is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. Darby’s family will make all decisions regarding his adoption.***


I was born at the home of a Goldendoodle breeder in Pennsylvania. I was picked by my family when I was 8 weeks old and have been a part of the family ever since.


I am a wonderful, playful, goofball of a dog! I’m always ready to play, with a smile on my face and a wag in my tail! I’m a “play hard/sleep hard” kind of dog. Playing outside is my happy place. Balls, frisbees… I love them all! Playing in the snow? My dream come true! I love to run around in my fenced-in yard, galloping and jumping and very intently searching for any toy you toss my way. After playing, I love to collapse in a big snugly pile. Twenty minutes of serious playing is often followed by two hours of serious sleeping/snuggling!

I’m also a super affectionate pup! I love to gives kisses! When my humans sit on the couch, I am pretty quick to come sit right next to them. Sometimes, if you stop petting me when I am in a particularly snugly mood, I sweetly and gently lick your hand to get you to pet me more. Ya know what? It works!
I don’t mean to brag, but… I am incredibly smart and I love learning new things! I am very motivated by treats and I love to work on training. I know basic commands (sit, down, stay, spin) though can be distractable in stimulating environments because I’m just so excited to meet new people and see what’s going on around me. Food definitely helps me focus! When I figure out that you are starting a training session, I am eager to sit down and show you that I’m ready. I’m so eager, in fact, that I practically vibrate with excitement!

I love the couch! After a walk, I often excitedly run into the living room and roll all over the couch. Seriously, people. I am a gymnast and could win a gold medal in couch somersaults! After 10-30 seconds of couch somersaults, I usually get comfy and curl up in a ball on the couch. When my humans are sitting on the couch, I often dance sideways until I am sitting right on my Mom or Dad’s lap! Ha-ha, a 60 pound lap dog! Everyone finds this hilarious.

I’m very tuned in to the people and animals around me. I excitedly notice what is going on outside. I’ve lived my whole life in a small neighborhood about 15 minutes outside of town. There is a moderate amount of activity on our road – people walking their dogs, packages being delivered. If you’re looking for a guard dog, I’m your guy! I’m great at alerting you to the presence of people or animals on your property, which has been comforting to my human mom when she’s been home alone.

I love toys! I need the “tuff” toys though, as I unstuff stuffed toys immediately. I also like rubber balls and nylabone toys. No rawhide for me; they upset my stomach. If you really want to make my day, bully sticks are my very favorite treat!


I love my adult humans and every adult I have ever known.

I currently live with three kids (a 10-year-old and two 13-year-olds). Their high energy and loud voices make me anxious and stressed. If they are loud and active, I get agitated, jumpy, and start barking. My humans used to think this meant that I wanted to join in the excitement, but they have learned from seeing a behaviorist that this reaction actually means that I’m stressed.

I live with another dog (a female) and I really like having her around. I am more playful than she is – I’m grateful she tolerates my exuberant playfulness (even if she doesn’t actually play with me much).

I am very excited when I meet other dogs, and I am super eager to play with practically every dog I meet. I often go into the “play bow” position and try to start romping around. If a dog doesn’t want to play with me, I sometimes bark to try to convince him/her to join in on the fun! I have been kennelled a few times per year since I was a puppy and I absolutely adore going to the kennel. Each time I go, I sit down immediately to show the kennel owner what a good boy I am. My Mom and Dad always get great reports about how well I’ve done during my kennel stays! I used to go to a dog park sometimes, but we had to stop. A lot of people bring treats to the dog park, and since I can get funny and try to resource guard food and treats, it’s not a safe environment for me. If a kid was handing out treats, that could go bad for everyone.

I live with a very old man cat. I stay in two rooms of my house so I don’t bother the little old kitty man because he is pretty stressed out by my exuberant presence. I am really interested in him, though. I’d like to meet him (and maybe chase him a little for fun), but I haven’t really been given the opportunity. The couple times I’ve come in contact with him, I’ve actually been pretty curious, quiet, and gentle. Sometimes I bark at him or whimper a little when I see him walking around the house, but it’s probably because I’d like to make friends.

Favorite Activities

  • Snuggling!
  • Running around my fenced yard!
  • Snoozing on a comfy couch!
  • Going for walks!
  • Working on training/tricks (preferably with delicious treats)!
  • Sitting on your lap (I don’t realize I’m much bigger than the typical lap dog!)!

Why I am looking for a new home

Sadly, it’s about the kids. I love the kids in my home a lot, and we have had very loving, fun, wonderful relationships, but a) their energy and loudness makes me anxious and agitated, and b) since I was a puppy, I resource guarded my food and treats around them (never with adults and not with the other dog in the house either). On the resource guarding…I used to growl if the kids came near me when I ate, so mom and dad smartly have had me eat safely in my crate since. I can be weird around treats if the kids are around too, so everyone has been very careful about that stuff too. Twice now, I’ve been so anxious that I’ve bitten them. Now the kids are (understandably) scared of me, I have to be kept separated from them all the time, and it’s very sad for everyone. It’s an untenable situation for the long-term. What everyone has learned is that though I love them, kid and teen energy makes me anxious and stressed, and I would be so much happier and so much more balanced in a home with only adults. So, though everyone is incredibly sad including me, we are all in agreement that finding me a home with older teens or a child-free new home is what needs to happen.


I am in great health! No issues, no problems!


Hopefully, everyone reading this sees what a great guy I am! I love to play and snuggle, then play and snuggle some more! I am curious and smart and learn quickly. High energy kids make me anxious. I respond very well to kind, firm consistency. In a busy household with three kids, consistency has been hard for my current family to achieve. Barbie has her Dream House and I’m hopeful I can find my dream home, too! In my doggy daydreams, I imagine a home with adults and possibly some calm teenagers, people who are willing to give me enough exercise, and enjoy my exuberance. My dream home would include lots of outside play time (in a fenced-in area) and some good company. I definitely don’t want to be alone. I’d be happy to be an only dog in a home where the humans are home a lot. Right now, both of my adult humans leave home to go to work during the day and I’m fine with that since I have a doggy friend. So, if the humans need to be gone during the day, I’d really love to have a canine companion.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and we will forward it to Darby’s family.

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