Adopted: Sweetpea

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Shepherd/Beagle mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Size: 35 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? No
    • Cats? Curious/interested
    • Kids? 16+

Hi! My name is Sweetpea and I am the happiest, most fun little girl around!


I was found as a stray and landed in a rough, dismal shelter in Tennessee. Luckily a wonderful rescue worker there knows about Cayuga Dog Rescue, and knew they would want to rescue me! I hopped a ride on the Canine Underground Railroad and made my way all the way to Ithaca to the CDR foster program! I love my new life, getting to meet new people, playing with all of my cool new toys, and relaxing on my comfy dog bed. It’s been so much fun!!


I am a happy, friendly, enthusiastic little love bug! I have a lot of joyful enthusiasm and can be really affectionate with the hugs and the kisses! I like meeting new people (I am waggy and friendly) but love it so much more when I get to develop close and loving special relationships. Though I appear nothing but happy and confident, I’m actually secretly also a bit insecure and shy, and I love how great it feels to get to know people well and know for sure that they are kind and safe and trustworthy!

Once I know you a bit, I am very affectionate, kissy-kissy (“lick! lick!”) and playful! My favorite thing is to run around in a fenced yard, chasing after balls or toys, and then cuddling up close to you and showering you with gentle little kisses! I really like when people sit with me on the floor and give me scratches and pets and cuddles and attention. Sometimes I even get back massages, which are the best!!

I also really love playing with my toys! Toys are so great, I never had any down in Tennessee! Turns out that i get overstimulated by stuffed animal toys and can’t calm down, so it’s best that I not have those! Sometimes when I get to playing, I roll over onto my back and I get stuck there! It takes me a lot of wiggles to right myself again, its pretty silly!!!

Even though I am a happy playful young doggy, I’m not hyper (except for when you give me stuffed animal toys), and I also can be chill at times for sure. Sometimes I just feel like laying around chewing on my Kong toy, or having a small siesta, and I always know when it’s time to go to sleep at night and I’m happy for it to be bedtime! I am quiet through the night but happy to get up in the morning!

I love going on walks!! I really love smelling exciting new things outside, it’s endlessly fascinating and I love doing it with you. And get this…even though I’m just a youngster, I am excellent on the leash, I never pull as long as I am wearing my Sensation harness (which helps me not pull, but still)! Pretty good for a pup my age! I am also 100% housebroken, though since I have been bunking at a kennel for the last many months I might need a little refresher course to help me adjust to your new schedule and being back in a home setting.

I am a smart little girl! I am learning new things every day which is really fun, especially as it involves all kinds of yummy treats and praise!

I would love to have a forever home with a fenced backyard so that I can run around and play or where I could get taken on excellent daily leashed walks!


I love people very much, especially once I get to know them. I would love sweet, friendly, gentle, reassuring, and fun adults!

Kids 16 or older would be a great fit for me– I’d prefer not to be around younger ones all the time, Too much commotion and movement for me!

I am very nervous around other dogs and don’t like having to share space with them (inside or even in a fenced yard). So, I would really like to be your only dog!

I am fine walking by other dogs on leash– as long as you don’t let them come over to meet and greet. That would make me feel very threatened!

I am not ok with cats, so a no-cat household please!

Favorite Activities

  • Playing with you! Playing with toys!
  • Your attention and cuddles and kisses and petting!
  • Going for hikes in the woods with you! Any kind of leashed walk is great!
  • Soft dog beds! Whoo hoo!!


I am in terrific health! I have a bit of seasonal allergies, so take a few Benadryl sometimes, but otherwise, all seems perfect!


I am a playful, happy, incredibly loving girl who so wants a forever home filled with calm and fun and love and joy and playing and kisses! I would love to have a forever person who will give me attention, take me on walks and hikes, and who will sit with me and just give me some belly rubs and back scratches! I don’t like lots of change, so hope for a forever home that has a stable, consistent routine without much chaos or hustle bustle. If this sounds like you, please apply to adopt me! I want to find my forever family soon!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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