Hi! My name is Zoey and I am so sweet and easygoing, everyone just wants to kiss and cuddle me all day long!
Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Beagle mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 11 years old
  • Size: 40 pounds (will be 30!)
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Yes!
    • Kids? Yes! 5+

Hi all,

Very sad news to share.  Our incredibly sweet little epileptic beagle girl zoey, whose seizures had previously been controlled well with medicine for the past 3-4 months, had to be rushed to Cornell ER late last night for the second time this week with uncontrollable seizures.

The Cornell docs were able to stabilize her with IV medicines the first time this happened, a few nights ago, but she seized again a day later, and then last night went into nonstop seizures for hours that they could not fully stop despite massive amounts of IV valium and IV phenobarbitol.  I spoke at length to the really wonderful, caring ER doc on staff last night, and he sadly explained that seizures this bad, that go on that long, and that can’t be stopped with even these huge doses of medication, is a very, very bad sign.  He was extremely doubtful that this kind of pattern could be stabilized, and predicted that things were likely to continue no matter how much they changed her meds.  Given this, he recommended euthanasia, and after discussion with Zoey’s wonderful foster parents, who have done such a phenomenal job loving and caring for her, we all agreed.

Please send out love and thanks to our foster family for giving Zoey many months of incredible love and life.  Zoey was truly one of the happiest little sweeties we have probably ever had in rescue.  I am so grateful that I got to visit with her on Sunday after her first bad seizure episode, and though she was exhausted by the ordeal, she seemed as happy and affectionate as always.  That was Zoey.

I am so thankful that she was with us for her last months.  I know they were incredibly joyful months for her.



I landed in a high kill shelter in KY, which no one can understand because I am the sweetest girl possible. I must have had a caring family, as I just LOVE people and am incredibly easygoing and relaxed and happy! We’ll never know what circumstances led me to being homeless, but I’m so happy to be in a lovely foster home and awaiting my forever person or family!


People just go on and on and on about how sweet and easygoing I am, it’s so nice, it makes me feel all warm inside. They tell me that usually when dogs arrive after the long, stressful, 2 day transport from the south, the dogs are anxious and exhausted or hyper and nervous. But not me! I was just like, “Hey guys! Hi! (kissy-kissy). Nice to meet you! (wag-wag-wag-wag-wag). Thanks for taking me home! Let’s snuggle together, yay!”

I’m a very sweet soul. As you can surmise from my photos, I smile almost all of the time… Because I feel so happy pretty much all of the time! I love sitting near you, cuddling on the couch, watching the things you do, having interesting conversations with you (I listen, you talk), and giving and getting affection. If you are sitting on the couch, I will sometimes walk over to you and just lay my head in your lap. My foster mom says it makes her heart melt. Awwwww!

I love being petted! And having my butt scratched! And going for walks with you! And sniffing around in the fenced yard!

I do this adorable little dancey-prancey thing when I get excited, like when you decide to scratch my butt, or tell me that it’s time for a walk. Or if you tell me it’s dinner time! Whoo-hoo! Unfortunately, my love of food has led me to be 25% bigger than is healthy for me. The nice vet at Cornerstone says I should eventually get down to 30 pounds, so I am getting to have all of these lovely walks and am getting yummy green beans mixed into my kibble! So far, I am really liking this “spa” weight loss program! No gripes here! J

I am totally housebroken (though might have one accident on the first day in a new home). I often go to the door to let you know that I need to go out, which I’m told is something called “terrific communication.” I’m also a perfect sweetie when you leave me in the house…I have free roam of my foster home, and don’t bother a thing. I mostly hang out on my dog bed or on the couch, and play with my toys or take a nap or look out the window! I prefer being around people, but am A-OK on my own when you go to work. I can do stairs just fine, but typically prefer to hang out on the main level of the house!

I am a bit of a playful girl, and might try to get you to play tug-of-war with me. In my temp foster home in KY, there was another dog, and I tried to get that dog to play tug with me too!

I am a pretty quiet girl, not doing much barking at all. I’m very content to go for some lovely leashed walks, and take things easy.

I am good in the car, good at the vet, sleep through the night and smile all the time!


  • I am a SUPER loving and sweet girl with all people and kids who are gentle and respectful!
  • I am totally fine with other dogs, and am sharing my foster home with a very nice male poodle mix. He’s not very interested in playing, so we are companionable, but mostly do our own thing. I am happy to say hello to other dogs when we are out on leashed walks, but don’t seem too interested beyond that. One thing to know about me–I LOVE squeaky toys and am a bit of a toy stealing sneak! Whatever toy the other dog has is the one that I really want, so you have to watch me with toys if you have a dog who wouldn’t enjoy me trying to sneak off with his toy!
  • I am great with cats!

Favorite Activities

  • Hanging out with you!
  • Being petted! Being snuggled!
  • Napping and cuddling with you!
  • Laying my head on your lap!
  • When my humans talk to me!
  • Hanging out with other dogs and cats!
  • Playing with squeaky stuffed toys!
  • Going for leashed walks!
  • Anything involving food/treats!


I have epilepsy! Yay! I know, right…you might not imagine that I would be so excited to have epilepsy, but I am so happy because the docs figured out what was wrong and put me on this terrific medication that made the seizures go away! So I’m so happy! I take 2 medicines right now…one is twice a day, and the other is three times a day. I gobble my pills up in this utterly delicious cream cheese or in pill pockets which is another reason that having this condition “ain’t so bad!”

Otherwise, the docs say I am in very good health and just need to lose that extra weight. I will have to have my liver levels checked once or twice a year, to make sure that the medicines aren’t having any bad side effects on me, but otherwise, we are all hoping that my seizures are a thing of the past.


My foster mom says that I am sweeter than honey. I am looking for a fun, loving, wonderful forever home with you! Come and meet me!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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