Adopted: Lucy Goosey

Hello! My name is Lucy and I am the world’s best tennis ball fetcher!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Beagle mix!
  • Gender: Female Spayed
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Size: 50 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? Yes!
    • Cats? Unknown
    • Kids? Ages 10+

Lucy is not a CDR dog. This is a courtesy posting for Lucy’s current owners, who will make all decisions about her adoption. To apply to adopt Lucy, fill out an online application and we will forward it to her current owner.


I was born July 1st 2007 in a kill shelter in Ohio and was then transported to Rochester NY by a rescue. I stayed at a foster house until I was old enough to be put up for adoption. My current momma adopted me from the rescue when I was 16 weeks old and we’ve been together ever since. My dog-momma was a beagle but since I was born in the shelter no one knows about my dad so “Beagle mix” will have to do!


I love love love people! My mom says that I am an amazing companion. I follow her from room to room, no matter what she is doing or why. Upstairs to drop off laundry? I’ll help! Sitting down to rest for a minute? Me too, on the floor right beside you! Making some lunch? Don’t mind if I watch. Taking a shower? I’ll keep you company! Mom says she could have named me Shadow! I’m pretty sure I’m a lap dog but my mom says I am too big for that…but I think she is wrong! I know I would still fit if you let me (if you invite me on the couch we can test it out)!

I love to have my belly rubbed and my ears scratched, but most of all I absolutely, totally, and whole-heartedly love to have my back and the base of my tail scratched!!!  If you bend down or sit on the floor to scratch my back (or my ears), I will often sit upright and then put my paws on your shoulder like I am trying to give you a lovey thank you hug! And when you scratch my back, magical things happen. Not only does it make me the happiest dog ever to have lived, it also trumps my fear of water!

Check out how this works vis a vis baths. So, I’m willing to jump into the bath tub when it’s totally empty and dry. If there is any water in the tub, forget it, I’m outta there. Once in the dry tub, my mom turns the water on gently, and I get a little nervous and shaky. But then mom starts to scratch my back and reassure me that it’s just a bath just like the hundreds I’ve had before, and as long as she keeps scratching my back, I will actually sit down in the water! And allow myself to be bathed! How about that? Getting my back scratched is so wonderful that I forget my fear of water! They laugh and tell me I’m quirky and I guess that’s good, because there’s a lot of affection in their voices when they say it.

Speaking of quirky…I don’t like to eat alone! I pretty much won’t eat my food unless one of my people is nearby.  When I was a puppy, my people would put my food dish in the kitchen, but then be in another room. When I would finally venture into the kitchen by myself, I would just scoop up a mouthful of food, carry it out to where my people were, drop it onto the floor near them, and then finally eat it piece by piece!

I’m told that I’m quite bright, and since I’m also highly motivated by treats (dog treats, cheese, peanut butter, chicken), I have learned lots of cool things like to sit, stay, lay down, and wait! My most favorite word is “outside.” I love to be outside…running around, chasing balls, laying in the grass, going for walks. All of it is my favorite! When I hear the word “outside” my ears perk right up! I am told that I run ridiculously fast. Of course I do—it’s so much fun!! I’m used to being off-leash in my parents’ unfenced yard, and if you live in a rural setting and have land and no fast cars driving nearby, and as long as you waited until we were bonded and you did some recall training with me, I am sure I could be trustworthy to be off leash with you too!

At night I sleep in mom and dad’s bedroom on a blanket or a dog bed on the floor and that suits me very well!
I am a dog with a job! My job is to protect my mom and our home! To that end, I bark when people come to the door, when doorbells ring, and when car doors slam. Bark-bark-bark-bark, until the people are inside and settled down. Then I stop, no problem! It’s nothing menacing, and no growling, just me doing my job. I also bark when I am outside in my yard and see people or dogs (or bikes or skateboards) pass by, and also when I am on leashed walks. Mom is working on the leashed walk barking by using treats to distract me when I see these things, and I am just finally starting to get the hang of it! I would LOVE it if someone would keep working with me on this, using positive distraction and positive focusing techniques!

I’m one of those dogs who acts differently when mom is around and when she’s not. For instance, when we go to the vet, I am a perfect lady with the vet if I am back in the room by myself, just me and the vet and/or vet tech. Contrast that with if my mom is in the room with us, then I am all growly and barky and a totally different dog! Easiest way to deal with this is to hand me over to the vet staff and stay in the waiting room! Then I will do great!


I love people!
I am great with other dogs once I get to know them!
I have been happy with kids age 10 and up. Not sure about younger!
I have no experience with cats as I have never lived with them. Would need to check it out!

Favorite Activities

Back scratches!
Following you from room to room!
Chasing after tennis balls!
Taking naps in the sun!
Running faster than the wind can blow!

Why I am looking for a new home

My parents have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. Even though they have done their best to teach the boys to be gentle with me, kids that age really can’t remember or control all that they do, and so they end up doing things that make me anxious and uncomfortable. After a few growls and one air-snapping moment, we’ve all come to the conclusion that this is not going to work. I’m stressed out, mom and dad are stressed out, and everyone is worried that an air snap could someday become a real snap that makes contact if the wrong circumstance occurs. Until then, mom and dad are keeping the kids away from me the best they can but the keeping us separated is tough because I love to be wherever my people are and I would love again to be free to go anywhere I want to. That’s why we’re all looking for a new great kid-free home for me. We’re all sad about it, but we also know that once the right new home is found, everyone is going to be happier again!


I only eat dry dog food that doesn’t contain eggs or corn in the ingredient list. My parents found out the hard way that eggs do not agree with my tummy when little people in my life years ago fed me scrambled eggs under the table. Dry dog food with the first ingredient of corn makes me gassy! You definitely will need to open the windows if you give me any corn based foods.


I am a really great dog!! I just need to be in a home without children and with reasonably experienced dog owners. I am very loyal and will be by your side constantly. I will follow you around the house, wherever you go. If you are looking for an outside running buddy, then I am the dog for you!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and the rescue folks will forward it to my current owner, who will make all decisions about my placement!

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