Adopted: Layla

My name is Layla, and I am a hilarious, incredibly good-natured, affectionate lovebug!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Boxer/Lab mix
  • Gender: Female spayed
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Size: 55 pounds
  • Good with…
    • Dogs? No
    • Cats? Nope!
    • Kids? 12+ Yes!

Layla is not a CDR dog. This is a courtesy posting for Layla’s current owners, who will make all decisions about her adoption. To apply to adopt Layla, fill out an online application and we will forward it to her current owner.


I was adopted by my current family when I was just old enough to leave my mom (the Lab) and dad (the Boxer), and I have lived with them ever since.  Life was great up until a few months ago when I suddenly decided that I am not very fond of my nosey older sister dog.


I’m Layla! Hi! Hi! Hi! Super glad to meet you! I’m told I’m kind of super duper cute–just look at my face–I bet it makes you want to grab hold and squeeze my sweet little jowls! I have the most luscious lips you’ve ever seen on a dog.

I am very cuddly and energetic – I will stay very loyal to my owners and love them as much as I can.  After a long day of exercise and outdoor time all I want to do is snuggle on the couch and watch TV with my favorite human. Stretching out with you on the sofa and putting my cheek right next to your cheek is one of my favorite ways to cuddle. I will also gladly nap (on your lap) whenever you take a midday snooze. During the day when my humans aren’t home I’m crate trained. I also sleep in my crate at night!

One of my favorite faces to make is the “Elvis lip” (refer to my beauty shot above).  I am also a big fan of selfies (again, look above!). I can catch popcorn mid air and when I do, my lips and mouth make the most fantastic smacking sound known to man!

I’m also intelligent, playful, and a fast learner.  I’m 5 years old, and while some have described me as “needing even more manners”, I prefer to think of myself as EXUBERANT and FUN-LOVING!! Which I am. And I actually do have quite a lot of good manners! I understand sit, down, and I’m working on “leave it” (am not so good at “come”). I’ve been trained with an invisible wireless fence, so I do know how to respect boundaries! Since I have had the invisible fence and lots of land to run around on at my home, I have rarely been walked on a leash. So I will need some help with that, along with learning to meet other dogs and humans without being so excited!  Please also know that if pieces of hot dogs are offered as rewards, I am very motivated to learn new tricks!  I will also work for bits of cheese and popcorn!

I enjoy lots of exercise.  Fun!! One of my favorite activities is chasing a tennis ball!  One that squeaks is even better!  A “Chuck It” is helpful to my owners since I can run so fast-fast-fast!  It also helps so that my owners arm isn’t so tired the next day, since I’m happy to play this game for quite some time! Multiple times every day if you are in the mood!  I also love going for walks in the woods, and love jumping over logs and downed trees! It’s like a natural agility course!


I am for sure good with kids 12+, but I’ve never lived with a human younger than that. Because of my excitedly wagging tail, however, I could easily accidentally knock over a small child.  With some simple training this shouldn’t be a problem.

I would prefer not to share my house with other dogs or cats.

Favorite Activities

  • Fetch! (the only time I may not bring the ball back is when I’ve decided I’m too tired and need a rest!)
  • Snuggling (I’m soooo good at this)!
  • Playing in any water (at the lake, in a pond, puddles, just the rain!)
  • Fetch with a frisbee (this cloth frisbee I call a “flippy flop” is my favorite)!
  • Walks in the woods!
  • Stealing gallon water jugs from the recycling bin to use as yard toys!! I’m so inventive! I repurpose things! I am eco-dog!
  • I also enjoy eating frogs. You will know I have done this when I’m frothing at the mouth, which is not good… I’ve also enjoyed “playing” with turtles I’ve found! Best to keep me on leash and out of trouble, yes?

Why I am looking for a new home

I don’t currently get along well with my older sister dog.  Because of this my owners have had to separate us with baby gates, crates, and closed doors and one of us always ends up feeling left out.  It makes my owners sad when I am lonely and in a different room from the rest of the family.  I will do best in a house that has no other animals!


I’m healthy!  I’ve also been spayed, vaccinated for rabies, and am microchipped.


I am the most cuddly dog ever, and I am looking for the right home where I can have undivided attention!  My current family has three acres of land where I can roam and play, so a new home with lots of land would be welcomed!  Get your ball throwing arm ready!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and the rescue folks will forward it to my current owner, who will make all decisions about my placement!

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