Adopted: Lizzy

Hello! My name is Lizzy, and I am sweet, smart and silly!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Weimaraner
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 13 years old
  • Size: 55 pounds
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes!
  • Cats? No
  • Kids? 12+ years


I lived with a sort of ok person for the first 8 years of my life, but I’d been neglected a bit and not fed enough, and generally not treated with the sort of love and care that all dogs long for. Luckily, my parents knew my former owner since I was a puppy, so knew me since then too! And then five years ago my then-owner finally realized that he wasn’t able to take care of me very well, my current mom and dad stepped up and rescued me! I’ve lived with them ever since, and things have been so much better!!

The only vestiges of some of the pain of my former life is that I am food obsessed (which is understandable since there wasn’t enough food for so long) and I get extremely anxious and upset if I’m crated or locked into a room all by myself. In those situations, I panic, but otherwise, I am just fine!

I am in excellent health! The only sign of aging is that my hearing seems to be going and I enjoy sleeping on the couch more!


I am the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet!! Seriously!! I love snuggling on the couch, on the bed, and on the floor– basically anywhere you’ll snuggle with me, I am game!. I like to let you know when I want some attention and petting by putting my paw on your hand or your lap and looking at you with my big puppy dog eyes (you humans can’t resist my big puppy dog eyes), and it so works! J Being around people is probably one of my favorite things– wherever people are, that’s where I want to be. I will follow you to the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, and even the bathroom if you’ll let me -I just really love hanging out! I also love sleeping on the couch and finding the nearest sunbeam so I can doze in the sunshine.

Have I mentioned that I loooove being outside? When I’m outside I like swimming, playing fetch in the water, and running. I am also really good at learning new commands, especially when there are treats involved!! I’m a very smart girl is what my mom and dad tell me all the time. I know how to sit, stay (though this is a tough one for me), give high fives, roll over, and play dead. I’ll do just about anything for a treat!

My family always laughs when I get creative with trying to find a sunbeam to lay in. I will find a sunbeam anywhere in the room, on the couch, on the floor, I’ll even sit in the shoe basket so I can reach the late afternoon sunbeams! Hilarious!! What am I..a cat? I guess I think that I might be! I also insist on being tucked into bed every night which makes my family chuckle. I have my very own blanket on the couch and every night when it’s time for bed I need to be covered with my blanket. If I’m not tucked in, I will follow you around until you tuck me in and then I will go to sleep!! I am told that this is the sweetest thing in the entire world. Awwwwww!

My favorite pastimes are running through the woods, finding treats that my family hides for me and licking people’s feet! Silly, right? I love feet! Running through the woods is the best! I like to sniff everything like any good hunting dog would. I’m so happy when I run through the woods that my family has often described watching me as “pure and total joy.” Once I am bonded to you and you work on “come” with me, I am *mostly* trustworthy off leash in the woods. The exception is if I find a dead animal—then I will not come back!

I love it when my family tells me to stay, hides treats for me in the house and then tells me to “find the treats!” I run through the whole house sniffing everything and wagging my tail and trust me…I am very good at sniffing out and finding those treats!! I also really enjoy licking people’s feet. It’s a bit of a nervous habit but it’s also one way I like to show affection to my family and say “I love you”.


I am fantastic with people and should be great with kids 7 years and older.

I am good with other dogs!

I have never lived with cats, so my behavior around them is unknown, but I was NOT okay with chinchillas in my original home. If you have cats, we would have to test me carefully.

Favorite Activities

  • Going for walks!
  • Swimming!
  • Running through the woods!
  • Getting treats for doing tricks!
  • Laying in sunbeams!
  • Hanging out with the family!

Why I am looking for a new home

My mom and dad had a baby 2 years ago, and recently had another one. I am having a really tough time with the 2 year old, who jumps on me and corners me into places. Mom and dad know that they need to monitor the 2 year old to make sure she doesn’t do these things, but it’s just not possible 24/7 when there is another baby to take care of and other things calling their attention. There have been a few times when the 2 year old was doing things that really upset me, and I nipped her to make her stop. I didn’t break her skin or anything like that, but it’s scary and upsetting for all of us, including me! Mom and dad think that if I could find a calm home without babies or toddlers to live out my life, I would be much happier. Though it breaks their hearts to think of rehoming me, they are also terrified that I might end up hurting one of the kids.


I am a kind, silly, gentle, loving, and sometimes hilarious soul who loves people and loves spending time with them. I would love to go to a home where I can go on walks every day, learn some new commands, and spend lots of time snuggling and just hanging out with my family. I also of course need a new person who will enjoy my silly antics, and who will tuck me in under my blanket every night!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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