Adopted: Bracken

Hello! My name is Bracken and I am an adorable puppy!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Whippet/ Boxer
  • Gender: Unspayed female
  • Age: 7 months old
  • Size: 40 pounds
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Dogs? Yes
  • Cats? Yes!
  • Kids? Probably!


I was adopted when I was a little 12 week old pup by an awesome person I call “First Mom.” She did a great job taking care of me throughout my puppyhood, taking me everywhere with her and teaching me all kinds of great stuff. Her life has changed though–she is now both going to college and working a lot so we both moved in with her mom (I call her Gramma!) and Gramma is doing most of my care at present. Since First Mom isn’t going to have the time to take care of me well for quite a number of years to come, everyone wants to find me a great new home so I can be as happy as I deserve to be! Gramma loves me a lot too, but says I need my own person/ family… and I would really, really love that.


I am a total lover! I love to snuggle with my people and am so happy when it’s my turn to snuggle on the couch! Gramma calls me Good Girl, Sweetheart, and Wiggle Butt all the time (!) and says “Ohhhh Bracken, that tail of yours!“ because it wags-wags-wags so happily all the time! One of First Mom and Gramma’s favorite things is when I wrap my front leg around their leg or arm and give hugs and kisses! Everyone thinks I’m real cute when I do that!!

I’m super affectionate and incredibly happy! That’s why Gramma calls me Wiggle Butt ….she says my whole back end wiggles when I wag my tail! I love to lay my head on your lap, give kisses, and snuggle next to you on the couch ~ when allowed. And I listen and get down off the couch if you tell me to! Gramma says I’m really smart, and she knows dogs really well, so I guess she must be right! I learned a lot from First Mom like Heel, Sit, Wait , High-Five and Crawl! First mom also taught me how to walk nicely on a leash, help out at the barn, go for walks in the woods, swim in streams, and how to do some cool dog tricks! As long as yummy treats were involved, I learned fast! And of course we would play, play, play, an awful lot, and I loved that so much, as playing is just THE BEST!

I’m super athletic! I love leashed walks and hikes and can run like the wind, so would probably be a fantastic jogging partner!! Gramma took me to a dog event called Lure Coursing, and oh wow, it was SO MUCH FUN! Lure Coursing is where a dog gets to chase after fake rabbit around a course (the “rabbit” is actually a white plastic bag that is attached to a line that zips around really fast in big circles). Everyone said I was a natural, because I love running fast and I found chasing the fake rabbit super fun! Gramma says that I have great puppy energy, so I need a home where I’ll be able to get good exercise and hopefully do fun sports and things like Agility training!

I am a little shy, but happy when I get to meet other people. Now that I’m not a baby anymore, I have started practicing my Big Dog bark, which I am enjoying doing when strangers come to the house! I am of course housebroken and have nice house manners and am *mostly* tolerant of you clipping my nails! My coat is a gorgeous brindle color with cute white patches, but my fur is very short, so I need a coat now that the weather is turning cold!


I love people!!! Love attention, affection, activities, and snuggling!

I’m great with dogs! There are several dogs here at Gramma’s house, and I mind them all very well. Unfortunately, they don’t really like to play, but I have learned to respect that, so that’s a good thing. Gramma’s dogs have strong opinions and like to give me lots of instruction about what I am allowed and not allowed to do (“dog rules”) so I’m quite well socialized with dogs! I would love to be able to play with other dogs, either because there will be a playful dog in my new home, or because you will take me to the dogpark or on playdates with your friends’ dogs!

There were cats in First Mom’s house, so I lived with cats for a while and that was A-OK, we were fine furry friends. There are no cats at Gramma’s house, so if you have cats, I would need a little reintroduction, but I’m sure that would go fine.

Favorite Activities

  • Playing!! With toys, with you, with other dogs!
  • Getting love!
  • Cuddling!
  • Running!
  • Going for walks…anywhere!
  • Going for car rides! I’m good in the car!
  • Eating! Yum, yum!!

Why I am looking for a new home

First Mom is a college student who works and doesn’t have the time for me to enjoy her company as much anymore ~ I miss having a Person Of My Own. Gramma loves me, but says I need my own person/ family and I would love that again…


I’m very healthy and up to date on my shots. I’m not spayed, because I’m just still a puppy!


I am a super puppy! I will be your best buddy! Everyone says that I am such a love…and have the sweetest disposition and eyes that make your heart melt. Awww!!!! I am very loving and energetic, yet calm down for snuggles and cuddles, no problem. Gramma and First Mom both say…come and meet me,, and prepare to fall in love!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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