Adopted: Jackson

Hi there! My name is Jackson and I am a super affectionate and hilarious little guy!!

    Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Wheaton Terrier Mix (we think!)
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 4-ish years old
  • Size: 14 pounds
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes!
  • Cats? Yes!
  • Kids? Yes!


You could say I’m an international man of mystery!  It’s hard to say where I came from, but someone obviously cared for me at some point.  I was found stray in the Ithaca area at the very end of June and luckily one of the neighbors there offered to care for me until my owners could be found. They put the word out online via FB, reported me to the local SPCA, and had me checked for a microchip (there was none) but shockingly, no one ever came looking for me.  Cayuga Dog Rescue offered to take me into their foster program, and I get to keep being fostered by the nice folks who found me until my forever home can be found!

My foster parents want you to know that I have endeared myself to everyone that I have met–human, canine and feline alike, and easily adapt to new routines and new friends!   Other than a lot of bug bites from my period being stray, and some initial (and very understandable) anxiousness, I am as fit and enthusiastic as can be!


I am one of those happy-go-lucky pooches!  I have fabulous, happy energy and I thoroughly enjoy being alive!

I am incredibly devoted and affectionate to my people! I love to curl up in a little ball next to you when you read, nap or are watching TV.  And if you hold me in your lap, I’ll make you laugh by rolling into funny upside down shapes with my tail in my mouth!!   I love to be held and kissed—oh, such a joy! I might even lick your nose and your ears if you let me. I love to be scratched and rubbed all over. When I am getting myself settled into a soft spot, I walk around in a few circles before I plop down!

I love soft things!  I love to sleep and lounge on anything that is soft—a bed, chair, blanket, towel on the floor– whatever is around!!  If I am asked politely to get down or off, I will oblige, but I would be over the moon if you didn’t mind me snuggling next to you on a couch, chair, or bed!  I enjoy being with my people most of all and am a very pleasant home office dog who will curl up and sleep while you work.

I love to play fetch with sticks and toys, either on my own or with other dogs in the yard  and I pretty much run circles around any canine I meet!  I’m fast!!!  ?   I am most definitely a terrier with all the alert, intelligent and inquisitive traits of the breed and have a fairly large vocabulary.  I’ll let you know anytime I need to go out to do my business or if I need something. I am a rock solid sleeper at night and even enjoy sleeping in!!  Since I am very alert, I’m not sure how I would do in an apartment with lots of outside noises going on, so we’d have to check that out.  Right now I am really enjoying being out in the country in my foster home!

I love playing!  I absolutely love my squeaky toys, especially my awesome green dinosaur!!  I love having chew toys especially after dinner for some reason!  I love to play outside!!!  I run around in circles and chase after balls or chipmunks or squirrels!   I would love to go and play in the dog park if you would take me please!! I LOVE running around in a fenced area and I LOVE other dogs!  Sometimes I can be vocal when playing with my doggy friends, but this is just because I am excited and having fun!  If one of the other dogs get annoyed with me (like if I try to hump them—woops—or if I’m being too excited about playing), I always back off right away.  I am very respectful and have great doggy manners.

I also love to go for leashed walks either just with you, or with your friends and their dogs!  So much fun!!!  I like when my human friends are active like I am. I love to run and I’d even be up for some long distance hiking excursions. I’ve been going on 2 and 3 mile hikes every day, but I’d love to go even further if you’re game!

I always greet you with all the love and affection in the world when you return home! I could use some positive training to refine my communication style, though in general I’m well behaved and have good manners instincts, even though I probably had minimal or no formal training in my former life.  I would probably love to do agility with you!

When meeting new people, I need you to tell me they are friends and to make a personal introduction between us, and then I am happy and interested!  I am a bit of a picky eater, which can be good because  you’ll never find me raiding the compost like other terriers I’ve heard about!!  I like a light breakfast and a nice healthy dinner with some snacks in between. After dinner I enjoy playing around the house with my green dinosaur and other toys and relaxing!

Though my belly can be sensitive to bug bites and scratches I have a beautiful soft wire coat that  is now a downy soft fawn red! Oh and by the way–I don’t mind being groomed, I’m even polite when you trim my nails!   Bathtime? Okey dokey–just make sure the water is warm!



Since arriving at my foster home, I have been living with 4 cats and 1 large dog.  Once the cats taught me what they are ok with, and what they’re not, we’ve been fine.  I do like to chase one of my cat buddies, but he doesn’t seem to mind now that’s he’s gotten used to me.  We’ve even been spied hanging out together when I’m out on my tie-line!

I like other dogs very much.  I’d love to live with another friendly, playful dog, but would be ok as an only dog if I got to go to the dog park and got lots of good exercise with you!


    Favorite Activities:

  • snuggling and naps with my people
  • playing fetch with sticks and toys
  • long walks and hikes
  • running
  • playing with any 4 legged friend who wants to play
  • reading and watching movies – I am quite literate!
  • taking care of your home and making sure no uninvited guests come in


I just had a great check up at the local vet and am in perfect health!!  Sometimes I can get itchy and the vet says that I have a sensitive belly and skin.  My foster parents have been using a medicated shampoo which has been helping a lot. Currently I am on a corn and wheat free diet and that helps!


I am an awesome little guy who loves to have fun and has a super big heart.  I have absolutely no aggressiveness in me–only sweetness and adoration.  I’m a smart little guy who needs friends who will take the time to communicate and spend quality time with me. My perfect forever home is with active people or with a family who is social, loves to walk, hike and play and truly appreciates the terrier personality.  Another dog in the home is a major plus since I am very playful with my doggy friends and can get lonely if I am alone, but would probably be ok as an only dog if you took me to the dog park and if we had doggy playdates sometimes.  A fenced for playing fetch is another super plus!. I’ll run circles around you and impress you with my speed. I bet I’d give a greyhound a run for their money! I’ve been told I’m about 4 years old, but am still a puppy in my joyful, happy little heart!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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