Adopted: Wally

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Black Lab/Border Collie Mix
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Size: 50 pounds
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Sorry, no!
  • Cats? Sorry, no!
  • Kids? Yes, 12+

Hi! My name is Wally, and I am a ridiculously happy, silly, fun loving 8 year old neutered male Black Lab Mix!

History and Why I am looking for a new home

I was picked up as a stray when I was about a year old, by a local shelter that had no facilities. All of us shelter dogs were chained up to a dog house with tons of food and water. That was the best they could do, and I appreciated their efforts, but it was incredibly cold outside, all through the winter. I was very confused and sad, and it was super hard for a young, athletic and super affectionate dog like me to be chained up 24/7. I need loves from the peoples!

Luckily, my current Mom and Dad came to see me, fell in love with my affectionate nature and silly, enthusiastic personality, and adopted me out of that freezing, lonely place. That was about 6 years ago. It’s been an awesomely wonderful 6 years, we love each other very much. but I am just not able to live peacefully with the other male dog in the house, Oscar. I have started fights with him a number of times, and despite significant work with a trainer and me learning all sorts of great rules and boundaries and such, I still go after him sometimes, which leaves him very, very nervous all the time. He’s a sweet, older dog, and as this problem is clearly not going to go away, we’ve all decided that everyone would be much happier and safer if I found a new home as an only dog. I’m sad about leaving my mom and dad, but they promise that they will find me new people who are just as loving and fun and sweet, so that sounds good to me!


If you are lucky enough to meet me, you’ll never forget me. I LOVE the peoples! I hope you like kisses, cuz I love to give ‘em!  We call it “giving the loves” at my house! I apparently have very soft fur, and a nice shiny coat. People are always wanting to pet me, especially my ears. They are these kind of cute, perky little things that bounce-bounce-bounce when I walk! People laugh at me when I perk them up, and give them my hilarious, big toothy grin!

I’m a pretty darn smart guy. See, I am very food motivated–I just love food! So, you can train me REAL EASY if there are treats involved. Treats? Did someone say TREEEEATS??  I went to 2 sets of obedience classes, and worked one on one with a personal trainer. Everybody thought I was very smart! I know all the dumb stuff like sit (duh, I can do that with my eyes closed), wait (that one is actually pretty important), stay, lie down, and  shake (I don’t get the appeal of that one, but I always do it anyway).

My mom plays this awesome game with me, where she tells me to stay, then she lies on her side on the floor. Then she says “OK!” and I dive bomb in up her side and snuggle in!! It’s my favorite!  NO!!   Wait, wait! I think my favorite is blowing bubbles in the baby pool! So fun! Or break dancing! For my break dancing trick, my mom and dad get me to lie down, then I roll onto my back and wriggle up a storm! It’s a riot! I make the people laugh with that one. NO!  Wait wait!   I think my real favorite is dinner time…I REALLY love my food!

I am used to getting walked 2 miles every morning, which I love. It’s enough for me, though more would be great too! I really like to sniff the sniffs. I am quite good on a leash, although I do sometimes bark at other dogs and bicycles. I think that’s just part of me:) I don’t pull on the leash though, I just ramble along happily.

Most of the day I spend on my bed. I am crate trained, so sometimes am in my crate, just waiting for my mom and dad to get home. I never have accidents in the house or anything like that! That’s for babies!   I sleep in their bedroom. I used to sleep on a bed right by their bed, but now they get worried there might be fights, so I sleep in my crate in their bedroom. I guess I asked for that one. It’s ok though, cuz I go in my crate all the time by choice; I like it in there!


I love all adults whom I have met. I greet enthusiastically and with total joy and delight!

I need to be in a house with no other dogs, and no cats. No visiting dogs and no taking me to your friends’ houses who have dogs or cats. Sorry. I want to keep everyone safe and happy!

I’m fine at a kennel, as long as they take me out separately; I am not a dog who would like group socializing with other dogs, I would not do well at a dog park!

    Favorite Activities

  • walks
  • dinner
  • rolling around on the floor with my people
  • I like to watch TV , especially when there are dogs on!
  • ball chasing
  • blowing bubbles


I have a very controlled case of epilepsy. Don’t panic! I’m doing great! I was having some grand mal seizures every once in a while, and then they got more frequent, so we started me on this great medication, and since then I haven’t had a seizure (as far as anybody knows) It’s been 4 years!!!!!!! I take it twice a day, with meals. Easy breezy, no problem!

Otherwise, I am in fabulous health!


You can’t help but love me! I am so funny and joyful and enthusiastic and adorable and soft and incredibly affectionate! I’m just an “only dog” kind of guy! I’m pretty active, so would love to live with somebody who likes to play with their dog, and who wants to get out every day. I get sad all by myself! I like affection and walks! I’d love a fenced in yard. I think I’d be fine downtown as long as I got walked every day.

Kiss Kiss Lick Lick,

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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