Adopted: Dusty and Pogo

Hello! We are Dusty and Pogo, the Dynamic Duo!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgis!
  • Gender: Dusty–female; Pogo–male
  • Age: Dusty: 6 years old; Pogo: 9 years old
  • Size: Dusty: 30lbs; Pogo: 24 poundslbs
  • Good with…
  • Dogs: Yes!
  • Cats: Yes!
  • Kids: Yes, 12+

History and Why We Need a New Home

We have had a great life. Our original owner was lovely and took great care of us. We got lots of treats and lots of walks. She loved and spoiled us, though was not *too good* at training (she was too nice and not very firm–tee-hee, we got away with a lot!). In March, she fell and broke her hip and was no longer able to take care of us. Luckily, her son came and got us and took us to his home in Ithaca, where we have been ever since. We hadn’t been on long car rides before, but they are super fun! Now we love to get into the car and go for rides, as they always end up in some fun places where we get to go for gorgeous walks. He is much more of an active guy than was our former mom so we get out of the house much more now than we had in previous years. We’re getting into shape and liking it a lot! Unfortunately, we can’t stay here long-term. They already have two dogs and very busy lives, so we are all looking for a fabulous new home that will welcome both of us together. We are extremely bonded and must find a new home where we can stay together forever.


We are both super sweet and loving dogs, who revel in affection, attention, being petted, and being near to you. We both take a bit of time to adjust to new situations and new people, but once adjusted, we are easygoing and calm and fun-loving and affectionate. Pogo hangs back when meeting new people–he likes to observe and watch and learn first, while Dusty is a bit more outgoing with strangers. We both enjoy being near to our people once
we feel comfortable with them, and both will follow you from room to room in a calm, happy way (not needy or anxious!). Right now, we are not allowed on furniture, but if you wanted us to snuggle up with you on the couch, we could be easily convinced! We both really like being petted, brushed, and scratched, again, once we feel safe with you!

Dusty has a more low-key, less excitable personality, while Pogo is a bit more enthusiastic/excitable—Pogo wants to get in your lap (if you let him) and is more rambunctious outdoors! Speaking of outdoors…we both really like being outside! Dusty likes rolling in the grass, sniffing around, and listening to the birds. Pogo likes those things too and also barking at and chasing cars! Dusty, knowing that car chasing is dangerous, scolds him and grabs him by the scruff of his neck to stop him! Even though she is younger, she does act a bit like “the mom!”

We both love leashed walks. Dusty likes to walk behind her people while Pogo likes to be up in front. We both have a relatively leisurely pace, but when Pogo gets tired, the silly boy just sits or lays down, and you need to give him time to rest before you can coax him up again! It might partly be that with our thick coats, we get overheated in the summer, but also partly that we’re not in great shape from not having had a lot of exercise in the past few years (plus Pogo is older). We both love chasing…when our guardian throws a ball, Pogo chases the ball and Dusty chases Pogo! Super cute! It is a lot of fun and gets us tired and panting!

We both love eating, but Dusty REALLY loves food. If given the chance, she will swoop in and eat up Pogo’s food after finishing her own. So we need to be fed separately so that everyone gets their own share of the food!

Right now, we sleep in kennels overnight, and are always given a Pupperoni treat at bedtime. YUM!!! We love our Pupperonis!

Pogo tries to always sneak out with the people when they leave the house, so you have to watch that he doesn’t slip out of the door when you go. If he does get out, he waits by the car hoping they will take him along. Both of us are used to being outside in the yard off-leash. It’s mostly ok here, as we have a lot of land around us, but with Pogo’s tendency to chase cars, it would be dangerous in many areas. We like being outside when our people are gardening or just relaxing outside. So if cars going by wasn’t an issue,
we could be off-leash (once we were bonded to you and knew our new home). Otherwise, tethering us would work fine too!


We like people very much and are super sweet and affectionate once we get to know them! We love to give doggy kisses too! We do need someone who will be a calm leader for us rather than treat us like a little king and queen—being over-spoiled isn’t good for us, while being given calm limits brings out the best in us!

We are great with each other and just fine with other dogs. We especially like to be with each other, hanging out, and sometimes wrestling. We both get along well with the other 2 dogs in the house–we share the same space and rugs pretty well, and they even tolerate us walking underneath them. Dusty is a bit more easygoing with other dogs; Pogo can be a bit standoffish and bossy until he gets to know them and will “scold” them if they are near his food or crowding his space. We are fine with the other dogs on our street– Dusty especially likes (has a crush on?) the female Golden Retriever down the street!

We both like cats! We have lived with multiple cats our whole life. We chase after the ones that like to be chased and run from the ones that like to chase us. We engage in this play daily but it is not continuous.

We have only been around kids once. We were fine with older kids, but Pogo’s bossy side was a bit much for the younger kids, so we think kids 12 and over should be fine!

Favorite Activities

  • Going for walks, but not too long, and rolling in the grass!
  • Playing with each other!
  • Dusty likes bossing Pogo around (he needs it…it’s good for him!)
  • We like being with you if you work in the yard or garden and there is shade around so we can stay cool! (Our coats is SOOO thick and hot!)
  • We liked being petted, brushed, and scratched!
  • If you are working on the computer we will be there to help and
    critique your facebook page and your friends!
  • We like naps!
  • Medical

    We are in great health! We are up to date on vaccines and are on heartworm and flea/tick preventive. We feel good and enjoy every day!


    True to our Corgi nature, we are smart, loyal, happy, loving, and adaptable dogs! We are used to having people around most of the day, however we’re fine when left unsupervised in the house for up to 8 or 10 hours. We are only considering a home together. We have lived together our whole lives, and it would be horribly traumatic to separate us. If you are looking for mature, well-behaved, happy, and loyal canine companions, we are the dogs for you!
    If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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