Adopted: Sherlock

Hello!! My name is Sherlock! I am an adorable, sweet, loving, very affectionate and curious boy!

    Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Age: 4 years old
  • Breed: Great Pyrenees/hound mix
  • Size: 60 pounds
  • Gender: Male, neutered
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes!
  • Cats? Maybe, see below
  • Kids? Yes, see below


I came in as a stray to a very overcrowded, high-kill shelter in Tennessee, where I was going to be put to sleep because I had heartworms. This was a totally curable illness, not contagious, but sometimes in these shelters it’s “one strike and you’re out.” Lucky for me, they said I was just too special and one of their trainers took me under her wing so I could get treatment (I’m all better now!), and then helped get me into a rockin’ CDR foster home!


If you’re looking for a perfectly mellow, gentlemanly dog, look no further than me. I am a phenomenal blend of lovey-mushball, snoozeball, goofball, and curious investigator (like if my namesake, Sherlock, was crossed with Snoopy). They say I am a gentle soul, perhaps because of my Great Pyr heritage (although I am half the size and fur), and very low maintenance. Give me a bone to chew on, a bed to lay on (dog bed, your bed, couch, I’m an equal opportunity comfy surface user), and I’m pretty much set. Occasionally I will follow you from room to room, but I can be independent, too. I’m perfectly happy with walks twice a day, and after that, I’m content to chill. But on top of my mellow demeanor, my foster mom says that I am amazingly adorable and cutely curious. Gosh, I’m blushing!

Wonder what makes me so gosh dern adorable? Well, I am a very, very affectionate boy, and am a HUGE cuddler and snuggler. Don’t get us wrong, I understand personal space, but while lying down next to you is the most wonderful thing, let’s face it, your lap is 10 times better. If you don’t believe me, you should try it sometime! If you don’t want me in your lap, that’s okay I guess, but I will make the Saddest. Eyes. Ever. My foster dad says I have perfected the sad eyes (you can see some in the above photos) and it’s good I can’t give lessons, or the human race would grind to a halt in the wake of all the cute. You will succumb! Maybe I was a magician in a past life? Once I have you under my spell and I have crawled into your lap, I’ll look at you with great focus… and give you a kiss! You can tell I’ve found the perfect spot when I roll on my back and then rub my paws against my face – like a bunny might do when they are washing their face. Maybe I was a magician’s *bunny* in a past life?? How cute would that be?

But let’s face it, I’m a dog now, and dogs need walks. Oh, but I do love walks! Like some people like relaxing with a good mystery novel, I like going on a nice walk around the neighborhood to figure out the mystery of the Interestingly Smelling Bush or The Overused Fire Hydrant. Even when I am on the trail of something, I am VERY good on a leash, although I am a bit curious and might lean into the harness on occasion to get a good sniff – just to make sure I’m not missing any clues! Like my namesake, I have a sense of adventure, and don’t let things that startle me phase me. For example, the other day something fell off the kitchen counter, right on top of me, and I just moved away… then went back to solve the Case of Gravity! (Turns out, it wasn’t that interesting) But the point is I conquer my fears and move on!

If you don’t have time to keep up with my sleuthing, you could let me out into a fenced backyard – got to keep that curiosity in check, so a fence is a must! Sometimes when I am outside by myself, and I’ve smelled THE BEST SMELL EVER, I like to frolic around – I kick up my heels and hope/dance around! Maybe I really am part bunny?? A Great Pyr/bunny mix? Sometimes when I get excited, I sneeze all cutely.

Just because I am a dog doesn’t make me a barker. I’m not a barker at all! I’ve barked maybe four times the WHOLE time my foster mom has had me, and those rare occasions are when there has been a strange, sudden noise. Did you hear that loud banging next door? Was it Colonel Mustard with the Candlestick in the library?

If you’re going to hear a sound out of me, it’s likely going to be a whine (coupled with BIG SAD EYES), like when we’re walking and other dogs are barking at me. I’m like, “Why are you barking? I’m just walking!” I don’t really pay any attention to them otherwise…they’re over there, and I’m over here, so no big deal.

Okay, I confess. I do make one other noise. I…snore. There, I said it! But I don’t snore nearly as bad as this bulldog I once knew. It just adds to my cuteness, right? Mystery solving is really hard work, so sometimes, while I am sitting I, ah, nod off. My foster mom says that I also like to chase crime in my dreams, which can mean anything from little foot twitches to basically running in place.

If you want to take this mystery solving team on the road, just know, I travel really well. I don’t get car sick, and I don’t go crazy running my nose all over the window – I just lay down and go to sleep for the whole car ride. My foster folks often take up me up to Syracuse, and I’m a good travel companion in the car!

I am completely housebroken…except for the first day or two in any new location, in which case I often have an accident or two, but that’s mostly if I don’t know the rules of the new place. Our amazing trainer has said that any time you take a new dog to a new place you should expect this, so it is NOT rare. If you take me out often, and help me learn where I am supposed to go to the bathroom, I’ll learn quickly!

While I will never be an agility dog, I do know my way around some basic manners. My foster mom has been teaching me to sit and wait before I go outside, and I’m getting pretty good at it! Now I will sit without even being asked! Also, if you are eating at a coffee table, I am very likely to be curious about what you are eating… but now I know that noses do not go in people food. I was just, ah, testing it!


I am perfectly fine in the house when left alone once I get used to the place, and would be totally fine being left loose in the house. The only thing we have discovered is that I love my person, and if my foster mom leaves me I will (initially, less than one minute!) whine and look around for her, although I don’t appear to be nervous. I just don’t understand what is going on, and is something that with a little bit of patience and understanding, the trainer says will go away with time.

To be very clear… I love people! I love people and I will just go up to them with tail wagging and a big smile to welcome them to the house. I get so pleased when people visit me, and am a perfect gentleman when they come into the house! I have a very peaceful energy that people really seem to enjoy, and I am quite happy to use my sad eyes on anyone to get some lovin’. I’d very likely love children, so long as they were gentle with me.

I am also very good with dogs and SOME cats. For dogs, when I’ve gone to the dog park I was a perfect gentleman. I loved having so much room to sniff, and so many people to greet – and dogs, too! When I’ve had the chance to hang out with the occasional dog playmate, I have loved it and been a doll — I’m not a huge wrestler, but I do love gentle play!

As far as cats are concerned…maybe? My foster mom has been working hard to figure out my take on cats. I’ve had one great cat test (with a dog-savvy, not-really-moving cat) and one not good cat test (the cat ran around a lot, I barked, growled, and lunged). This last one made us say, “Nope! No cats for you!” CDR likes all our furry friends, so I understand that they are cautious!

…but over the holiday, I was in a home for a few days with an older cat (we were kept apart with a babygate) and, after a few intial barks and growls, I showed no interest. They even brought the cat out once and all I did was sniff it a bit. So maybe with a super dog-savvy, mellow cat I would be fine over time, so long as my new family was patient and willing to help me know how I should interact with the cat.

    Favorite Things:

  • Walks!
  • Bully sticks – I am not a huge fan of toys, but I LOVE LOVE bully sticks! I even will prop them up in my paws and chew on them sticking straight up, which my foster mom says is so cute
  • Cuddles! Snuggles! Kisses!
  • Sniffing things!
  • Playing with my person!


I finished my heartworm treatment shots many months ago and have recovered fully! I have completed the “exercise restriction” part of heartworm recovery, and can finally, after months of waiting, go frolic and play and have fun with other dogs! It’s awesome!!

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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