Adopted: Millie

Hi everyone! My name is Millie I am a sweet, affectionate, beautiful girl with the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen!

    Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Great Pyrenees mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 1/2 years old
  • Size: 75 pounds
  • Good with…
  • Dogs or Cats?Not inside my own home.
  • Kids? Yes, 12+


I was surrendered to an overcrowded, high-kill shelter in KY when my family there fell on some hard times and had to move to an apartment that did not allow dogs. Thankfully, I was rescued by a kind rescue lady in Kentucky who works with CDR a lot. Once she met me, she knew I was super special and had the best heart ever, so sent me up to join the CDR foster program! It’s been awesome!

I am currently in a foster home as an only dog and LOVE IT!! I love having my people all to myself!! I go on long walks, I snuggle with my foster parents, and they just adore me – which they tell me is inevitable, because I am so sweet and loving and adorable and majestic.


I am a super sweet, affectionate, smart and loving girl hose tail is always going swish-swish-swish, wag-wag-wag!! I enjoy keeping an eye on what my people are doing, so like to follow you from room to room. When I want affection and attention I put my paw on your arm very gently–this usually makes people smile and pet me, talk to me and give me kisses! Bingo! More than anything, I love belly rubs and kisses and ear rubs and butt rubs and being near you and making you smile!!

My mom says I am very, very smart. I will do just about anything for a good treat! I know commands for sit, down and stay, and *usually* take treats gently! My first foster mom and I went to a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class because she thought I would be a great therapy dog—I love letting people pet me and I love gently interacting with everyone. I passed my CGC with flying colors! Depending on the type of therapy (for example, senior citizens would be perfect), I might be able to do this.

For the most part in the house I am calm and laid back. I like to go for leashed walks and walk very nicely on a leash. And as all Great Pyrenees do, I love being off-leash in a fenced yard. I love the cold, and can sit out or lay down in the snow watching the stars for some time! In warmer temps, I make myself a nice little nest in the dirt (it’s cooler) and take a nap!

I love hard toys that I can chew on—and though I also loved stuffed toys, I can (and will!) unstuff a stuffed toy faster than you can blink an eye! (Poor fluffy stuffed animal, R.I.P.) I am totally housebroken. I have been allowed on couches and chairs, and enjoy that very much. I will also sleep in dog beds ( if I must!). At night time I will lay down next to the bed but in the morning when it is time to get up I will jump up on the bed so I can say good morning and start the day with my tail wagging! I love morning belly rubs too! If you stop I will thump you with my back legs to keep going!! I also love to go for a ride in the car and behave very nicely in the back seat.

I love to “help out” (aka, hang around) in the kitchen because that is where my mom is but also because there is always a chance that I might get something to eat! My mom does not give her dogs table food except for fruits and veggies but I keep hoping something better will hit the floor! I will also help you “load the dishwasher! Really! This is one of my favorite things to do– when I hear it open, I will come running!

Great Pyrs are known to bark, but I’m not so bad! I bark sometimes at passersbys, but I also listen very well and stop when my mom asks me to. That’s pretty special for my breed! I try very hard to do what I am asked!

My coat is thick, super soft and incredibly silky feeling– I should be in a shampoo commercial! People just love to run their hands through it, but know that we Pyrs are big shedders, so have your brush (and vacuum) at the ready! I am EXCELLENT at the groomers, though, since I love being adored.

The rescue folks want you to know that I have unusually beautiful eyes–everyone who meets me comments on my eyes. I also have a cowlick that starts at the top of my head and goes down my neck which is mighty cute I am told. When I get excited or happy about something, the cowlick stands up even more!

I do not like to be in a room with a closed door, so crating is out of the question for me (nor do I need to be crated, since I am housebroken and totally nondestructive). I do like to pick up shoes and carry them from place to place but I don’t much chew on them. I have not gotten into any trouble when left free roam of the house when people are gone.


I am amazing with every adult person I have met.

Though I have not been around children a lot, we are guessing that I will be great with older kids (12+).

Like many a Great Pyrenees dog, while I have no trouble walking by other dogs when we are out for leashed walks (I do not pull or growl or even bark at them), I cannot live with other dogs in the home. Some dogs are like this—we just can’t share our home territory, or any indoor territory, with other pets. When I first came to CDR, I was in a foster home with 3 other dogs. We were best friends for many months, no problems at all. Then another dog came to visit for a while and I wasn’t ok with that. I hurt the dog pretty seriously, though thankfully she recovered. So at first we thought it might just be a problem with stranger dogs in my home territory, but then I had a tiff with one of the 3 home dogs, with whom I had previously been good friends. At that point we knew for sure that I needed a change to being an only dog. I am the sweetest girl ever, and you’d almost never believe it to see how loving and wonderful I am, but if you adopt me, you really and truly can’t have other dogs, and can’t have other dogs visit. And you can’t take me to other people’s houses if they have pets in the home. I’m fine at a boarding kennel, for when you go out of town, so no worries there! For the same reason, no cats in the home. Though I never had a problem with the cat in my first foster home, the risk is too great, so no go on that!


I am in fabulous health! No problems whatsoever!!


I am a fantastic girl looking for my forever home. I am looking for a loving family who want to make me an important and loving big part of their life. I have tons of love and affection to give. I would be over the moon if you had a fenced in yard but will also love to take daily leashed walks in a quieter part of town or in the country. I will not be able to be off leash (unless in your private fenced yard ), because a) Great Pyrs are know wanderers who cannot be trained to stay near and b) I could encounter another dog in my travels.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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