Adopted: Shay

Hi, my name is Shay and I am a very cheerful, loving, and adorable 8 year old Beagle!

    Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Beagle
  • Gender: Female spayed
  • Age: 8 yrs old
  • Size: 20 lb
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes!
  • Cats? Yes!
  • Kids? Yes!


I, along with 3 of my Beagle buddies, lived a very traditional former life, as hunting Beagles. Our owners were a very nice older couple– we got to go on occasional rabbit hunting expeditions and we lived full-time in nice indoor/outdoor kennels. Our owners were super nice, but we weren’t indoor pets, so we weren’t exposed to lots of time with people, or all the ways of indoor living (like couches! And watching movies while having snuggle time!). One of our owners sadly passed away and the other has health issues and is not able to take care of us anymore. Three of us already found homes through CDR, and I got to come to this awesome foster home to find mine! Can’t wait!!


I am a very, very sweet, and very calm girl. I am very curious and like to observe everything around me, which probably means that I am a smart little girl! I wag my tail ALL the time—it’s pretty darn adorable! I wag-wag-wag when my foster Mom and Dad and their toddler talk to me (so nice of them!), when the other dogs are playing (looks fun!), when I get treats (yum!), when I wake up in the morning (it’s a new day!), and when my foster Mom gets the leash out for our walks outside (yippee!). I am a first class wagiddy-waggly beagle girl!

This indoor lifestyle is brand new to me, but so far I like it very much (wag-wag-wag)! I am not used to so much attention and offers of affection, so I’m a bit shy about all of that, and often hang back on the perimeter of whatever is going on. The other 3 dogs in the house might play-play-play, and I stand just on the outside, wagging my tail the whole time, but not (yet) joining in!

I do love being petted under my chin and I do let my foster Mom scoop me up and give me lots of smooches!! I don’t know quite what to make of it, but I have a feeling that it’s all good! I have never had an opportunity to be on a couch before, but all the dogs in my foster home LOVE to lounge about on the couch. I watch them, but don’t get on it myself. Sometimes my foster mom will scoop me up and put me on it, and wow, it’s mighty soft! But as soon as she looks away, I scoot off and get back down on the ground where I am happy to lay on the floor, or sometimes…on one of the dog beds! I am not fearful, it’s just all new and I need some time to understand it all and get used to this new wonderful sort of life!

I am free to roam the house with the rest of the dogs when my foster parents are at work and I am a sweetheart about it. I don’t chew on anything inappropriate. I have a comfy crate that is always left open so I can go in and out as I please, which I like very much. It’s super nice to be able to have my very own area to retreat to when I want to go and chill out. At night, I sleep in my open crate by my foster parents’ bed. I have a nice comfy, cushy dog bed in there so it feels like my own little doggie den!

I am doing a great job learning about housebreaking, which is all new, since previously I lived in the indoor/outdoor kennel all the time. I have very few pee accidents in the house (my foster parents come home at lunchtime and take me out), and am working on learning how to poop outside on a leash. I never had to do my business on a leash before, and for some reason, it makes me uncomfortable! In case it’s a privacy issue, the rescue folks are going to get a very, very long leash for me (20-30 feet) and maybe that will help! Going outside lots and lots and getting treats when I do my business outdoors is helping a great deal. I’m a smart girl–I’ll get it figured out in the next few weeks I’m sure!

Since I am curious little beagle (a retired hunting beagle in fact!), I must, must, must have a securely fenced in yard. I am fast when I want to be (don’t let my laid back personality fool you!) and my beagle nose loves the great outdoors. So for my own safety, I can only ever be loose in a very securely fenced yard. And note that I am small enough (and smart enough) to fit through small gaps in a fence so even in my current home where there is a nice fenced yard, I am always on leash when outside, just to be on the safe side!


I really enjoy being around people!! I’m a tiny bit shy about affection and attention, but I like and want it very much!

I definitely like the 4 year old human kiddo in my foster home as well. He’s gentle and doesn’t overwhelm me which is nice! In fact, there isn’t a person or animal that I have met that I haven’t liked. I like everyone, I’m just that kind of gal!

I am great with other dogs and actually must live in a home with another dog because I get extremely upset if I am the only dog in the place (which makes sense, since I have lived with other dogs my entire life). I really need at least 1 other dog for companionship, all the time please! There are 3 dogs in my foster home, and I think that’s just awesome! We all like each other very much. They are sweet and gentle with me, which I appreciate.

There is also a cat here and I like to calmly follow him around and I even sleep near him sometimes! I am great with him. I am a really laid back girl, definitely NOT the type who would ever be chasing your cat.


I am new to this indoor life but am loving it! I am not fearful but do prefer that you take it slow with me–let me stand back and watch, and then you will see me get braver and more involved over time. I am a very sweet, laid back gal who has lots of love to give. I love dogs and cats and people. I have started learning how to walk on leash here, and I would be a great walking partner. I am looking for a kind and patient family to show me how to be a happy little indoor gal!!

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